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MLB Star Delmon Young

Arrested in NYC --

Accused of Pulling a Mel Gibson

4/27/2012 8:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Detroit Tigers star Delmon Young
Detroit Tigers star Delmon Young was arrested in NYC this morning after allegedly screaming a bunch of anti-Semitic slurs at a man in a yarmulke ... and then fighting another dude.

According to the NY Post, 26-year-old Young was approached by a panhandler who appeared Jewish ... when the MLB star exploded in anger ... screaming, "F*cking Jews! F*cking Jews!"

Another man confronted Young ... and things reportedly got physical ... with Young allegedly scratching the guy and pushing him to the ground in the lobby of the Roosevelt Hotel.

According to the report, the victim called 911. Cops quickly responded to the scene and arrested Young for aggravated harassment. Investigators are considering charging the athlete with a hate crime.

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He has every right to yell what he wants. Jewish people are to sensitive and protected by the media...since they own most of it, anyways!

877 days ago

Who Knew    

Just another racist.

877 days ago

La La     

Nobody has the right to judge another person or their status based on race there are so many A-holes with money it would not have killed him to give the guy a buck. I say boycott any and all people who make public racist comments and the guy who fought him...give him a dinner and an award, this guy is a douche!

877 days ago


He is one of my favorite players and I'm really disappointed in his behavior. I hope the charges aren't true. If so, reflects poorly on his team. I agree with free speech, but this seems like a racist attack, regardless who it was against. He represents his team poorly if it turns out to be true.

877 days ago


I believe all you idiots on TMZ should get their IP address copied and charged with a hate crime for saying the N'word which is derogatory. They should now add F'in to the list because apparently F'in (insert ethnicity) is a derogatory word too. he just said F'in Jews and repeated it a couple of time. OOOh snap i said that i guess i should be charged with a hate crime.

877 days ago


hahaha pulled a Mel Gibson as if Mel was the first racist now thats funny right there. Why couldn't you have said pulling a Hitler? That's racism at it's fullest right there.

877 days ago


Where are Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson when you need them?

877 days ago


Media wont touch this cause he's black.

877 days ago


Wait, black people can be charged with hate crimes? But I thought they were allowed to be as racist as they wanted. I thought only white people were not allowed to be Racist. Hmmmm.

877 days ago


Alcohol and anger management classes for citizens who can't keep their mouths shut.

877 days ago


Stereo-types that are usually 99.9 percent fact are covered up with the word "racist" or "hate" because races cant handle the truth against them. Notice the pattern in society

877 days ago

Tigers Wood    

"Young was standing outside of the Hilton New York at about 1:30 a.m., where he was staying ahead of a series with the New York Yankees that starts Friday night. Nearby, a group of about four Chicago tourists staying at the hotel were approached by a panhandler wearing a yarmulke and a Star of David around his neck. After, as the group walked up to the hotel doors, Young started yelling anti-Semitic epithets, police said.
It was not clear whom Young was yelling at, but he got into a tussle with the Chicago group, and a 32-year-old man sustained scratches to his elbows, according to police."
I bet the panhandler was playing like he was jewish and Young new it.

877 days ago


I didn't even know that Tracy Morgan played baseball.

877 days ago


Why did you ban SIMFF?????

877 days ago


Hate crime laws are race neutral, so he could certainly be charged with one. But, although his remarks were nasty and ignorant, he does have first amendment protections unless it can be proven that HE violently confronted these people because of their race/religion. From the way this story has been presented, it sounds as though he was the one who was confronted both times. How and why things got physical is kind of fuzzy. He may be able to claim self-defense. But he's a jerk. Instead of being charitable or respectfully uncharitable, now he's going to have to fork over big $$$ to get himself out of this mess. He probably ruined his career and I doubt that he has Mel Gibson level assets to fall back on. And based on Mel's other comments, I doubt that he'd be willing donate to this guy's cause...

These type of people don't like anyone, really. Not even themselves, ultimately.

877 days ago
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