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'Road Trip' Star's Widower

Birth Control Pills Killed Her

... and I'm Suing

4/27/2012 10:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Road Trip" star Mia Amber Davis -- who famously played the big girl -- was TOO OBESE to have been on birth control pills and died as a result ... this according to her widower, who's suing Mia's doctors.

Mia passed away back in May 2011 as a result of a pulmonary embolism ... one day after undergoing knee surgery.

But in his lawsuit, Mia's widower claims ... in the months before the surgery, Mia's OBGYN prescribed her birth control pills such as Balziva and Zenchent ... "drugs that greatly increase one's risk for a pulmonary embolism, especially when combined with [Mia's] other risk factors."

Mia's widower lists "obesity" as one of Mia's significant risk factors.

Mia's widower claims his wife's doctor SHOULD HAVE suggested condoms or other methods of birth control as an alternative ... because the drugs "greatly increased her risk for a pulmonary embolism and ultimately caused her death."

To make matters worse, Mia's widower claims Mia went to a family practitioner on April 18 to complain about knee pain. The doc allegedly cleared Mia for knee surgery ... despite a number of risk factors, including obesity, hyperlipidemia and the fact she was on Zenchent. 

Mia's widower claims the doc "should have advised [Mia] to eliminate some of her other risk factors prior to clearing her for the surgery."

Mia underwent the surgery on May 9 ... and died the next day.

Mia's widower is suing both the OBGYN and the family practitioner for unspecified damages ... claiming, among other things, he should be compensated for the loss of love, companionship and moral support he suffered as a result of his wife's death.


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The doctors did nothing wrong by prescribing her birth control pills. Being obese and having hyperlipidemia do not make you unfit for birth control pills. Also with as much advertising as pharm companies do anymore we are all painfully aware of side effects that can happen with taking certain meds. Sounds like the widower is more sad because he lost his meal ticket than his companion.

912 days ago


knock knock knock, Hello! They tell you that when they give them to you! dont smoke, can cause blood clots, etc and so on, and im pretty sure it says it all over the package inserts. Sounds to me someone is looking to cash in...Im just saying...

912 days ago


I have never heard of birth control pills being contraindicated for obese women. Google "Birth control pills and obesity" and this is the very first article that mentions death, I was on the bottom of page two before I saw any mention of serious side effects (stroke). Even adding in "death" to the same search didn't bring results until page two, and it was for obese smokers. Yes, surgery increases your risk, especially hip and knee. Birth control, smoking, and obesity also increases your risk. But negligence? I don't see it. There are ALWAYS risks to surgery, for anyone, regardless if they are fat, thin, on the pill, or not on the pill. With that said, I am sorry for his loss. I hope his suit is thrown out.

912 days ago

buzz kill    

He looks like Pinoccio.

912 days ago


Birth control pills MIGHT cause a PE, but so can pregnancy (which is what the BCPs prevent) and obesity. Obesity all by itself can cause the PE that killed her. Is he going to sue his dead wife for suicide then?

912 days ago


All medicines come with an insert describing risks. Couldn't they read? Let's try some personal responsibility.

912 days ago

Metta Worldhate    

Fat people suck.

912 days ago


I don't think its the birth control pills that killed her. In 2001 my doctor put me on birt control to help my periods and I was at 250 then so it can't be the birth control something else probley killed her.

912 days ago


Can't really be mad at her though, at least she was on BC FFS!! More than I can say for ppl who have 5 kids at 26.

912 days ago


He needs Shawn Holley.

912 days ago


I'm sure she was notified of the possibilities and assumed the risk. Nobody thinks it will happen to them. Stop looking to make a quick buck pal and think of your own complicity in this. Why didn't you help your wife get fit while you had the chance? You're about as much at fault as the doctor was.

912 days ago


He's suing over choices SHE made? She was prescribed BC pills but didn't really have to TAKE them. SHE could have decided on her own to use condoms. It was her choice. As far as embolisms go, he's suing over something that EVERYONE is at risk for after surgery. Even people who aren't obese or on BC pills. He's not mad over the loss of companionship, he's mad over the loss of the money she could be making.

912 days ago


Birth Control puts ALL women who take it at risk it says so in the warnings....over and over again. Read the lil books that come with them. Women know this ****s bad for us....we realize we are risking our health to avoid having children. Condoms are more for STD protection then for birth control....if it breaks your pregnant most nurses say condoms are a bad form of birth control and they remind women to take or use something else with them. If you didnt want your wife to risk her health you should have got snipped buddy. I feel for the man but this wont bring her back....and the pill comes with a ****load of warnings in plain English.

912 days ago

Throwback kid    

I once had a hamburger that gave my terrible diarrea! It looked like yellow shreaded wheat. By my 4th explosion it looked like green liquid. Can I sue anyone?

911 days ago


It's people like this who are a complete drain on the system. So what, you're a doctor now. Maybe you are, minus the 11-15 years of post high school educated needed to be one. Yes, it is tragic that your wife died, but really, stop looking to blame others and profit from it. She's not coming back. Obesity is a risk factor for pulmonary embolism, and she clearly had a significant weight problem (of her own doing, not the MD). Good luck trying to win this lawsuit, because you're not going to.

911 days ago
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