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'Hunger Games' Star

Tricks Grocery Store

Into Selling Him Whiskey

4/28/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Josh Hutcherson took a not-so-cheap shot at a Ralphs Grocery store
19-year-old "Hunger Games" star Josh Hutcherson took a not-so-cheap shot at a Ralph's Grocery store -- he posed as over 21 and got the check out clerk to sell him an expensive bottle of whiskey.

We got this pic of Josh leaving the Ralph's in Sherman Oaks on April 18 with a bottle of Macallan whisky in hand -- which, by the way, goes for $170.

A source tells TMZ ... Josh used a fake ID to score the bottle.

It's interesting ... a few weeks ago we got Josh on camera, grousing, "I think the age to go to war is 18 ... so I think the drinking age should be 18 as well."

A spokesperson for Ralphs tells TMZ, "We strictly enforce all laws relating to the sale of alcohol to minors.  We will investigate these allegations and take any steps necessary."

Josh could be prosecuted and the maximum punishment is 6 months in jail, although in reality he'd spend no time behind bars.  Authorities could also go after Ralph's for selling to a minor.

We reached out to Josh's rep.  So far, no comment.


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a 19 yo doing things a 19 yo old does. No news here.

871 days ago


It's not like this is the cashier's fault. It's Josh "I-can-do-whatever-I-want-because-I'm-in-The-Hunger-Games-movie" Hutcherson's fault. Josh used a fake ID and that was wrong. The Hunger Games books are amazing, but the movie totally sucked. Josh brought exactly none of Peeta's charm to the film at all. I sometimes wonder if the cast even read the books or just say they are to make themselves look good and impress fangirls.

I, honestly, liked The Hunger Games much better when the entire damn world didn't know about it. That movie doesn't even to the story or characters or violence justice. Repulsive.

871 days ago


Stupid story as usual these days. Unless Ralph's has the kid on film buying the bottle with fake ID, or a picture of him doing the same, the whole thing is nothing more than an assumption. All this shows is an underage kid carrying a bottle in the Ralph parking lot. For all anyone knows he met someone in the parking lot who bought the bottle for him. But then again the source could be Splash on Line that took the picture to begin with. One gossip rag using another as a source?, boy that's a real reliable source.

As for the TMZ source, its not the kid, its not the clerk, and the kids rep won't bother talking to TMZ. So it could be nothing more than an aha moment by this writer of this story, gee he must have used fake idea, or Octomom's hairdresser for all we know. Considering its a 170 dollar bottle of booze, he probably wasn't even asked for ID. It's not something one would expect an 18 year old to buy.

The kid is right if 18 is old enough to go to war, well it should be old enough to drink too, as well as vote for or against those that create the wars they go to. Suppose they can' do that either that down there either.

871 days ago


TMZ - stool pigeon of the stars. Ixnay, EMT-ZAY.

871 days ago


You cover all the real things with the goal to get people in trouble,you suck guys TMZ! For sure, we are fans!!

871 days ago


A 19 year old DRINKING? What a bunch of old farts around here.

871 days ago


I love how everyone is blaming TMZ and Josh for this. Yes, he did use a fake I.D. But it IS the STORES fault for selling it to him.

871 days ago


For all you idiots siding with the Cashier its their job NOT to sell to minors, they do stings all the time. I work at a grocery store and even we get kids who are set up to come in and make sure you are doing your job right.

871 days ago


Why snitch and put the store on blast like this? So what that some up and coming actor has liquor and he isn't 21...go tell his mom. Not sure why TMZ thinks anybody cares and there is nothing we can do now cuz I'm guessing the liquor is gone...end of story.

871 days ago


so he brought wiskey so what and i like guy with some hair on their legs and they should make smoking pot leagel

871 days ago


tmz you guys are a bunch of *******s because josh is just a human and a lot of kids underage do this to get a drink i mean now a days 12 year olds smoke weed but you guys dont care, you only care for famous people right? and there was no need to include the store in guys are just a bunch or leeches.

871 days ago


He should just come up to Canada lol. Drinking age is either 18 or 19 in every province.

871 days ago


Wow! you guys are a piece of work. You just destroy someone life for a dumb story GOOD JOB. You priorities are in the garbage!! Someone needs to put you guys in your place and I hope that kid gets arrested for this. But knowing how actors get away with murder he probably won't .

871 days ago


Chill out he's Canadian. Drinking age here is 19.

871 days ago


Yeah, He'll last awhile..

871 days ago
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