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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

They Only Have Eyes

for Each Other

4/28/2012 7:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian
For now. 


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Cannabinol kid    

When referring to this s***bag duo lets do away with the "Kimye" name squash and forever use "KaKa" from this day foreward.

917 days ago


TMZ should start charging them a fee for all the publicity.

917 days ago


Ugh! Ewwwww!!! I'm going to throw up. 2 very unappealing people. 2 a**holes. 2 idiots! I'm done.

917 days ago


The only reason they keep showing us this is because they know it repulses us enough that it gets our attention.

917 days ago


The harder they try the worse they look. This has never been a real relationship and never will. They are two narcissistic fame whores and this "relationship" is just to get ratings for the K's reality show which is why her pimp mom is delighted her and Kanye are putting on this charade.

Kim is still married and didn't she say back in March that she was going to chill out for a little bit and didn't want to rush into another relationship. Both of them are a wasted of time. Why is it you never see them hugged up and kissing each other? Doesn't matter because they would still be fake as a $3 dollar bill

917 days ago


Kim Kardashian: OPPORTUNISTIC PARASITE preying on the lovestruck, dumb, & feeble-minded.....

917 days ago


Yeah and off to church on Sunday to play nice guy, but what are you up to during the week?

917 days ago

Gsharon 710    

If you want the unbiased story with pictures, MTO's on it. Not everyone kisses Kardash ass.

917 days ago

Throwback kid    

I don't like Kim Kardashian, my family doesn't like her, my friends don't like her, my neighbors don't like her, the women who make fun of her magazine covers in line at the grocery store don't like her and the commenters on TMZ don't like her. Does anyone like this uneducated greddy tramp? Boycott Kardashian 2012!

917 days ago

Throwback kid    

It's so funny how two selfish,insecure, greedy, self absorbed A holes found each other. Boycott everything Kardashian 2012! Lets send these greedy gypsies packing!

917 days ago


The only reason Kanye "The Chipmunk" is into Kim K "The Ass", he's hoping to store this seasons nuts in between those humongous ass cheeks.

917 days ago


I'd like to file a class action lawsuit against the ~ 25,000 households in the US who have a Nielsen ratings box. This small sample group of people determines what shows will reamin on the air for hundreds of millions of viewers and obviously, they like watching the Kardashians which means the rest of us will continue to be bombarded with their images every day in print, tv, websites, stores, etc. until the end of time. Thanks a lot nitwits.

917 days ago

Andre green    

Why is ths even news? K.K. is a media whore and will do ANYTHING to grab some spotlight! I hope her fifteen minutes of fame end soon. By the way where is Paris Hilton these days?

917 days ago


Why do people make the same comments over and over whenever there's a KK story? It seems you all have a love-hate relationship with this woman.
If you really wanted the stories to go away you wouldn't comment and TMZ wouldn't post so many of them. Don't people have any self control? Just don't post!

917 days ago

Who Knew    

I can't believe it a post of a Kartrashian on TMZ.

917 days ago
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