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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

They Only Have Eyes

for Each Other

4/28/2012 7:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian
For now. 


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How long it will last bets, anyone?

906 days ago


Kim Kardashian busy being self centered and thinking only of her self gratification and flaunting around adultery and the superficial...


Kris Humphries is being "other person centered" and being a blessing to a child with cancer.

906 days ago

Throwback kid    

Kim said in her lame reality show that she would only date a guy who was not losing his hair and he had to have 6 pack abs. Well Kanye is short with no muscle tone and has a flabby mid section and for a young guy is already starting to get a paunch. What happened to Kim Kardashian's standards?oh yea, she shot a porn tape with the disgusting Ray J, Kim Kardashian has no standards

906 days ago


xxx video coming....soon !!

906 days ago


Mike must have written this article.

You and Harvey better hope she does not get pregnant. She will get huge with a pregnancy. I am talking a real pregnancy and not a fake Beyonce one.

If Kim were to actually carry a pregnancy 9 months, he hips would grow another eight inches, and he stomach would become huge. She would never be able to lose the weight and get her skin tight again. She is too old. She has never been that "in shape" until now, and couldn't after the fact. Her face would fatten as well.

If Kim were get pregnant it would be end of her show, because no one wants to watch a glamorous fat person...

906 days ago


she's hairier than him lmao :D

906 days ago


Hopefully this PR stunt will bite her in that fat a** of hers and people won't tune in to see her and Kanye. The only reason people watched last season was because of the divorce drama, I just don't see the curiosity factor here. Everyone knows its fake.

906 days ago


Omg I'm embarrassed for them. How cheesy let's wear matching leather pants! And the KW earrings wow how high school is that, does he have a class ring too! You're not 13 b!tch!

906 days ago


Good! Let them look at each other so we dont have to look at them!

906 days ago



906 days ago


Kanye west up to something, I dont trust him, Kim was around for a long time, how come he now know he is in love with her.

906 days ago


As far as I'm concerned they both deserve each other. He- a loud-mouthed self-involved ******* and she- a no talent-having
self-involved lame brain. Let them have each other. That way the rest of us decent people won't be subjected to them.
Also Kanye must have a new album or project coming out or maybe he really does like her. I say good for them 2 really awful people finally found each other!!!

906 days ago

Yep I said that    

If this strumpet hadn't spread her legs no one would know who this family of no class trash were. Every day at sun up the entire bunch of them probably bow down and pray to her vagina thanking it for the fame and fortune they have

906 days ago

Sam Karr    

they only have eyes for $$$. Disgusting people.

906 days ago


I'm sure by now she's regretting that fake marriage, because if she plans to marry Kanye, no one would buy it and won't tune-in to give her the ratings she so craves. So her only thing I can see from a publicity wh0re is getting pregnant on purpose. And you know she would do that to stay in the news. I'm sure her wh0reMom already whispered that in her ear.

906 days ago
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