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Lindsay Lohan

Next Stop ... WASHINGTON, D.C.

4/28/2012 6:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

0428_lindsay_lohan_videoLindsay Lohan finally made her flight to the nation's capital last night ... catching a late flight to D.C. amid a paparazzi swoon at LAX. 

As TMZ first reported, Lindsay was supposed to fly out earlier in the day ... but just couldn't get it together. We're told Lindsay actually flew private last night on a jet owned by a friend of hers in an attempt to avoid the paps. As you can see in the video ... it didn't work. 

According to our sources, Lindsay will attend Tammy Haddad's brunch today with her lawyer, Shawn Holley.

Lindsay will be a guest tonight at the White House Correspondents' Dinner and she will be sitting at the same table as Kim Kardashian. Both lovely ladies were invited by the fine people at the Fox News Channel.


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What's the deal about LL's attorney attending? Is Holley after Lindsey will, once again, get in trouble, so she's babysitting LL. At least, LL's not attending with any other dysfunctional family member, now that would really be embarassing.

875 days ago


Ewwwwww! Look at her face.....And so oily

875 days ago


who the hell cares that she missed her flight! People miss flights all the time. Shes a grown ass adult. If she cant get herself to the airport in time to catch a flight thats her fault...slow news day TMZ??? and dont make this more that it is...nothing!

875 days ago

Boozez ROFScreaming & gouging my eyes out.This must be old,her hair is crackhead white.

875 days ago


Haha in other words Lindsay never intended to catch the first flight. Publicity stunt to get on the mags and tabloids. Brilliant marketing.
Couldn't get on private flight without media showing up? Another publicity stunt.
Not complaining, it's actually very intelligent marketing method by Lindsay and her management.
Every time Lindsay so much as chips a nail, the tabloids and the public are all over it.
Top-of-mind-awareness marketing is very effective. Keep your name and face in people's heads, they'll think of you as they Youtube and Google through the day. DVD and CD sales follow.
People like to hate Lindsay, the smartest thing she can do with that is...$ell it. And she does :D

875 days ago


Who CARES that she didn't catch the original flight. She obviously got a better offer (I thought she flew by private plane??). I would pick that option, too. Besides, she wasn't late for anything so essentially it is a non-story as usual.

875 days ago


sick absolutely sick

874 days ago


My new avi/ LINDSAY ON A LEASH.......
Shawn Holly herding her Monkey to the table so she can set......Notice the phone glued in the palm of her hand...LOL in one photo a old man looks to be asking her a question and she is acutally using the dam phone...probably texting Daddy to ask him what to say....and has the lost at sea look all over her face....she is so out of her deep her she like a goldfish throw into lake.....nothing but predators everywhere....
Who in the hell picks out her cloths she looks like a hooker she is ..And that is her upper class society look ? 2 inches of makeup , her face is a white mask and those Red lips belong on the street corner down the street not in the dinnerroom with the guests.
The red carpet shots are priceless not for her , she does the usually lohan poses but it the people in the back ground...completely ignoring her..the brass on the phone talking and looking bore and playing absoulutley no attention to her at all.....and the ladies at the table talking and not even brothering to look at her...
as for TMZ sources at the dinner.....Will I will give you one quess who the sources are who were close enough to that table to tell you what supposedly was said.....Lindsay Lohan herself...
Stop before you even try...Simon Cowell wont touch Lindsay with a Ten foot pole...and he will sue her /your ass off if you even try dragging his name into her nasty world .....Hes a heavyweight figher and is completely in another league.....but hell go ahead I would love to see him crush Lindsay like a bug under his heel and he will her cooter and worth anything to him.....

874 days ago
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