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Mel Gibson to Jay Leno

'I've Got a Little Bit of a Temper'

4/28/2012 7:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0428_mel_gibson_videoMel Gibson spoke out last night for the first time about his epic, profanity-laden, secretly-recorded rant against writer Joe Eszterhas ... and he actually had a bit of a sense of humor about the whole thing.

Gibson explained to Jay Leno on "The Tonight Show" ... that Eszterhas turned in a script for "The Maccabees" to Warner Bros. that was rejected and so Gibson felt his actions were "justified."

As for the 9-page letter Eszterhas wrote to Gibson, Mel joked, "If he put half as much time and effort and creativity and imagination into a screenplay, which he was supposed to write, as he did into that letter ... we wouldn't be having this conversation."

Finally, talking about the infamous tape, Mel joked, "Maybe you don't know this about me, but I've got a little bit of a temper."

Yes, Mel ... we know.



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Joan Rivers I saw on the View bashing Whoopi because she takes up for Mel Gibson. Joan said that Mel is a Jew hater. Where did Mel ever say he hates the Jews? LOL Joan also said that Mel Gibson hates women? Where is it at that Mel ever said he hates women? Wow! To hate women, Mel stayed married to one for nearly 30 years. Mel has said he loves women. Get your story right, Joan. LOL

Joan just loves Howard Stern, a man that belittles women, and talks like women are nothing but a sex toy, something to bang away on. How long did Howard Stern stay married to his wife, Joan...hmm? Howard even made lite of his ex wife (then wife) miscarriage on the radio. Hmm. and you think Mel Gibson is worse of a humanbeing than Howard Stern is? I think your too many face lifts are interferring with your brain, you know the area that controls the common sense part, because your lack of "good judgemen"t is really showing up pretty damn BAD. LOL

869 days ago


Hey, Mel! Since everyone is trying their best to keep you from acting and directing ever again. Why don't ya sale Icon and buy ya a radio/tv station, dude? Since everyone thinks Howard's nasty mouth, and how he does of women is ok, but you can't even lose your temper in your own home,that it is seen as the worse thing ever. Why not do this, dude? You can do like Howard. Have women on there, have them nude. Ask them what cup size are you? Are they real? Oh, who the hell cares.. just shut the fc up, smile and blow me. Then you will be excused like Hoawrd Stern, or will you? LOL

869 days ago


Beaver in case you haven't noticed Howard Stern is a comedian and nobody but a complete moron takes what he says seriously. Same with Joan Rivers. Giblitz's comments were not made in jest - like the one he made about how women are not equal to men. His beliefs are engrained because it was how he was raised. They don't stray far from Papa Gibz's.

Howard was married just about as long as GIbby was. The only difference is he didn't cheat on his wife while acting like a deeply religious man. His humor is often self depreciating. He doesn't have the kind of ego that MM has and is actually more of a gentleman. Anyone who can say the kind of vile stuff that Gibby said to the mother of his child is no gentleman. You are assuming that Robin wasn't treated that way. If she was she would probably be too embarrassed to admit it. Anyone who stays in a relationship where that kind of abuse takes place has ulterior motives. If OG was the gold digger you make her out to be, she would have put in a few more years to get a better settlement.

869 days ago


lol.. then they show ya their nice shirts, you can yell..who wants to fcing eat.. who the fc wants to eat? hooray..HOORAY!!

869 days ago



Cujeaux: 4 minutes ago

Beaver in case you haven't noticed Howard Stern is a comedian and nobody but a complete moron takes what he says seriously
Comedian my azz! The guy talks more nasty than Mel will ever. The man is just like or just as bad as watching porn, and men will have a fight with their wife to take up for this man so they can watch this nasty azz fart man talk his trash, but Mel can't lose his temper and cuss...and in his own home too! UNREAL!!

So are you saying that belitte of woman is ok, that

869 days ago



Cujeaux.. Oksana is what she digger. If someone was to really hit me, and tried to knock my (fase) teeth down my throat, and I feared for my life, and my kids life as well, and I was REALLY AFRAID THAT THAT PERSON WOULD PUT ME IN THE ROSE GARDEN. THE LAST THING I WOULD DO IS GO LIVE IN THAT MFERS HOUSE!! Think about it. If someone got raped, you don't see that person going to live in that person's house,so they can do it again, do you? GEEZ!!

869 days ago



Cujeaux wrote:

Howard was married just about as long as GIbby was. The only difference is he didn't cheat on his wife while acting like a deeply religious man
I agree that he should have been divorce when he got with that gold digger, but that gold digger got to him when Mel and his wife split. Gold diggers are good at what they do. They know just the right time to make their move, and can play men like a harp, and they don't know they have been played, until it is too late.

869 days ago


LOL!!! Is that your list of Jews who defend Mel Gibson? None are Jews, and Whoopie is black! Do you know why she took the stage name Goldberg? For respect, you ass. You're proud to be a Mel defender, when all you've done is find a group of people as ignorant as you are!

869 days ago


Beaver OG spared MM the humiliation when the belt to her face occurred in front of her kids. Many women put up with abuse and forgive in the hope that it doesn't happen again. Obviously their relationship became strained after that and she lost respect for him. He was mad that she didn't pretend it never happened as evidenced in those tapes. She wasn't willing to put up with anything more as evidenced by what he said. He was telling her he would give her one last chance. She didn't want one. Flock has never been able to accept the fact that she walked. Flock has never been able to accept the fact that their Assumption that she leaked the tapes, when it's more likely that Herzog was the only one who would have benefitted in doing so. If she wanted revenge she had ample opportunity prior to those death threats. Death threats are considered a crime in CA so he's lucky he got away with that as well. He was given a slap on the hand but still can't stop ruminating about it. He blames her for his actions because he's got too much pride to admit that he did it to himself.

Now another person has come forward to warn OG that he and his son have heard more death threats from MM. Since this can't be blamed on OG, and your ASSumptions about OG providing Ez with audio tapes has been debunked -LOL! Flock has lost interest. Why? Because all you are interested in is blaming OG for MM's problems. It's not as much fun ripping into a man who stood up to MM's bullying.

869 days ago


I had to skim through the frigging opuses being posted here. My scroll finger got tired. Here's what I gathered and will comment on:

Kathleen - perfection as always
The Beaver - is not Sweet. Possibly from Virginia or thereabouts.
Bunny - Heya

Extradouche is quiet because some attorney shoved a hot poker up his ass, IMO. Not because he was paid off.

869 days ago


You are cavorting with people you wouldn't give spare change to in real life. Why?

869 days ago


Ok, you Mel haters listen up!!

Why is it ok for Bill Clinton to have an afair on his wife. Lie to the American people about it, then had to come back and say it is true? Then you people made excuses up for him, like it is none of my/our business what Clinton does. What Clinton does in his personal life, or in the privatcy of his own hone (The White House is The We People Home..btw) is none of my/our business. But you ignorant azzes think taping Mel Gibson in the privatcy of his own home, and sale it to make money is ok? UNFRICKEN REAL!!
What does Mel have to do,be a member of The Demonbrat Club to be excused from what he might say or do..hmm? You tell me. If you think taping this man over and over and sale them for money is right, you really are the lowest form of humanbeings that I have even seen. I am not surprise that they haven't tape the man actually having sex, and sale that to make money too!! Watch out Mel, that might be next!!

868 days ago



Cujeaux wrote..

If OG was the gold digger you make her out to be, she would have put in a few more years to get a better settlement.
LOL.. Better settlement. Are you for real? BA..HAHAHA!!
The woman would only get a better settlement if what she said about the man was actually true, or Mel Gibson was stupid enough to marry the gold digger. No, hun. Oksana went in, did what she had to do to get money, and got out before anyone could nail her for her evil act.

868 days ago


for Scotty #159
in your blind ignorance and hate
you do not recognized difference between 2 words
I did put a list of FRIENDS who do support Mel Gibson
and I am very proud to support greatest actor Mel Gibson.
Now hunted same as they did hunted Charlie Chaplin.
History always repeated. You Scotty, cujeaux and 2 idiots remind me of bad time in communist Czechoslovakia. You are so blind and hateful that I do feel sorry for you guys b/c Oksana and Ludmilla are soviet products and you are just promoting them and it is so wrong. Eszterhas is bad father hiding behind his 16 years young son. What kind of father would let his 16 years young son sleep on butcher knife? Why Eszterhas did not left? I was in Costa Rica in January for a 1 week vacation, hotel staff, people there have a great respect for Mel Gibson and are very proud he is their neighbor. From our balcony we could see Mel Gibson hacienda, Eszterhas is full of yellow canaries.

868 days ago


Oh, and you say put in a few more years. More decent settlement. Yeah, right! I don't think she had to stay longer. I never seen such a good living for a gold digger that has done a person so damn wrong and messed up his life. I mean, what other gold digger (never married the guy) gets to live (in his home) free of charge, don't have to work, and everything is done for her? After all that woman did to him, I think Mel Gibson was too good to her, if you ask me.

868 days ago
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