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Octomom to NueveMom

'No One Will EVER Take

My Octo Title'

4/29/2012 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom Nadya Suleman has a competitive uterus ... because she doesn't want any would-be baby machines taking a shot at her birthing title ... and she's sick of them trying.

Octo had some competition recently from Mexico's NueveMom -- who claimed to be pregnant with 9 babies. Her story might not be true, but if it is ... it could have shot Octo's record for most children delivered at a single birth to survive straight out the window.

Octo tells TMZ she's tired of all the Octofakes lately, telling us, "No one will ever take my Octo title, I’m in the Guinness Book Of World Records!"

She goes on to call NueveMom "a fraud" and says she "shouldn't be making a joke about raising a large family. It’s a serious job and takes a lot to take care of my children. She disgusts me."

Pot ... meet kettle.


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Thurston Howell III    

Will this welfare leech nutjob please just shut up? Isn't she getting thrown out of that house she trashed?

801 days ago


it looks like their stomachs are blue veined ball bags.

801 days ago

Thurston Howell III    

She should be in the Guiness Book of World Records under "World's biggest dumbshiat", "World's biggest welfare leech" and "Word's biggest laughingstock". Oh, how about "World's most selfish and neglectful mother".

801 days ago


didn't she just say in an interview recently that she hated that name octomom. This chick needs to really start thinking before she speaks

801 days ago


What a hypocrite! Just the other day she was saying she hated the name Octomom.

801 days ago


Blank-a-mom Guide:
Octomom = 8
Nonomom = 9
Icosamom = 20
Henicosamom = 21, etc.
Pentacontamom = 50
Hectamom = 100
Dictamom = 200
Myriamom = 10,000

801 days ago


octomon, you are far too stupid to realize how disgusting and repulsive you really are.

801 days ago


Nadya thinks the neuveo mom (sp) is discusting..She should look in the mirror and then she would see what really discusting is..She is con artist. Yup, pitiful is a good description and agree her elevator will never reach the top floor. or how about "rowing with one ore?" or "one beer short of a six pack?" or just plain pond skum might better describe her..I hate it when Geraldo and Dr. Drew and the rest of the media give her air time when there are people of intrest to have on their shows. And they patronize this lieing "beatch." they let her double talk them and actually buy into some of her bull****..The kids should be take from her..Adopted out to families who want children, who can support them financially and with love..The hair on the back of my neck stands up when I see her or hear about her..She sounds like "donald duck" when she talks..Can hardly understand her. But then again, who wants to?

800 days ago


This woman is even lower that pond skum..She is a fast and double talker and you never get a true answer out of her..I think she is a "welfare and food stamp whore." I just get riled up when I see her..Dr. Drew had her on his show last night..Dah, he was dragging the barrel for a guest for sure. She was all financially set last night and today she is filing bankruptcy? Kick her to the curb..take those children from her where they can have a normal home life..Not a nut case for a mother..It is sad..But in taking care of the children, sad she comes along with the package and benefits..$500.00 hair cut/style? Hello out there!! Are any lights on on in your heads? I think she is plain unfit. A con artist from the get go and will con the rest of her life..

800 days ago

Percy Jew    

"She goes on to call NueveMom "a fraud" and says she "shouldn't be making a joke about raising a large family. It’s a serious job and takes a lot to take care of my children. She disgusts me."
Says the dimwit that filed for bankruptcy a couple of hours ago.

800 days ago

Willy B. Free    

Octomom To NueveMom: 'No One Will Ever Take My Octo Title' -

This is what we have fallen to. A woman thinking that having 8 children is a sport or game. A title. A claiming as the best, a position.

800 days ago


WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!

800 days ago


TMZ-- WHAT A JOKE YOU ARE. I watched her on Dr Drew telling the world she hates to be called octomom. I could care less abou ther but way to make **** up.

800 days ago


has anyone mentioned they are missing the point?

800 days ago


OMG, is this freak for real? She calls that woman disgusting? Isn't that kinda like the pot calling the kettle black? What an idiot! And I can see that it would be a serious job, trying to keep all the lies straight that she must have to tell to keep the welfare pouring in. SHE DISGUSTS ME....

784 days ago
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