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The Wanted


for Christina Aguilera

4/29/2012 2:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Two days after calling "Voice" judge Christina Aguilera "a bitch" on the radio in New York, one of the guys from The Wanted seemingly apologized in one breath ... and then took another shot at her in the next.

After a guest appearance on the show, the band went on 92.3 NOW in NYC and said, "She's a total bitch. She might not be a bitch in real life, but to us she was a bitch."

Talking outside the Mondrian Hotel today in Hollywood, the one who calls himself Tom was asked about his Xtina comments ... and in back-to-back sentences he said, "We shouldn't have said it, to be honest with you. We just think manners cost nothing, you know what I mean?"

Neither does humility. 


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Zombie Whitney Houston    

Why should they apologize? Everybody knows Christina is a c*nt. She's seemingly gotten more and more rude as she's gotten fatter. F*** her.
TMZ has the p*ssiest writers.

914 days ago


Ha, ha - he calls her a bitch three times and then says that manners cost nothing? Evidently nothing is still beyond his pay scale. But it's too bad that she couldn't condescend to relate to them at all. I guess it's Miss-Christina-don't-make-eye-contact-with-me; sounds like Diana Ross. Or maybe she's just shy.

914 days ago

Mad Hatter     

I've heard several people call her a bitch, to me that is saying something. I would never call her that. I also don't think she has the right to act like "diva" (No One Does). I think people need to be way more respectful, of each other. I honestly if she where rude me, I would show the same kind of rudeness.

914 days ago


It`s bullying. I`m sure she never did anything, they just wanted to be treated like royalty and that didn`t happen. So now she is a bitch. Just read the fable by Lafontaine about the "Wolf and the Lamb" and that sums it up pretty nicely.

914 days ago


To understand how bullying works, read the parable of "The Wolf and the Lamb" by Jean de Lafontaine. It says it all.

914 days ago

Ozzie X    

Everyone knows Xtina is a bitch other celebs have made the claim before. These guys were just stating the obvious.

914 days ago


Everyone knows that Aguilera is the B word. There's been tons of people who have said it. There used to be 2 full videos on youtube called "Christina Aguilera dis list" and TONS of celebs talked about how awful she is in real life.

But it looks like she's probably had it taken down.

She's exactly what this group claims she is...

If even celebrities will talk about how awful she is - when they usually kiss each others butt, then I believe it.

914 days ago


Besides, odd that they should use the word "humility". That`s something that they still stand to learn. Someone crawling up your behind doesn`t really respect you, they are just crawling up your behind. People I wouldn`t want to learn lessons from with regards to respect and humility.

914 days ago


It is funny reading the comments defending Xtina. She would look her nose down at you, if you ever met her. Guaranteed. She does it to even celebrities all the time. She would do it to you too.

The girl is a raving witch.

Just because she was born with a great singing voice doesn't mean she is better than ANYONE. Heck, she doesn't even write most of her songs.

If she was a scientist or someone who found the cure to a terminal illness, then maybe... just maybe... you can put yourself above everyone else and think you're better.. but she's just a girl who lucked out with a great voice.

Not a doctor, a nurse, a healer... but she's a SINGER... that's all.

I hate the word DIVA - it in essence to me is a raging Beoytch.

914 days ago


Maybe she is a bitch? Maybe she was having a bad day? Who is to say she wasn't rude to them? You weren't there. You don't know. The wanted are some of the sweetest boys anyone will ever meet and for them to call her a bitch they must of meant it. Y'all are judging them for giving their opinion and being honest? **** off.

914 days ago


If someone is made to be the witch, than most will agree if all stand to profit. That`s human nature for you. She can burn at the stake and no one gives.

914 days ago


Yes, and in the dark middle ages, a woman that didn`t sleep with certain townsmen and knew her way around healing a cow from a sudden stroke was called a witch and burnt on the stake. A bitch they all said and agreed :-P

914 days ago


She is a bitch I dont see what the big deal is. She acts like a bitch. She has said she enjoys being the mean judge. I think she likes being mean to the new comers because she is bitter about losing it herself. She is an amazing singer but she hasnt had a hit in a long time. She is better off a coach these days.

914 days ago


christina should just lol then say he is in a boy band called the wanted i rest my case.then leave it at that

914 days ago


The way i see it, Every Boy Band that has 5 Guys in it should have maybe 2 Whites, 1 Latin, 1 Black and 1 Asian to be more diverse But to have all 5 White Guys only...Racist indeed!

914 days ago
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