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The Wanted


for Christina Aguilera

4/29/2012 2:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Two days after calling "Voice" judge Christina Aguilera "a bitch" on the radio in New York, one of the guys from The Wanted seemingly apologized in one breath ... and then took another shot at her in the next.

After a guest appearance on the show, the band went on 92.3 NOW in NYC and said, "She's a total bitch. She might not be a bitch in real life, but to us she was a bitch."

Talking outside the Mondrian Hotel today in Hollywood, the one who calls himself Tom was asked about his Xtina comments ... and in back-to-back sentences he said, "We shouldn't have said it, to be honest with you. We just think manners cost nothing, you know what I mean?"

Neither does humility. 


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The hell is "The Wanted," and who gives a **** what someone from it said?

885 days ago


Who are these idiots? A source from The Voice has already told PEOPLE that the crap they claimed happened backstage was total BS. But anyway, congrats to the The Unwanted with the less than 40k debut on the Billboard album charts. Stupid flops acting like Christina or anyone else should give a damn about them.

885 days ago


Maybe she is a bitch, he surly isn't the first one to call her out on it so it's possible there's some truth to that statement. Also I'd like to add that success doesn't give you the right to look down on others or be rude to them, especially since her last album was a total flop.

885 days ago


He shouldn't be talking badly about anybody w/ those ****ty ass bangs he's got going there tbh.
I don't even like Christina, but he could've just said she wasn't very friendly and left it at that.

885 days ago


these losers MENTIONED about MANNERS...are u talking to yourselves:

885 days ago


This has to be the most ugliest boy band ever!!!

885 days ago

Heilige Bimbam    

I wasn't aware that there was a law against not feeling like hugging some third rate boy group, or fraternizing with them.If it wasn't for these hormonal teenage girls this group could not sell even a dozen records. They should just shut up, Christina is one of the very few female stars who can actually sing.

885 days ago


This have to be the ugliest boy band ever!!!

885 days ago


When the wanted grow hair on their balls then they can talk about another girl/women

885 days ago


He's right. She is a fat drunk bitch who is always bitter. I find it sad her ginger kid looks as if it has the effects of a child that had a mother who drank while pregnant. Selfish bitter ****.

885 days ago


And I find it funny that the people who try to question her character, say horrible things about her child, her weight, her appearance. Far worse than ANYTHING Christina has ever said, yet you consider YOURSELVES better than her? Get a freakin clue.

885 days ago


They have insulted Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, who else now?
Seems to me, THEY'RE the problem.
There have been ZERO reports of Christina being cold since 2004. During her Stripped era, she ADMITTEDLY said she didn't trust ANYONE in the Industry or in her life period for that matter and was going through a very Deep, Dark Depression.
People need to let go of the past. This was over 5 years ago!
The haters are SEETHING through their teeth for any negativity about Christina, that they're not looking at the LOGIC in the situation.
The band said she was a bitch because "she just sat they and looked scary". How on EARTH does that make someone a bitch?
If you would let go of the Christina hate for ONE second, you would see she did NOTHING wrong in THIS situation regardless of her past.
By the way, every single person she was supposedly a "bitch" to in the past, has their own reputation for being rude and nasty, as well as video proof online that they took DIGS at Christina first. So why would she be nice to them upon their meeting?

885 days ago


In order to be a bitch, you actually have to DO something. Just because she wasn't friendly or forthcoming doesn't make her a bitch. It just makes her aloof and unfriendly. At least if you're going to insult someone, let them actually DO something to you.

885 days ago


Exactly Diane. If you DARE call a WOMAN a bitch and make fun of her looks like classless pigs, make sure she actually DID something that makes her one. She sat there JUST like Adam Levine and Cee-Lo. No difference whatsoever. But I guess since Christina is a woman, she should have fawned over them like a school girl like J.Lo did, and then they would like her. Get over yourselves.
In fact, watching the show The Voice made me a Christina fan because I saw how RIDICULOUS people were towards her and I realized that all the rumors are completely blown up and exaggerated. The woman can't look right or left on that show without being labeled a bitch, while the men can act arrogant and however they want, no one beats an eyelash. EXTREME double standard. The woman makes a joke and all the haters foam at the mouth to turn it into some type of dig. Other pop stars get away with murder compared to her.

885 days ago


They just called "a bitch, a bitch" I don't see the problem.

885 days ago
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