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'Basketball Wives' Producers

Plotting Legal Action

Against Jennifer Williams

4/30/2012 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0429_jennifer_williams_getty"Basketball Wives" producers are taking their feud with cast member Jennifer Williams to the next level ... the show's big-wigs are currently in talks to file a lawsuit against  the "BB Wife" for publicly trashing the show.

If you recall ... producers of VH1's hit series were PISSED after Williams filed a lawsuit against fellow cast member Nia Crooks after she slapped Williams in the face while taping an episode.

Now sources tell TMZ  -- producers are ready to take their own legal action after Williams went on a media rampage and blasted "BB Wives" alleging the show portrays African-American women negatively.

According to our sources, producers feel Williams' show-bashing is in violation of her contract -- which forbids cast members from doing any media appearances or press without approval, or speaking negatively about the show. We're told they feel she is "ruining the brand" they worked so hard to build.
Let the mudslinging begin.


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They are just going to make themselves look worse. Sue someone who made them money because she stood up for her rights?..The show is going down because they exploited the women. I am glad that show will come to an end, they served their time. They cannot blame Jennifer. Things got out of hand and they reaped what they sowed. Easy.

870 days ago


I hope they have to cancel Evelyn and her husband to be {What ever name is gong by now } show. That would be karma!!!!

870 days ago


I wish you would take the show off the air.I could go down to the corner and see people acting like them, who suppose to set a good example for young black women They act like tramps with money.

870 days ago


The truth hurts ha...

870 days ago


I hope some other girl slaps and throws bottles at Shaunie and Evelyn's daughters and see how they like it. Shaunie O'Neal should be ashamed of herself. What message is she sending to her daughter and all young African girls out there. As a black person who has lived in the US for over 30 years, I find this type of behavior to be disturbing and offensive to all black women everywhere. How can other races have respect for us when we treat each other so poorly? There is one woman that is so mean spirited, that even when she puts a drink to her mouth she squirms. She cannot even sip with an iota of grace. I think she is the main instigator and now a good friend of Evelyn, and should
be kicked off TV completely.

They are a disgrace to black women everywhere. So very sad.

870 days ago


I don't care for the show because it depicts black women in a negative way drama or cant keep a man if Jennifer a lady with class is removed from the show i would never tune in Evelyn is a project hoodrat and tammi is a washed up old wanna be

870 days ago

Janice Morgan    

Hi, my comment to the producers of Basketball Wives, I see why you let Evelyn act a fool on the show. I know Tami has had some issues too, but she moved on. And for you to say your taking legal actions against Jennifer maybe she should be sueing all of you because I don't think she signed a contract to get assaulted. By the way I was enjoying the show but with all this fu..... jealousy and that's what the hell it is stop because it brings on negativety and we have enough among african americans and ethnic groups. Who ever the producers are get your act together and produce quality stuff like maybe inspirational things like one of the ladies journey in becoming successful (and maybe some young person whether it be male/female) can get inspired to accomplish their goals in life........................

870 days ago

Sammy Wright    

African American's especially African American women need to boycott this show. Lets stop watching this crap...especially if they sue Jeniffer after she was asaulted!

870 days ago


But the Black Race DOES act like that!!!! Are you serious! This has to be a joke!

870 days ago

Sabrina Britto    

If your quote (TMZ) from Ms. Williams is correct, she hasn't said anything that I, a viewer, hasn't said already! The truth is the truth! Some of those women are animals. Behaving badly, just plain "thugs in a ****tail dress"! If this is the "BRAND" they worked so hard for, then they have succeeded with flying color(ed) women! Yes, I am black and Shawnie you should be ashamed of yourself for letting that certain someone loose like a damn pitbull animal!

870 days ago


BB Wives should have has Jen's back in the first place!!! Who is that girl that slapped her she is NOT a regular cast member of the show, Jen was also the only married BB wive of the show.. Everyone else was either divorced or a GF! How are 40 year old woman going to want fight like their are in the streets... NOT RIGHT!

870 days ago


Who has not trashed this show??.. it's stupid, it a bunch of stupid women acting like kids.. big azz kids.. who watches this show??.. it been on a while.. they need to cancel the crap..

870 days ago


The show does not portray African-American women negatively, THEY portray themselves negatively....

870 days ago


The show should be called ghetto hoes turn into BB wives that show sucks and williams is right it does make black women look stupid i hope they don't think Williams is the only one that thinks that aww oh they might sue me to for saying that lol go williams go glad you left the ghetto wives of basketball lol the NBA showed feel ashamed of themselves for evening promoting a shoe like this lol

870 days ago


This is a joke, right? EVERYTHING about this show is negative.

Jennifer Williams says the show portrays women negatively. Has she seen the show? Has she see herself on the show?

870 days ago
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