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Files for Bankruptcy

4/30/2012 12:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom files for bankruptcy
We all saw it coming -- Octomom has filed for bankruptcy ... TMZ has learned.

Nadya Suleman filed for Chapter 7 today in federal court -- a month after going on welfare -- meaning she's hopelessly buried in a mountain of debt.

Chapter 7 is the most serious form of bankruptcy -- it's basically when you go belly up -- something Octo is well-familiar with.

The legal docs we obtained do not specify her creditors or how much she owes -- but it's pretty clear ... she's dead broke. 


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Congress should pass new laws for IVF treatments before you are allowed to start the process you have to be able to prove you are financialy stable to support the amount of eggs you are fertalizing every time you do the process. Including freezing the eggs so something like this never happens again.

903 days ago


Didn't this insane woman recently say she wanted to get a huge house because her children deserved it? After spending all the donated money on herself because she "deserved" it, you'd think she would start thinking in terms of affordability. Most Americans think they deserve a huge house too but they rent or make due with a smaller home because that's all the can afford.

903 days ago


Who wouldn't be broke with 14 kids? The kids are here, that's a fact, they need help. Why doesn't one of the do-gooder zillionaire movie stars just anonymously buy them a home? Or would it spoil the fun everyone has of making fun of her.

903 days ago


Now the taxpayers will be pay for all her crap... Why we don't send the bills to the stupid doctors , yes, the same ones who put those 8 eggs into that dumb woman !

903 days ago


Well TMZ, I certainly hope you folks get your hands on the list of her creditors and shame the bastages. If she's had surgery, mani's, pedi's waxing whatever she shouldn't be spending it on you should name each and every company on the list and how much she owes. If the hairdresser can pull that off, so can you.
I want those above companies to explain how no one in their line of business knew of her name, what her situation was and how in the world they could morally accept payment for frivolous garbage that they knew she couldn't afford.

903 days ago


GOOD!! Now sew up her slit.

903 days ago

Dot Brown    

People who are "dead broke" DON'T spend $520 on a hairdo! I don't appreciate paying taxes for her to be on welfare and she's spending $520 on her hair! How many $500 hairdo's has she had...probably could have paid some of those house payments! Can she BK those house pmts too?

903 days ago


I cant believe people are saying for CPS to just go in and take her babies from her even the dude on tmz live was like '' cant you just give them up for adoption ?'' like seriously ? I wish someone would tell me that ... Times are tuff **** happens as a mother Im sure she will figure it out . People see one little thing on a ' blog site ' and assume that is how it really must be ... TMZ and other sites makes millions talking **** about these people maybe they should start cutting them checks .

903 days ago


I don't understand why everyone wants this poor woman to fail.

903 days ago

Dot Brown    

remember when she first birthed the babies & nobody knew who she was? A neighbor was interviewed & told the reporter (remember this is prior to us knowing who Octonut was), Nadia told her she was having all those babies to make $$ off them. That didn't happen, cuz Octo was not well-received by the public. Her mother & father were taking care of the 6 (remember mom's interview), and said they couldn't take care of the new ones, cuz Octo was always MIA when it came to mothering the 6! then mom had to back down, cuz Octo was going to get all this $$ for exploiting the kids. She turned down Glo-Red's offer of nannies for a yr, cuz she didn't want Alred all in her business. Now if she goes BK, does that absolve all the back house pmts and let her keep the house? if so, what does that do for the owner who's carrying the paper on it?

903 days ago


God, this is just horrible! I wish I was filthy rich. I would annonymously either pay that LaHabra house off in full or buy Nadya and the kids a much better more affordable house. This doesn't make sense to see this woman struggling and suffering to provide for her kids. It's not a joke, it's real people lives we are watching fall apart and making jokes about it and belittling and trashing. It's sickening, if this was happening to any of you or a member of your family you would go out of your way to help. Would it hurt those who can help to help Nadya and the kids in their time of needs?

Okay, so she made a fricking stupid mistake. We all make mistakes, but that doesn't mean we have to keep suffering and paying for that mistake every single day of our lives. Everybody so busy trying to punish Nadya, not realizing they're punishing a bunch of innocent kids too.

Duggars, Gosselins and countless of other parents out there have all these kids and no jobs but was giving donations, reality TV shows, houses and everything else to help them get on their feet. Nadya had to struggling since day one to survive and nobody bent over to help her and those who did help used and exploited her. Enough is enough! Help those kids by helping their mother, not by splitting them up and taking them away from the other mother they have ever known and love. No, don't give Nadya money, that's not what she needs. What she need is a study roof over her kids heads where she doesn't have to worry about mortgage and food in their mouths. The rest she can provide on her own, but she need that start, the star, that so many took away from Nadya with eyeworks, TLC and Radar Online.

This is not funny, it's time to stop hurting and start healing. Forget the damn past! :(

903 days ago


She has 14 kids because she needs all eyes on her. God help us all when those spawn are unleashed on society. I am glad I don't live in California because those kids are definitely going to kill someone.

903 days ago


Dolly, thanks for the comment about how Nadya can use the bankruptcy action in an attempt to stall the foreclosure, but I don't understand how her BK would have any effect on the foreclosure, because the bank loan is not in her name. The loan is in Amer Haddadin's name. The trust deed to the house is not in Nadya's name either. It is in the name of Harmony Enterprises, her corporation, and Harmony has not filed for bankruptcy. Looks like Nadya's legal status here is "tenant." She can still be evicted regardless of her BK.

903 days ago


Lot's of people are "dead broke" and yet they drag their broken ass to work each day rather than milk off the government tit. I have to save to get a $100 haircut, yet a welfare recipient can get $500 haircuts?

903 days ago


So Fraudya has squandered MILLIONS of dollars and doesn't have a pot to piss in now. Surprise Surprise Surprise. It's a mistake the first time you make it. The second time, it is a CHOICE. Fraudya will choose herself everytime!!!

Funny how "some" need to bring in KG or Michelle D when they have absolutely nothing to do with Octo's ****ty mess.

903 days ago
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