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Files for Bankruptcy

4/30/2012 12:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom files for bankruptcy
We all saw it coming -- Octomom has filed for bankruptcy ... TMZ has learned.

Nadya Suleman filed for Chapter 7 today in federal court -- a month after going on welfare -- meaning she's hopelessly buried in a mountain of debt.

Chapter 7 is the most serious form of bankruptcy -- it's basically when you go belly up -- something Octo is well-familiar with.

The legal docs we obtained do not specify her creditors or how much she owes -- but it's pretty clear ... she's dead broke. 


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Octonut needs to get Section 8 housing, welfare and make a plan to enter the workforce in 2 years when all her kids are in school. Then in 7 years when her credit is cleared up and she has a large enough down payment she can buy her own house like a normal person. Octonut is not normal, she thinks she's entitled to a celebrity lifestyle without a job. We need to celebrate and help good people who hit hard times and can't make ends meet, not scammers or professional leeches who play the system.

906 days ago


dont you wish you had that 550 bucks from your haircuts now? yea...the judge is gonna have a lot of mercy on you...dumb ass.

906 days ago


Octomom: "I'm bankrupt, what do I do??"

Lawyer: One word. Porn.

906 days ago


Oh who might get screwed? Plastic surgeon, fish-lip plumpers, eyelash place, tummy tucker, credit cards where she charged her $200 sweats, gym membershipS, personal trainer, Toys-R-Us, Best Buy, TarJay, Hair extension place & hair stylist, Cable company, Personal Psychic, The owner of the house she's destroyed, her old P.R. firmS,Her Attorney, her Manager.... God only knows how many people will get screwed over AGAIN by Octo-scammer. It just amazes me how Nadya "Natalie Doud Gutierrez Suleman" goes through life free & bi$ching all the way! She's a s***bag... meanwhile those 10 smallest kids fend for themselves like animals while the whole world is watching!Un-f-ing believable!

906 days ago


I actually laughed out loud when I read this. No surprise. Stupid puta cow.

906 days ago


I've had this horrid thought but good advice to CPS. Since the Hairdresser's comment about how she "LOCKED" the children into a room so she could have her hair done who is watching those Children when she's out shopping with three of them, are the other 11 home locked in a room? When she goes out on the town and does interviews with no kids in sight, are they at home locked in a room so she can get face time and a sob story out there?
I hope CPS is watching her carefully, it's one thing for hard ass living conditions but locking and leaving your children unattended in a room is a frightful scenario. I just pray one of those angry, unattended children doesn't get a hold of a lighter and start a fire.

906 days ago


would yall stop please tell me whats the different between octomom and Kate plus 6 the only difference Kate had a husband who ended up leaving her and the kids lol and everybody fell in love with kate plus 8 but hate octomom why both there intentions was to get rich off all there kids

906 days ago

the TRUTH    

bankruptcy will become public knowledge soon cuz they us it as a form to " make you feel guilty" i know this cuz i have recentally done it myself she has NO IDEA HOW MUCH HELL SHE I GOING TO GO THRU NOW LOL

906 days ago


U know she should give up the kids. They may not stay together but if child welfare steps in & takes them that's gonna happen anyway. It's better all they way around for her & her kids. less stressful and less tramatic for the children

906 days ago


Correction! Jon Gosselin was not employed when the six came along. Jon and Kate both were unemployed and broke, had to apply for heating assistance from the Salvation Army that's how broke they were. Jon didn't find employment until after the birth of his sextuplets and even then, Kate talked him into quitting so he could be home doing the taping of their reality TV show Jon and Kate + 8 and they had donations and help with all their kids. But it was only when their show took off that they were able to move into a bigger house and then the mansion that Kate now reside in with the 8.

906 days ago


Those poor kids, having this pyscho for a mother.

906 days ago


I remember when she had these babies. She told Dr. Phil she was keeping all of them. Said she would never take from the tax payers to support Them. What happen?

906 days ago


Many, many people do be perfectly honest the credit card companies have already made enough money on her debts already...screw them!

906 days ago

Thurston Howell III    

She files BK yet she spends $60...0.00 on her hair and on hair care products. What an azzhole. That alone should be enough to get someone arrested. Does anybody know if the check she wrote to the hairdresser cleared or not?

Now she says she is going to do porn and pay cash for a million dollar mansion. She could have paid cash for that POS house in La Habra with all the free money that come rolling that was donated by idots who wanted to "help" this shiat for brains but I gues her hair, her plastic surgery, her nails, buying fast food, shopping at the mall, buying purses on eBay, and blowing a grand on MAC cosmetics is more important than making sure her kids have a roof over their heads.

Go way you dipshiat dumbazz! Fall down a hole, nobody will miss you!!!

906 days ago


The difference bewteen all the other families (Duggars, Gosselin's etc) and Nadya, is they all had 2 spouses and all had jobs when they became pregnant. They didn't perform IVF to get famous, and they didn't squander away all the donated money that was given to them.

The FACT is that Nadya was given, by the generosity of the public, enough money to take care of ALL these children until they reached adulthood and she squandered it all away. She deserves everything that is happening to her. The problem is, her children don't.

Nadya needs to be placed under a conservatorship. She can't handle her finances or her children. I hope someone acts quickly!

And get a fricken job Nadya. What did you expect???

906 days ago
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