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Files for Bankruptcy

4/30/2012 12:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom files for bankruptcy
We all saw it coming -- Octomom has filed for bankruptcy ... TMZ has learned.

Nadya Suleman filed for Chapter 7 today in federal court -- a month after going on welfare -- meaning she's hopelessly buried in a mountain of debt.

Chapter 7 is the most serious form of bankruptcy -- it's basically when you go belly up -- something Octo is well-familiar with.

The legal docs we obtained do not specify her creditors or how much she owes -- but it's pretty clear ... she's dead broke. 


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If the stupid bitch didnt spend $520 on haircuts/blow outs, she would have the money to pay her bills....dumbass!

870 days ago


We have a whole nation that is in financial file a BK is one way of helping one's self to get back on track. I don't care about how many kids this woman has. I do care that if she qualifies to file her BK that she is allowed to do it, just like anyone else. I would advise her that if she has any credit cards with Capital One that she close her account at her bank, because they (Capital One) will go in and do what are called Electronic Phone payment or a Direct Debit Payment without her authorizing either. I have seen this happen and it is disgusting...

870 days ago


If your broke. You buy 3$ scissors. With her past decision making skills in play is any one shocked? It's sad. Kids will suffer with a big dummy.

870 days ago

buzz kill    

Hey, in a few more years they can all get paper routes, with that many kid it should add up to a good buck. Oh yeah, that is if there are any more newspapers left by then.

870 days ago


I guess those Props, I mean Kids weren't the cash cow She thought they would be. Kick Her pathetic sorry ass to the curb and take those Children far away from this Loon ASAP!!!

870 days ago


How come noone is crapping on the doctors who agreed to artificially insemnate her? They are the real criminals. This woman is obviously a lunatic. It is largely the fault of the doctors who allowed this to happen.
These fertility clinics need to be reigned in big time. There's already a nutbar lady in mexico with 9 kids coming. The woman are pathetic, but the doctors are criminal.

870 days ago

two cents    

It would have been more humane to drown them in the bathtub. Ugh

870 days ago


Octonut should Hire Kris Jenner as her manager

870 days ago


...Like I said, it's tough in our nation right now, regardless of how many children anyone has. The legal system is in place for people to file a BK. This applies to this woman also. I don't have to agree that she has chosen to produce so many children...but I do have to support the fact that she has the right to file this Chapter 7, if needed, just like anyone else. Again, I advise her to watch out for Capital One, if she holds any cards with them they will go into her checking account and withdraw the money even if there is a zero balance...There are Banks that will pay out the money believing that it is truly authorized by you when the request comes through as an Ach or Debit or a Electronic phone pmnt...even if you have no money in the account. So, if she's smart, she'll also close all her bank accounts immediately...or she may get messed over by Capital One or Chase or any of the other lenders out there that resort to nasty game playing.

870 days ago


She was just on Geraldo saying she got 5K last month from that celebrity phone call line thing, so I wonder how that figures in to this "I'm broke" claim.

870 days ago

bob zibly    

i think all you tmz get hard-on on getting news on **** that doesn't concern you people get a life and a ****'en real job

870 days ago


Seriously, this woman needs to see a shrink !!!! In fact she has needed one since before she gave birth to her litter....

870 days ago


Just last week on t.v. she said she could afford the $500.00 beauty shop bill. Sick.

870 days ago


She;s not the only one who has had to do this. I can imagine that her medical bills are astronomical. She should wise up and move to the cheapest state in the nation. Save up her money, because she's protected since she's filed, and buy a mobile home or two. She can get them inexpensively-repos.either pay and put it on a foundation or keep it in a lot. Her utilities will be rediculous, she's qualified for a state job by degree, but good luck finding a childcare. She needs to get counselling for her finances, learning what constitutes necessity (food on the table, laundry, clothing, roof over head, running water with working plumbing, and so on. And what is luxury (hair cuts and products,nails,). If she does not know how to, she needs to learn hor to sew, can foods in season, economize, economize, economize. Her birthing has been done, now the reality of it needs to be faced. She might have a consult with the Duggars or any other large family and see what and how they are doing it. Birthing may be the easy part, raising them is another story, but it can be done. My father's family had 11 children, and it was not uncommon then. We stopped at two, replacing ourselves and it was hard even with college degrees. So I feel for her, but she needs to get her life in perspective and a way to work things through before going in front of a judge.

870 days ago


I saw the actual court papers. Some of her creditors that she has listed are: DirectTV, a gardener, Sparkletts water and Orkin Pest Control. Guess What Nadya- I don't have any of these services and neither should you. She also has maid service paid for by Dr. Drew but her house is in squalor. These kids are trainwrecks and we will be hearing alot more about them in the future. When they are older and bigger they will be in the news and not in a good way. These kids should be in foster care or adopted by good families where they at least have a chance.

870 days ago
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