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Suffers Withdrawal

After Going Belly Up

5/1/2012 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0501_octomom_GSIYou can't squeeze blood from a turnip  ... but Octomom can -- and to prove it, the bankrupt mother of 14 made a pit stop at an ATM in L.A. earlier today.

As we first reported, Nadya Suleman filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy yesterday -- and now claims she owes between $500,000 and $1,000,000 to various creditors. Nadya says her net worth is somewhere between zero and $50K.

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I Love you octo If I could be in that porn with you I would

842 days ago


i'm definitely not defending her, but i see a lot of comments about how the poor shouldn't have cell phones or internet access. you actually need a phone to have a job, sometimes internet to apply and search, and $100 total for both per month is not unreasonable. internet is not just fun/games, but also important for work, productivity, and school. i don't know many employers that will hire someone without a phone and people actually need to occupy their time when they aren't working. it's better than what some people do. we aren't talking about full cable tv packages with 3d channels here. you might as well ask people to sleep in their cars or in tents.

842 days ago


she probably was withdrawing cash for her mani/pedi appointment.....just sayin...

842 days ago


For all you do gooders, stop asking other people to help her. Dig into your own pockets and you do it, pitch a tent in your backyard and let her and that brood stay there. Talk is cheap, do the work yourself. That woman is nuts. Suze Orman even said she had enough money to last until the children were adults - where is it? I tell you, she squandered it - she is a flake , she feels she is entitled and deserving and therefore buys for herself - have you ever heard her talk, she doesn't let anyone else speak, constantly interrupts them, she doesn't LISTEN. This woman deserves only the worse life has to offer because why, because she has EARNED it. About the only thing she has EARNED.

842 days ago


Why don't we just leave this lady alone, She has so many problems and we just can't stay out of her business. Please!!!

842 days ago


This isn't news! Why is TMZ trying to make people hate this woman more than they already do? What's the point?

842 days ago


Is that an instant access welfare machine?

842 days ago


when will the state take her kids away...she obviously cant take care of any of them, shes an embarrassment and disgrace to the word parent

842 days ago


TMZ is going to keep harassing this woman until she winds up killing her self.

842 days ago


This insane woman and her manager bugs the Media for publicity. SHE is the one who is seeking this attention. The Media should ignore this sociopath and her silly schemes to be rich and famous. The only thing that is fascinating about her is the lengths she's goes to attempt this like stuffing herself with 12 embryos without any regard for human life. She seems really baffled why this scheme didn't work and why people don't like her.

842 days ago


Her EBT card was loaded with cash and food stamps was the first of the month. Probably about 2000 in cash and 2000 in food stamps. She can go get her done again.

842 days ago

BB not bb    

It is hard managing money. I did it this morning for maybe the month and it took a few hours to straighten things out and check all of the credit and bank statments and file the papers and make calls, etc. That is why some people hire accountants to manage their money for them. When you handle too much money, it gets complicated. You have to stay on top of it at least monthly. You have to figure out your budget for the next month and analyze your spending.

I guess she also needs a finance manager to help her with paying for all of those people. I think people who go bankrupt have a problem managing money. They don't balance income with outflow and then the credit builds up too far to where they can't pay it.

It may be a talent but it takes work to get good at managing money. I suppose someone needs to hire her an accountant now to handle her money. What does she do all day I wonder? Are her kids so wild that she doesn't have time to do her banking and budgeting?

842 days ago


The real disgrace here is how this woman is being held up to scorn and ridicule in the face of immense responsibilities. Any less of a woman would have walked away from her situation a long time ago but, despite the outpouring of typical American hypocrisy, she sticks with it and makes every day go right for the kids. If she were driving a Rolls and awash with bling, she'd be fair game, but if you can believe your eyes, you can see that this is not the case. This woman is front page news for one reason: she generates advertising revenue; nothing more, nothing less. Trashing her might twiddle your cack, but there are other people out there more deserving; that is, if you can figure it out.

842 days ago

Shelley Sutch     

Instead of making jokes or hating her why doesn't someone help
her? There are 14 children in need. She has been punished
enough for her foolish decisions. There are very young children who need to eat and have a decent place to live. TMZ has gotten alot of mileage on this story. Why doesn't Harvey pay off her home and provide her with some help?
He is making so much money off this woman.
Where is our humanity?

842 days ago


Come on everybody. Let's all chip in and buy her that big house that she deserves. After all the kids each need their own jail cell. Please buy her 14 chairs also to lock them in.

842 days ago
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