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Up to $1 MILLION in Debts

(But I Really Needed DirecTV)

5/1/2012 8:54 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Nadya Suleman claims she's so damn broke ... she owes between $500k and $1,000,000 to various creditors ... including doctors, lawyers, teachers ... and DIRECTV!!!!

TMZ just obtained a copy of OctoMom's bankruptcy documents, in which she claims she only has between ZERO and $50,000 to her name ... because she's blown a fortune on super important things like water and power and the ability to watch all of her favorite cable shows.

God forbid a destitute woman with 14 kids be kept from watching "Game of Thrones."

Here's the list of Octo's creditors:

-- Orkin Pest Control
-- Roberto Robles Gardening Services
-- Sparkletts
-- William F. Turner Attorney at Law
-- Kaiser Permanente
-- The DMV
-- Farmers Insurance Group
-- Verizon Wireless
-- City of La Habra Water Dept.
-- So Cal Gas Company
-- So Cal Edison Company (power)
-- Sylvan Learning
-- Superior Court of California
-- Whittier Christian School
-- DirecTV

In the docs, Octo claims she completed a debt education course -- as required from everyone who files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Octo took her course on the Internet ... though it's unclear how she paid for the Internet access.


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river rat    

OMG, those hideous lips! Why would anyone do that?

812 days ago


Look she had 6 little kids she could not handle or financially take care of and INTENSIONALLY got InVitro ended up haveing 8 more. 14 kids oldest just turned 11.

She was trying to score a reality tv show that would pay for everything. That didn't happen. So here she is. Pulling the woe is me crap. Don't forget she's had a ton of help.

812 days ago


Look, I would not give up my directv either. I don't care if she files bk. She can't possibly entertain all those kids on her own and the learning they get from al the kids shows is definately helping them. I'm not saying I like or condone all this woman has done int he past but everyone deserves a new start...even her.

812 days ago


It is not easy watching this unfold, if you really think about it. I do not like the mocking attitude TMZ uses in reporting, to me they use this technique to make you angry, and when a person is really po'd off they write back mad and in that moment all the brains you have seem to leave; and you sound just stupid, before you get angry with me I admit to doing the same thing. It is what they want , so TMZ can say" look at these fools and by the way see how many are reading".
This woman should give those children to someone who can afford to take care of them and care and love them, how do you separate these kids? what a horrible thing to do and the person responsible is Octo. Who can take in so many kids and give them a good home? Yes many wealthy family's could but they do not seem to care.. So, as I think about it she started this act of selfishness and misery but! a kind human being should fight to take those kids and for those who do not but can, you are selfish too. It is about the kids nothing else.

812 days ago


What I don't get is,she gets assistance from Calif.,donated goods & services, & supposedely "expert" advice from the likes of DR. Drew,Suze Orman etc, YET SHE STILL DIDN'T PAY HER BILLS & FILED FOR BANKRUPTCY!
Sounds fishy to me.......

812 days ago


Lazy generational welfare leeches and entitlement junkies are causing a backlash on our out of control public assistance programs.
These leeches are draining our pockets and our patience. I am all for lending a hand to those in need. HOWEVER, I'm getting tired of the constant gnawing on my wallet.
The public really needs to open their eyes and realize what the real problem is.

btw, had a woman carrying a baby approach me as I was going into a grocery store offering to sell me her government food card. I told her I already paid for it out of my last paycheck. That card should have been buying baby formula, not being sold for cash.

812 days ago


Why is this woman sending her kids to private school, tutoring (most schools offer free tutoring after school), pest control (doesn't she know how to do it herself like the rest of us?), Sparkletts (are they too good to drink water out of the faucet?), gardening services (she can't hire a neighborhood boy to mow the grass?), DirecTV (how in the world would she find time to watch TV? Her kids can't watch PBS for their children's programs?)? This woman is just a ridiculous waste. I feel sorry for the children at having a whackjob for a mother.

812 days ago


Why didn't the financial advisor on the Oprah show keep helping her? It's obvious she has serious problems in that department and her priorities are messed up. They could've sat down with her and put her on a budget.
They're extremely wealthy people in America spending money stupidly as well. They should all chip in and buy this woman a house even if she doesn't deserve it. The children need stability and a roof over their heads.
Even the big banks got help they didn't deserve so why not ensure she doesn't end up homeless for the sake of the children.

812 days ago


So sad for everyone of those kids but remember...Dr Drew is paying her internet fees cuz he also gave her a free ride for online education to become a personal!

812 days ago


14 kids or 4 kids cable tv is a luxury not a necessity. Her and her children should only be afforded their basic needs, if she wants anything more it's called a JOB.

812 days ago


No free rides!...let's not forget about all the other single moms who are struggling to take care of their own children.

812 days ago


You must also remember those who are supposed to watch over things (child services) are without the people to do the job, so many cases and not enough people, why? they do not go to school for that job, again why? because they make next to nothing and they are overworked .They need to be paid correctly as they need to provide for there own family. Some do it anyway.You need a job you can live on and that is a hard job one that should pay better . The fact is we do need to help those (kids) in need, who are abused in every sense of the word. And as someone else said we need to make sure kids are being fed and the parents are not using it for something else!

812 days ago


Why are you reporting on her? She is not even a celeb. Isn't this a celeb gossip website about entertainment? Where does she fit in that memo?

812 days ago


now let me get this straight. she files bankruptcy, after getting free house cleaning and day care, then signs up for a masturbation video?.... while on welfare????... the state of California needs a political enema!

812 days ago


I wish we could go ONE day without having to look at her of Kim K. Good grief, there
ARE other people in the world who actually deserve some attention!

812 days ago
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