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Bobby Brown

'I Wasn't the One

that Got Whitney on Drugs'

5/2/2012 6:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Bobby Brown says he isn't to blame for Whitney Houston's deadly drug habit ... claiming, "That was part of her life BEFORE we got together."

Brown just appeared on the "Today" show ... and told Matt Lauer, "I didn't get high [on narcotics] before I met Whitney ... I smoked weed and drank beer ... but no, I wasn't the one that got Whitney on drugs ... I'm not the reason she's gone."

Clearly, Brown doesn't consider marijuana to be a narcotic ... even though the U.S. Govt does.

Still, Brown says he hasn't touched "narcotics" in 7 years ... and says he was "hurt" to learn Whitney had been using again in her final days ... saying, "I know she was struggling with it still."

Brown concluded, "I can honestly say I love that woman with everything I am ... I believe she loved me the same way." 


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There is some truth to what he is saying. Celebrities have come out since her death confirming that she "dabbled" with drugs years before she met Bobby. He was 22 and she was 28 when they started dating. Do you really believe he introduced her to drugs. Not to mention that her older brothers had drug and alcohol problems.

842 days ago


HEY BOBBY! remember me?!? I was your limo driver in Miami in 98'-99'. Remember Peaches?!? lolol...

842 days ago


i believe him. He looks healthier than i have ever seen him look. Whitney is responsible for whitney. I miss her. Let's move on.

842 days ago


I actually believe him. I think she was a junkie long before she met him.

842 days ago


This is so sad No one can control you stop blaming this man I am glad to see bobby is taking care of himself and staying off drugs always liked him

842 days ago


Houstons and Jacksons are trying to blame anyone they can, other then Whitney and Michael themselves.

They both had kick ass talent and destroyed it.

Dr. Murray was blamed for Jacksons death even though he had been using propofol since the '80's. Jackson needed a new Dr. for new scripts Murray needed the money. Jackson just so happened to belly up and Dr. Murray was accused of his death. Yet Michael Jackson was known to use at least 19 different names for his drugs way before Dr. Murray. Hey it's Dr. Murrays fault.

Whitney Houston same thing. Got her drugs where ever she could. Houston just so happend to belly up on her own. No, have to blame Bobby Brown.

I always thought it was rather ironic that both Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston both OD'd with their over hyped comebacks they knew couldn't pull off.

Michael Jackson was in no physical shape for his comeback tour that he wanted and set up. His family tried to sue AEG also. He was 100 pounds with padded clothes. 1 rehearsal that happend to be taped. Stopped going to rehearsals. We all know the rest.

Whitney Houston was wasted stayed wasted until she was found dead the afternoon of Clive Davis's Pre Grammy party that he's thrown for years. Clive Davis who has paid her bills for years, and her hotel room (just don't tell anyone) Cissy Houston had the nerve to blast him for not cancelling his party. It was hushed up as best as possible.

Whitney Houston was drunk, wasted obnoxious from Thursday till her death saturday. Whitney Houston just like Michael Jackson turned themselves into an embarrassment to themselves.

842 days ago


Whitney had alot of people around her that kept her addictions possible,don't blame Bobbie. She chose to continue doing it and obviously needed help to stop and the people that should of helped her only helped fuel her addiction!

842 days ago


Not sure why anyone would be to blame for Whitney Houston using drugs. She had a choice either way and she chose to use them. You can't blame another individual for things you choose to do in your life.

842 days ago


Marijuana is not classified as a narcotic. It's classified as a Schedule I hallucinogen.

842 days ago


I am not sure why anyone would be to "blame" with Whitney Houston doing drugs. She was certainly old enough to make her own choices. My ex husband did drugs heavily and that is one reason we are not together now but.....I chose not to join him in his drug use. There is always a choice.

842 days ago



842 days ago


also makes you dumber than a box of rocks...

842 days ago


Whitney Houston had been "around" and "in" the entertainment industry her entire life and to think that it was not until she met Bobby Brown in 1989 that she found drugs… that’s wishful thinking.

Were they detrimental to each other? Yes.

They had been divorced for years and the man had moved on, you can’t blame anyone but Whitney.

BUT, If you feel the need to blame someone other than Whitney, then blame her current handlers, her sister in-law, R-Jay etc... Let’s not forget that the drugs and spoons etc. were not hidden and her handlers and hair dressers had keys to the room to come and go as they needed; this drug use was no secret.

842 days ago


I always knew he didn't start her on drugs, she was doin that well before they even got together

842 days ago


Cannabis is not a narcotic!!!! It is a non-toxic plant, toxicity is 40,000 to 1 and the lethal dose is 1500 lbs. consumed in under 15 min, so No it can not be a narcotic since it can not kill you. The only reason it is illegal is it would put the cancer industry out of business overnight. PUBMED, the US medical library has currently over 600 peer reviewed studies proving cannabis (thc) kills cancer cell and prevents the spread of cancer. The US govt has known thc kills cancer since the 1974 Harvard study. And the US govt has a patent on cannabis as a neuroprotectant, it also prevents alzheimers.

842 days ago
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