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Bobby Brown

'I Wasn't the One

that Got Whitney on Drugs'

5/2/2012 6:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Bobby Brown says he isn't to blame for Whitney Houston's deadly drug habit ... claiming, "That was part of her life BEFORE we got together."

Brown just appeared on the "Today" show ... and told Matt Lauer, "I didn't get high [on narcotics] before I met Whitney ... I smoked weed and drank beer ... but no, I wasn't the one that got Whitney on drugs ... I'm not the reason she's gone."

Clearly, Brown doesn't consider marijuana to be a narcotic ... even though the U.S. Govt does.

Still, Brown says he hasn't touched "narcotics" in 7 years ... and says he was "hurt" to learn Whitney had been using again in her final days ... saying, "I know she was struggling with it still."

Brown concluded, "I can honestly say I love that woman with everything I am ... I believe she loved me the same way." 


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Trader Joe's Fan    

of course not, whitney's the one who got herself into drugs
and the one to blame for her own addiction.

each person needs to take responsiblity for his/her own actions.

904 days ago


What IDIOT did you have write this?
"Clearly, Brown doesn't consider marijuana to be a narcotic ... even though the U.S. Govt does."
100% WRONG! Marijuana is on the list of "Class 1" drugs due to fear - but even the government knows that marijuana is NOT a "narcotic" (and therefore doesn't belong on the Class 1 list - there's a fight over this).

904 days ago


Yes blame everything on her knowing the poor woman cannot defend herself. She might had been doing drugs before she met him but when she got with him she got even worst and he helped ruin her whole career and image. He made her feel like crap and he was very jealous of her fame and fortune so she would do anything for him to make him feel better about himself. He also used to beat her up in front of their daughter and spit in her face. He can try and act like he's innocent all he likes but he's far from it. Obviously its not actually his fault that shes dead as he didn't force her to do drugs but he has some responsibility. If he wasn't on drugs when he met her as a boyfriend/husband he should of helped her instead of joining in with her. He is not only the one though all those hangers on like Ray J, that Pat and her brother also helped destroy that woman. Don't get me wrong she was a big adult not a child and she should of known better but she was a recovering addict and needed help from a real friend or family to help her stay away from the drugs and dealers but none of the people around her were doing anything instead getting drugs for her. Pat was seen partying with her the last time she was pictured alive and I think she has a lot to do with the death of Whitney. Wasn't she in charge of Whitney's money??? I find that woman very creepy.

904 days ago


Denial is a river in Egypt......pot is classified as a narcotic, but Coke , Pepsi, artificial colors, irradiated foods, GMO, alcohol, tobacco that is laced with chemicals aren't?
TMZ, you live off of Bud........and the things people the legislation and taxation.

904 days ago


He's lying.

904 days ago


Why don't they ask him some REAL questions, not the SAME crap over and over? Whitney had admitted that Bobby did NOT introduce her to drugs. Her brothers both had well-publicized problems w/drugs BEFORE she got together w/BB. She was no innocent, and she said so! They were toxic for one another. Everything he says are lies. Both he AND members of N.E. have said publicly that he had a drug problem BEFORE Whitney (during NE days and especially as a solo artist). He also was very into heroin, went to rehab for it. Did WH introduce him to that?!? Funny he never, EVER said these things when she was alive. He has NO life and even LESS of a career outside of being the "Ex-Mr-Whitney-Houston" and talking about her. No wonder BK wants ZERO to do w/the s***-bag!!!

904 days ago


Really disliking TMZ writers.

"Clearly, Brown doesn't consider marijuana to be a narcotic ... even though the U.S. Govt does. "

Use your common sense. Do you know what a narcotic is? You do? Great! Now, let's picture one together. Good. Now, let's picture marijuana together. Is marijuana what you just pictured when you thought of a narcotic? No? That's because it is not a narcotic.

Your lesson in common sense is complete.

904 days ago

Dr. Janet Harvin    

Actually, marijuana is not a narcotic. While considered illegal and a controlled substance in states where it's legal, it is technically considered an halucinogenic - although most doctors, like myself, disagree with that

904 days ago


She was an adult and made her own decision, case closed.

904 days ago

P B    

This guy is a real throw back, sets blacks back 200 years.

904 days ago


I feel bad for Bobby Brown. She had admitted to drug use pre-Bobby, and she died post-Bobby. He may have had some hand in what Whitney did while she was with him. He couldn't control what his ex-wife did. She made her choices. I loved Whitney Houston! Don't get me wrong. But every person is responsible for themselves. She had enough sobriety to sing & film that she could have gotten further help. An addict is an addict, famous or not.

904 days ago


the mans a punk the whole world knows what he did to her..hes just a money grubbing punk

904 days ago

Michael Forever    

I'm tired of people, blaming other people for their drug problems. JUST SAY NO!

904 days ago


Whitney Houston even in her prime back in the '80,s was no princess. Had some good hits. Kevin Costner who was also big at that time, wanted Houston for 'the bodyguard movie' Ok. Whitney Houston was a major pain in the ass just not spoken. Dolly Parton was asked and gave permission for Whitney Houston to sing her written song lyrics.

Well, even with variations on Dolly Parton's song. Whitney Houston nailed it. Houston used that as her signature song that was back in'92. Nothing since.

904 days ago


It has been said for years that Whitney was gettin high before she met Bobby. She just a found a roll dog when she met him. He was trying to protect her by not saying it sooner. But come on not a surprise, Whitney is the only one to blame here. Think about it.... Who is not alive anymore???

904 days ago
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