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Vanessa Williams

RIPPED By 'Tiaras' Mom

Over Abortion

5/2/2012 4:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones ... especially when that house is an abortion clinic ... so says a "Toddlers & Tiaras" mom who's PISSED Vanessa Williams went off about pageant parents in a recent interview.

FYI -- Williams recently appeared on "Anderson" and when asked about the child pageant world said, "When the child is screaming and saying, ‘I don’t want to do this. I don’t feel like doing it.’ When they are using special juice to get them hyped ... that’s not my world and I would never have my kids do that.”

The comments didn't fly with "Tiaras" star  Wendy Dickey -- aka Paisley's mom -- who says she was personally offended ... and lashed back:

"Posing nude and having an abortion is 'not my world' and I would never have my kids do that ... so easy on the judging Vanessa!"

Dickey is clearly referring to the revelations Williams makes in her new book -- in which she admits she got an abortion in high school ... and explains how she appeared in Penthouse.

We reached out to Williams ... but so far, no response.


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Fat Mike    


872 days ago


The pageants are horrid. But, Vanessa had some of the nastiest, raunchy pictures ever taken. Her and another girl black and white pictures which were not 'posed' they were raw aggressive pictures. She was old enough to know better, that was who she was. She should keep her mouth shut.

872 days ago


CLEARLY this "MOTHER" does not believe in womens rights.
Sad, because she has a little girl.
I guess this mean we will see her and her daughter in 10 yrs on "Teen Mom"
Vanessa, you are a rock star!

872 days ago


Really?! Obviously this Dickey woman is loving the attention.If she's willing to force her child to dress like a 27 yr old,and do all those pageants she does not have a life of her own.Except as dictator to her daughter! However Vanessa Williams admits her mistakes (which did not include forcing a poor young child into acts that are better left til she's old enough to decide for herself).And I sincerely doubt Ms.Williams would lower herself to respond to that woman.

872 days ago


Well just keep pimpin Big Momma, you should hope she turns out like Vannessa!

872 days ago


Pageant Mom's logic is skewed. Yes, Vanessa did those things and took responsibility for them, she didn't make her kids do those things. Pageant moms are freaky and how can a kid not be screwed up having to do that crap.

872 days ago


TO WENDY DICKEY: Look, you miserable freak -- I am sick to death of you bad mothers defending your actions and criticizing others for calling you on your despicable behavior! You should be thrown in jail for child abuse! Keep your sick, twisted mouth shut!

872 days ago


Abortion is not a choice for the child who is killed.

872 days ago

R. Cortez    

Any parent who makes a kid that small do their weirdo bidding should be tar and feathered. Weirdo pageant parent's opinions are not opinions I should be aware of either. Can't these freaks be screened out ?

872 days ago


hey sunny what about the baby's rights!!! moron

872 days ago


oopppsss vanessa, it is easy to put your paw in your mouth, you really messed this one up, the lady has a point... better to kill a baby than use it as a real barbie doll... I will chose the second option.

872 days ago


I have way more respect for Vanessa Williams than I do for Wendy Dickey. The pageant circuit isn't my world either and spending thousands of dollars on your child's pageant career seems insane. I refuse to watch the child exploitation train wreck of a show that is Toddlers and Tiaras. How about instead of blowing all this cash on travel, costumes, fake hair, teeth and tans, why don't these parents invest this money into college funds? I am pretty sure most of these girls would much rather have a normal childhood instead of being paraded around like a show dog and dragged from one pageant to the other every weekend. My daughter is 2 1/2 and we were approached by pageant people in a restaurant. I politely declined, yet they left a business card on the table in case I changed my mind.(I didn't) The moms who put their kids in the pageants do it for themselves and to fill some need, not for the kids. It's sad and sick.

872 days ago


Hey, Wendy DICKey

The choices were Vanessa's and she made them. Your daughter doesn't have a choice. You force her into performing for the public. Your daughter doesn't have a choice. You are abusing your child, plain and simple, but that's your choice right?

872 days ago


To Hummmmmm.
I guess my first question is are you a man or a woman? Just curious:)
Anyway, embryos do not have rights.
It is the right of the woman to decide what is best.
If you feel sooooo strongly about abortion or whatever.
Why don't YOU provide some money or time counseling women OR
go to schools and speak to young people about safe sex.
Oh that’s right! Your dumb ass does not believe in premarital sex. So the vicious cycle continues because of people like you!
BTW: are you barren?

872 days ago


Isn't Paisley the one the mother dresses like a hooker?

872 days ago
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