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Vanessa Williams

RIPPED By 'Tiaras' Mom

Over Abortion

5/2/2012 4:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones ... especially when that house is an abortion clinic ... so says a "Toddlers & Tiaras" mom who's PISSED Vanessa Williams went off about pageant parents in a recent interview.

FYI -- Williams recently appeared on "Anderson" and when asked about the child pageant world said, "When the child is screaming and saying, ‘I don’t want to do this. I don’t feel like doing it.’ When they are using special juice to get them hyped ... that’s not my world and I would never have my kids do that.”

The comments didn't fly with "Tiaras" star  Wendy Dickey -- aka Paisley's mom -- who says she was personally offended ... and lashed back:

"Posing nude and having an abortion is 'not my world' and I would never have my kids do that ... so easy on the judging Vanessa!"

Dickey is clearly referring to the revelations Williams makes in her new book -- in which she admits she got an abortion in high school ... and explains how she appeared in Penthouse.

We reached out to Williams ... but so far, no response.


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Vanessa is referring to what these moms make their children do and Wendy takes aim at Vanessa's choices? Vanessa was making self decisions and Wendy is forcing her own onto her child. Stop making money off your daughter Wendy and get a real job.

902 days ago


Nothing more disgusting than "Toddlers and Tiaras." Fat, retarded trailer-trash mothers living vicariously through their exploited children!

902 days ago


yep, when you can't justify your stupid choices, by all means, throw stones at someone else. vapid, ignorant mother.

902 days ago


Ms Dickey (ha ha soo apropo) is delusional! She has her own small daughter prancing around dressed like prostitutes from movies and has the nerve to tell Vannessa not to judge. Lest she forget, Vanessa is QUITE familiar with what goes on at pageants. BTW Wendy.... you won't have any say if your daughter poses nude or has an abortion since your daughter will be over 18 if/when that ever occurs!

902 days ago


Wendy should have opted for the abortion. Horrible mother!!!

902 days ago


This woman is delusional to even compare Vanessa's life choices to what she is doing to her child. But karma will come around and bite her in the butt because in years to come her daughter will probably be a slut who uses her body just as her mother taught her to. Sad to say, but true...

901 days ago


Wendy Dickey needs to "LIGHTEN UP"!!! Anderson Cooper simply asked Vanessa Williams for her opinion because she's had ample experience in the realm of beauty pageants. Ms. Williams clearly implied that if her child wasn't "naturally" inclined to participate, she wouldn't force her into it. She admits she's made mistakes like "ALL OF US" but at least they were 'HER CHOICES"!!! These little girls "AREN'T OLD ENOUGH" to make their own choices and "SUCKING THE LIFE OUT OF THEM" by turning them into miniature "divas" is robbing them of their INNOCENCE.

901 days ago


These stage mothers are all delusional about who they're serving with these ambitions-THEMSELVES!!!I've never posed nude and never had an abortion...and I wouldn't abuse my child to stroke my own ego this way, either.

901 days ago


This Pagent Mom is a child abuser. She is taking her daughter childhood away, something never to be returned. I have only watched parts of a marathon of the show and was furious at the way some of the Mothers treat their children, and the attitudes of some of the children are scary to think that one day they will be teenagers and adults with that attitude, perhaps then the Mothers will see the error of their choices.

901 days ago

Liz Puente    

Although I am personally not for abortion, I think everyone has a right to make their own decisions regarding their body and life. That being said, Vanessa has said the reason she became so sexually active was because she was raped when she was younger. At 20-30 she obviously made the best decision for herself based on her mind state at the time. You can't knock her for that but Dickey is living her dream life through her daughter and making her grow up valuing only money and looks. Shame on her.

901 days ago


Wendy Dickey and the rest of those nutcase pagaent moms can take a long walk off a short plank. Personally, I find dressing a toddler up like a seductive adult is offensive and borderline abusive. That worked out really well for Jon Benet.

901 days ago


Pimping juicing stage moms living vicariously through their children vs. Blundering Teenager/adult posing nude?

Hmmmmm! Which is the greater evil.

901 days ago


WTF Vanessa didn't say a specific childs name....maybe .this lady feels a little guilty for what she has/makes/wants her child to do I'm just sayin.......

901 days ago


Vanessa has always been honest about her choices and life...more than most people can say about themselves.

901 days ago


These pageant moms are dumber than I intentionally thought. How the hell do you allow your kids to get an abortion or pose nude? Considering how crazy these bitches are, I wouldn't put it pass them to force their children to pose nude if they thought it would advance their careers. In case this dumb ass didn't notice, Vanessa consented to having an abortion and posing nude. Most times those kids are dragged kicking and screaming on stage b/c their crazy mothers are trying to live vicariously through them. They don't make the decision for themselves, their mothers make it.

901 days ago
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