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Demi Lovato

Front-runner for X Factor Judge

But No Offer ... Yet

5/2/2012 10:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Demi Lovato is the front-runner for the 4th seat on the "X Factor" judge's panel, but she hasn't gotten an offer yet ... sources connected with Fox Network tell TMZ.

We broke the story, producers are close to sealing a deal with Britney Spears to fill one of the 2 vacant chairs, but that deal is still in negotiations -- it is NOT closed. We're told both sides expect to reach an agreement and if they do Britney will end up with $15 mil for the season.

Lovato certainly has a fiery personality -- as we reported, she once socked a female back-up dancer in the face during the Jonas Brothers tour.

The other people in contention for the 4th seat are Miley Cyrus, Avril Lavigne, LeAnn Rimes and Fergie. But there have been NO offers made to fill that seat.


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And have a look at her performance on the Ellen show of skyscraper , if she's a bad singer after that you're just a hater or you have no ears.

873 days ago


Demi Lovato is talented. I am watching TMZ LIVE and it pisses me off cause they are saying that Demi isn't qualified. Honestly she is 19 but she has been through so much. She is an inspiration to girls across the world. She has an amazing voice and knows how to present herself. Demi is a beautiful person and she is more than worthy to be an X-Factor judge.

873 days ago



873 days ago


This will be my last comment.The only thing I agree with people on is that she's inexperienced which she's but people saying she's a bad singer are you taking the piss and she writes/co-writes most of her songs and her songs are actually meaningful such as skyscraper,for the love of a daughter,Believe in me,Fix a heart,Don't forget etc.I really don't know how people can call her a bad singer and to people saying she uses autotune no she doesn't haha and everyone seems to want fergie but she clearly uses autotune but she's a good singer none the less and people like drake , Christ brown , Jason derulo have used it and I highly doubt ye all think they're bad artists.I just think people need to actually listen to her songs before you judge her or her music.

873 days ago


Well, there's the confirmation that I won't be watching. They won't even be able to say 'She's had an impressive career' when people point out that 'She can't sing'.

872 days ago


why is everybody saying Demi has no talent? You're obviously deaf if you say she can't sing. And also maybe Simon whats Miley or Demi to bring in a younger audience. They both have a lot of fans.

872 days ago


this is so frustrating...i can list a handful of people who will be 100x better than this weak a$$ list...

Nelly Furtado
Toni Braxton
Mariah Carey
Keri Hilson
Jennifer Hudson
Carrie Underwood
Joss Stone
Alicia Keys
Corinne Bailey Rae

872 days ago


i can still keep going...
1 of the 5 spice girls
freakin Amy Winehouse from the grave
i mean, come on people!!!

872 days ago


Simon cant fk this up fast enough part two can he? Unreal

Season one was fecal material from the word go. They clean out the problems and get two new fecal females. Good job...

872 days ago


...and im getting tired of the arrogant pos Simon eating at ALL times during Britains Got Talent. Its a horses a$$ rude thing to do. He eats constantly or is preparing his food right in the middle of the show. Have some gd dm respect you muppet

872 days ago


I bet half of you dumb****s hating on Demi hasn't even heard her sing live. I agree, Britney is talentless, but Demi has a PHENOMENAL voice, & if you don't agree than you're ****ing retarded.

872 days ago


I Love Britney & Demi! I would for sure tune in, Brit has the longetivity and experience it takes to be in the business go through enduring times and prevail. She has the insight on the business and can empathize with the contestants. Demi has been through a lot and knows the business/ pressure of Hollywood and the current situation of what the contestants can suspect once they succeed, her advice during and after the contest will be much needed and relatable, plus her age she can relate with contestants in a different level. Overall they are gorgeous and it would be fun/interesting to watch, they both won't play it safe.

872 days ago


People are retarded if they think someone can be successful in this industry for over a decade and have no talent. She's living the dream of doing something she loves and getting paid millions for it. Case in point getting $15 million for listening to people sing, she must have some sort of talent to even be considered. After everything shes been through she's succeeding and that in itself says it all.

872 days ago


God miley is ugly

872 days ago


Can Simon Cowell sing?? No. Its not like the judges will be performing with the contestants, they are there for advice and to nurture. Thats what the xfactor is about, grooming the contestant to show them at their best.

872 days ago
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