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Ashton Kutcher

Popchips Ad PULLED

Over Brown-Face

5/3/2012 7:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Ashton Kutcher's new commercial for Popchips has officially been PULLED amidst allegations of racism ... after the actor donned brownface makeup to play a goofy Bollywood producer.

The ad -- which debuted on the Popchips website -- featured Ashton playing a variety of characters in a spoof "dating" commercial ... including a biker, a hippie, and an Indian guy named Raj.

The ad pissed off a whole bunch of people -- including blogger Anil Dash ... who called the ad, "a hackneyed, unfunny advertisement featuring Kutcher in brownface talking about his romantic options, with the entire punchline being that he's doing it in a fake-Indian outfit and voice."

Dash explained on his blog, "I think the people behind this Popchips ad are not racist. I think they just made a racist ad."

In the wake of the backlash, Popchips took down the ad ... and Popchips CEO Keith Belling issued a statement saying, "We did not intend to offend anyone. I take full responsibility and apologize to anyone we offended."


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not racist. period.

868 days ago

Joan K    

This drives me crazy, just something for the racists to complain about. The only ones who are racists are the ones who think this is not right, it is a joke, get over it already, children. I do wish This guy would go away though, can't stand him.

868 days ago

mike hunt    

What the hell is wrong with the world. Since when is it racist to be funny? The world is becoming too politically correct. Those who complain about this type of thing should go back to india and complain about how the poor people are treated over there. Now that's something to actually bitch about.

868 days ago


"I think the people behind this Popchips ad are not racist. I think they just made a racist ad."

Well said.

The bits of the ad where Ashton's in brown face are racist. Same old, tired, stereotype made even worse with Ashton's sh*tty delivery.

868 days ago


Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't Ashton a Caucasian, just like the Indian he played in the commercial? The same race. So then he is mocking his own race. How is it racist?

868 days ago


If this bothers people, does anyone cringe when Apu shows up on the Simpsons? No. I'm so sick of political correctness.

868 days ago

Ester Goldberg    

its sad they have to Apologize...for comedy..Lets send em all a DVD of BLAZING SADDLES...and tell em to chills ( one of my fave movies of all time)

868 days ago


Good lord. Seriously?? GET OVER IT PEOPLE!!!! I think next time I see a commercial or something on TV with a white blond girl I'm going to throw a fit that they're making fun of me.

868 days ago


I will only buy Pop chips if they only put the ad back on!

868 days ago


Anil Dash's comedy pal...get a grip!

868 days ago


Racist? Not at all. Stupid un-funny bit? Absolutely. Kushton is the male Kardashian. Talentless and making a ton of $$ off of it. Oh yeah, 2 1/2 has been completely ruined. How can CBS claim it's the #1 comedy on TV. I don't know one person who watches that crap anymore.

868 days ago


I think the politically correct crowd and the overly sensitive crowd need to get together on an isolated island and stay there. Everything is censored and creativity is dampened because of some whiney bitches.

868 days ago


The irony is that in India, serious racism or more precisely ethnicism is rampant and not really against those with a light tan like this character. Just google Untouchables and India... Another irony, of course, is that the character and the actor are just slightly different shades of Caucasian. There are Indians with very black skin who are quite definitely Caucasian. Race is really a sociological/ political idea, though, not too useful in anthropology or in identifying people. It matters only when there is desire to keep people separate. For instance, my people (Irish) were referred to as the Irish race when the non-Irish in the USA didn't want to hire them or have their daughters marry them. A mayor of Boston back in the early 19th Century said we would always be intellectually and socially inferior.

868 days ago


Oh come on, I actually thought the ad was kind of funny. I'm a big red faced Scotsman and if they had included a big red faced Scotsman I would have thought it even funnier.

868 days ago


Oversensitive people! I see nothing wrong with it.

868 days ago
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