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Kevin Federline Sued

You Destroyed My

Mansion, DEADBEAT!!!

5/3/2012 2:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kevin Federline is an inconsiderate homewrecker ... so says his former landlord ... who claims K-Fed trashed his L.A. mansion ... and then screwed him out of rent money.

Federleezy is being sued by Joseph Malek ... who claims Britney's ex moved in to his mansion in Tarzana, CA back in 2008 ... wrecked the place ... and then bolted without forking over a check for 7 months of rent.

Malek had threatened Federline with legal action back in 2009 ... claiming KFed turned the sprawling Valley property into a cigarette-riddled, spit-stained dump ... complete with broken smoke detectors and glass bottles littered all over the yard.

Malek had previously claimed KFed caused more than $110k in damage -- and now he wants a judge to force the former rapper to pay up.

Attempts to reach KFed were unsuccessful.



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umm i dont get it.. He rented the house.. upkeep is not his responsibility.. granted cig butts in the drains and letting birds nests and rubbage and debris build up could have been cleaned by him but um.. he's renting... honey badger dont give a WHAT!

909 days ago


Kelly said: "I agree. It hardly looks like wholesale trashing of the place."
Yeah looks more like some shoddy work done in laying the tiles and cheap materials, probably going to bring the landlord more legal costs than reward.

909 days ago


you can give white trash money but they are still white trash!

909 days ago


this MUST be a joke. kfat bailing on obligations?! i don't believe it. not for one second. O_O

909 days ago


Has KFed ever done a days work of honest labor? If ones only merit is being a fat sperm donor without a job, then there isn't much shock he didn't show any respect or responsibility for the property of another.

909 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

Isn't this really old news?

909 days ago


You gotta be kidding? 110k in damages? As an insurance adjuster, a lot of those photos show normal wear and tear, Yes, lots of cigarette butts that can simply be picked up. I'd say the damages are closer to $2k. Give me a break! There's a landlord whore looking to get 5 min of some fame if he/she can.

909 days ago


Most of this is a result of normal wear and tear, construction issues, and poor products that the HOMEOWNER is suppose to repair. He should have informed the landlord of the damages and maybe he did for all we know. The only real "damages" I see is a bunch of butts and some of their belongings. Hiring a cleaner doesn't cost that much.

909 days ago


Okay, he skipped out on rent, that's enough there. He left a f-ton of pigstye to clean up. Damages? Hardly. It's called WEAR AND TEAR, GENERAL MAINTENANCE. So dummy didn't call when stuff broke in the first place, and now you have to repair it all at once.

909 days ago


this guy is just trying to get rich for nothing, yes he left a mess but almost all of the "fix up" issues r very minor including the paint off the kids jungle gym and cabinets that have years worth of wear on them. and he is also being blamed for a freakin birds nest on the go to home depot for glass and ****ing and wood and i bet those issues dont cost more then $1000 at most (depending on price of "expensive vase" that is left outside all the time...come on judge is gonna laugh this ass out of the courtroom, 110k hes out of his mind. cigarettes and stains can easily be cleaned witha broom and tile stain remover at hardware store, another example of peoepl cheating system and trying to get something for nothing, ASS! and yes Kevin was a slob for leaving some stuff like that but the stove havin a drip underneath the top happens and not picking up clothes happens! and i have the SAME fire/smoke detectors and got them for 29.99 at walmart!!! I hope judge reems him for taking up court time. as for backrent if the landlord was acting like this now who knows what he was like before and why he left. but he should pay what he owes. Always be a man and take care of ur obligations!

909 days ago


All I saw were a bunch of cigerette butts, some stuff left in the garage, and some normal wear and tear! I would'nt leave cig butts all over my yard, but who knows. The home owner just needs to get it cleaned up and just take him to court on the 7 months he didn't pay rent. Personally I think K Fed needs to get off his lazy a#* and get a job and stop living off Britney!

909 days ago


OMG! What did he do have non stop parties year around?! Geez Kfed you could have cleaned up your big ass mess!

908 days ago


are you serious? hello? t.v. show hoarders. this is nothing. please. smh.

908 days ago


Does this really surprise anyone?

907 days ago
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