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Lindsay Lohan

Cops Will Send Hit-and-Run

Investigation To D.A.

5/3/2012 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
is about to go back to familiar territory -- the L.A. County D.A. -- because we've learned cops are sending the case involving an alleged hit-and-run by the actress to prosecutors.

The manager of the Hookah Lounge on Hollywood Boulevard claims Lindsay was leaving a nearby club March 14 when her car struck him ... and he claims she took off without leaving any info.  Lindsay says the guy is making it all up and her car never came near the guy.

The manager's story is hinky to say the least ... lots of holes.  Nevertheless, we're told the LAPD has completed its investigation and will send the file to the D.A. for review.

Sources close to the investigation tell us, after looking at videos and conducting interviews, there isn't enough evidence to prove a crime, but the D.A. will have the final say.

Based on what we know ... no way will Lindsay be prosecuted ... for this one at least.


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Joan K    

Who cares anymore? This idiot gets away with anything she pulls but maybe someday it will catch up with her ugly butt and she will get what she derserves.

850 days ago


I wanna know when PITBULL is gonna bite her in the a.s.s.!

850 days ago



Born – July 2, 1986
New York, New York, U.S.

Actress, singer, train wreck, hopefully actress again.

Starred in remakes of "The Parent Trap" and "Freaky Friday," went on to make "Mean Girls," then went on to make a lot of mistakes, but very few actual movies.

Was friends with Paris Hilton, stopped being friends with Paris Hilton, was called a "fire crotch" by Paris Hilton’s BFF Brandon Davis.

Dated DJ Sam Ronson in 2008 and 2009. And by "dated," we mean they were just good friends who hung out and went shopping and in no way engaged in hot hot girl-on-girl action, possibly with tickling and pillow fighting.

Has had one or two little personal problems, which include the following (deep breath):

Crashed her car, went to rehab, got arrested for driving under the influence, went back to rehab, got arrested for driving under the influence again, went back to rehab, went to jail for five hours, served house arrest, got into a fight with a worker at the Betty Ford Clinic, stole a necklace (allegedly), failed a drug test, wore an alcohol monitoring ankle bracelet, appeared in court nine times in 10 months, and worked at the L.A. County morgue. Oh and posed nude for Playboy. We can't forget that.

Seems to be OK now, but that could change by the time you're done reading this sentence.

Fun fact: Has a twin sister that no one ever heard from again after "The Parent Trap" was released.

850 days ago


What bar fight Wednesday Nite ? Do tell us more I missed that one..are there Photos dare I hope...?

850 days ago


Lindsay Lohan takes part in a sponsored 'wear all your clothes' day in New York

The good news is, she raised a lot of money, with the addition of sunglasses helping her out. Ok ok, this isn't true

The previous record holder didn't add a scarf, that's where they went wrong

We've got to be honest, we don't know what the weather's like in New York at the moment. But come on, it's May - how cold can it be? (*Ignores what's going on outside*)

So it seems a tad over the top for Lindsay Lohan to be wearing this massive scarf/ coat/ long unidentifiable item here as she goes out fora walk in New York.

She could have got some socks on and raised more cash
... though the sunglasses in the dark was inspired

Also strange: the fact that she's wearing sunglasses with it too, despite the fact it's actually dark. Oh bless her, she seems awfully confused, poor love.

Lindsay is in New York following her trip to Washington for her dinner at the White House.

This holiday can't last too much longer though, as Linds is headed back to work soon - she's signed up to play Liz Taylor in a TV biopic called Liz and Dick (don't s******).

Strangely - as she believes herself to be very similar to her, you can read about that here - the role didn't go to Katie Price.

850 days ago


Good night peeps, had alot of laughs..gotta work later today..;-)

850 days ago


Oh Damn , Nikki is that all , shoot I was hoping to have something to play with this morning...LOL
The way they are dragging their feet on anythin Lohan I imagine it will be another couple of weeks for the assualt thing to come up ..and I imagine TMZ has seen setting on this one all week so they will have something to ride though the weekend and keep their weekend hits up...thats their pattern anyway. Unless something big bounces it out of the way ....and I suspect Eric aka blondie boy wrote this one...sound just like him anyway but I could be wrong...Mikey been a little critial lately so I think he is seeing the real Lindsay lately....
Thats why she didn't go back to LA ...Shawn told her to stay away right now...while she does her backroom "talking" with the DA....Hope the DA is finely just feed up with all the "talking" and tell her to jump in the ocean and goes after Lindsay...cause they have been made to look like bumbling fools and idiots when it comes to her...and I for one would if given a opportunity go after her will all guns blazing but hey I'm just a little ole lady who sleeps with a machete blade under my mattress edge.....LOL

850 days ago


I have tried three times to post. This will be the last time.

850 days ago


Just got back into town and saw this new format. I DON't LIKE IT.

850 days ago


FROM CELEB!TCHY, see pictures too

Vikram Chatwal

During last fall’s New York Fashion Week, Lindsay Lohan was in typical crackie form. She was making her way into whatever Fashion Week party would have her, and once inside, she was causing crack drama by throwing tantrums and ****tails, etc. It was also during NYFW that Lindsay spent a lot of time with her on-again-off-again married lover/john Vikram Chatwal, a New York hotelier. According to reports, Vikram’s wife was not happy at all with the crack drama, and the wife wanted Lindsay out of her estranged husband’s life (LL threw a crack-tantrum about that too). But Vikram seemed to continue “spoiling” the Cracken – and there are even photos to suggest that LL and Vikram are coke-buddies. Anyway, I really thought Vikram and Chatwal were done, but here are some new photos of them out and about in NYC yesterday. I almost feel sorry for this guy… except I don’t. I pretty much think he’s paying for her services in blow (and Chanel, judging from the bags).

Speaking of cocaine, it was widely reported that LL spent most of the White House Correspondents Dinner going in and out of the bathroom. To “smoke” obviously? Or to do lines. And then Us Weekly had this story in their print edition:

A source tells Us Weekly’s Hot Stuff that Lindsay Lohan was six hours late to shoot her guest appearance on Glee April 25 – and “this was after a crew member went to the Chateau Marmont to get her.” Another source says Lohan retreated to her trailer “every five seconds.” While a Glee rep denies the allegations, the second insider adds, “She was meant to shoot for five days, but they changed the script so they were done with her in two!”

[From Us Weekly, print edition]

Subtext: LL is still a twitchy cokehead.

And if that’s not all… Lindsay may be back with Samantha Ronson. I KNOW. All of that stalking paid off, y’all. X17’s source says Lindsay and Sam were together on Tuesday night at a club (because Lindsay is such a homebody) and “Lindsay and Sam were whispering and laughing and they left the club holding hands. They didn’t care who saw them, and they definitely seem to be back on. It was just like the old days — they couldn’t get enough of each other!”Poor Sam.

Last Lindsay story and then I’m done – TMZ reports that Lindsay’s hit-and-run outside the Hookah Lounge is now in the DA’s hands. The cops referred the case – where an Iraq War vet was run over by a liquor-soaked Cracken – to the district attorney’s office, and they’ll decide whether or not to proceed. TMZ says it probably won’t happen, though, because of the lack of evidence. Although… Radar has been claiming that the security video is pretty interesting. We’ll see.

850 days ago


The D.A. doesn't need a smoking gun (video of the hit and run) to prosecute LiLo. It's already a proven historical fact that she's a lying criminal. For chrissakes, she was caught ON CAMERA down the street from the parking garage switching out of the driver's seat.

Please...based on "what we know" which has already been posted on this website, you don't know anything, just hearsay.

850 days ago


I love this "Hurry Up and Wait" thing my general has practiced for the last 45 years....people complian about woman but let me tell you this man will put them to shame....but You better be ready to go when he's finely ready or he throws a fit....LOL..just like he was still in the Army...
So I have been rady for a hour now and he has had to eat breakfast....and take his morning walk..walks a 3 to 5 miles every day...rain or shine and is grumpy as hell if he doesn't get to walk...and now he is trowing on just any old thing it has to be fresh and pressed....GEEZ ! So I have a good 1/2 hour more to kill...LOL..
If it looks like she about to be arrested then She will suddenly find a job Overseas...say in Milan .......LOL
a new modeling job that never gets our Gay German's jobs..One over photoshopped group of photos and thats all.....Oh well time to form up and get ready to go...later enjoy yourself...
Oh and RW before you jump on it as just getting my check sorry sweetie but I shop at WalMart every Thursday...its the best time of the week to shop the least amount of people all Crowds and plenty of parking places close in to the store.....LOL

850 days ago


Nikki, you are on fire today!

850 days ago


How in the HELL do we change our avi pic NOW? I want my Lindsay piggy in red boots back. TMZ, your new site sucks. I leave for five lousy days and you do THIS?????

850 days ago

Lindsay Lohan Fan Forever    

This is great news. So relieved

850 days ago
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