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Marcellus Wiley

I'm Worried About MY Brain

After Junior Seau's Suicide

5/3/2012 2:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Junior Seau's apparent suicide has former teammate Marcellus Wiley seriously concerned about the long term effects of his days as a hard hitting NFL defensive end.

Today at LAX, Marcellus told us he's spoken to several players since Junior's death yesterday -- and admits "there is a concern about the concussions we had."

As we reported, Junior's sudden death by a gunshot to the chest ... is the latest in a string of ex-NFL player suicides that might be linked to brain-related injuries during their football careers.

Marcellus told us, "I'm 5 years removed from retirement and who knows what effects it had on me psychologically, emotionally, biologically." Watch the clip ... he also reveals concerns about certain drugs he says players took just to stay on the field.

Wiley, who played 10 seasons of NFL ball, added ... "We all love the game, we have no regrets. You just want to make sure you know your course ahead."

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Well getting hit in the head is no excuse for killing yourself,but if you were a sport star who made millions and you blow that off and have nothing left,thats your fault.
Plus using steriods while being the NFL didnt help either of your guys brains.

911 days ago


This is what happens when TMZ tries to do sports...

Marcellus Wiley was a tight end, not a defensive end.

911 days ago


I don't really see it as a correlation between head injury and suicide. The correlation I see is that once these guys are out of pro football in their 30's they have nothing that can ever compare to that type of career and feeling of purpose, which could lead to depression and eventually suicide. In my opinion.

911 days ago


It's all about getting help transitioning back to normal Society - forget this brain thing - what "I took some shots, now I want to blow my brains out?" - c'mon.

911 days ago


he's got nothing to worry about because he wasn't even that good in the NFL.

911 days ago


When they offered u millions of $ you were not concerned? Don't 99.9% of NFL players graduate from college? You would have to be a moron if you did not think there was a good chance that smashing your head into others could hurt you. I figured that out in HS and went into another profession.

911 days ago


Not to be critical, but you might want to rewrite "sudden death by gunshot to the chest". Maybe, untimely death or unexpected. But the action pretty much guaranteed "sudden".

911 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Solution: Downgrade the NFL to touch football better yet, make it flag football. All these mofos making too much money and complaining it hurts.

911 days ago

Flying Blind    

what they should do is get a big contract and bank a couple years for a few million. Give up the rest and go live on an Island the rest of their lives.

no ten million house, no $350,000 dollar cars. Just drinks with umbrellas and models.

911 days ago


Wiley's face is all over the news about Jr., yet he only played with him for one year. Would rather hear from people who really knew Jr.

911 days ago


Boo Hoo - Policemen, firemen, worry about their lives daily by the minute. Unfortunately, they do not get millions to do it. Tell Mr. Cry Baby if he is so worried, quit the game and get a real job. Also don't blame football for the stupidity, most were stupid long before the game.

911 days ago


your brain was dead prior to foodball. got to be brain dead to want to play anything that violent.

911 days ago


I've already written this same comment in a reply to a stupid idiotic statement from another poster.... BUT i'm gonna say it again.
The bulk of the head injuries to these football players are to the frontal lobes of the brain... right behind the forehead. The frontal lobes are the parts of the brain that control your total emotion, motor function, problem solving, spontaneity, memory, impulse control, social behavior, judgement, empathy, and a whole slew of other things that make up who you are. Repetitive injuries to these areas can TOTALLY change who a person is and can change a persons personality drastically . I get so sick of dumb as*es!

911 days ago


i have listened to him on espn local radio and he is just not that bright

911 days ago


All theese lawsuits against the NFL are so BS theese players knew they were signing up to play an extremely violent game. To say it is the NFL fault is absolutly ridccouls. If the sport is that unsafe than maybe the sport should just be banned all together. The players never complain when they recieve thier very large paycheck they never complain when they are drafted they only complain when there playing days are over. This lawsuit reminds me of the Basketball wives lawsuit if you belive that the players should win there lawsuit than you believe that the woman from basketball wives should also win.

911 days ago
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