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Michael Jackson Estate


Deal with the Devil?

5/3/2012 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Michael Jackson's Estate has just made a huge deal with Pepsi -- the company whose 1984 commercial arguably ruined his life, and some say it's a deal with the devil.

You'll recall, MJ's hair famously caught fire during a pyrotechnic mishap while filming the commercial -- causing severe burns on his scalp that led MJ to become a hardcore prescription drug addict ... and that addiction eventually led him to Dr. Conrad Murray.

The MJ Estate feels Pepsi is the right company to join forces with for a couple of reasons.  First, Michael himself worked with Pepsi twice after the incident, once in 1988 and again in 1991, so the singer obviously didn't hold a grudge. And a spokesperson for the estate tells us, "We're here to market the re-release of the 'Bad' album and Pepsi is the most effective place to do it."

But lots of people blame the Pepsi shoot for putting MJ on a drug-fueled path of self-destruction -- including one of the singer's former managers Frank Cascio, who said MJ was introduced to Demerol (a heroin-like opioid) following the accident ... to help deal with the pain.

The Jackson/Pepsi promotion will vary country-to-country -- but will include a TV commercial, special edition cans with Jackson's image, and chances to win downloadable remixes of Jackson's songs.


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900 days ago

southern girl    

People who have physical pain take pain medication, and when the pain is gone, they stop the pain medication.(Some) People with emotional trauma and pain take pain medications, and since the emotional pain and trauma doesn't go away, continue to take pain medication as they also bleach their skin, destroy their faces and become addicts!

900 days ago


This is definitely a "Tupac-Suge Knight" type deal and we all know what happened with that. But if we reboot on Friday, 12.21.2012, who truly cares???

900 days ago


Obviously, It's all about the money. It a way for the MJ estate to sit on their butts while racking in the cash.

900 days ago


It's all about the money, and it will make them money.

900 days ago


As usual, only the ignorant ones speak on TMZ about a drug addiction. TMZ is just as dumb for ignoring the following:
1. Experts in the Conrad Murray trial said he wasn’t an addict.
2. The needle marks came from resuscitation efforts.
3. He died as a result of what someone else gave him.
4. Healthy autopsy report with no signs of drug abuse.
Michael was no hardcore drug addict. Only a fool believes otherwise.

900 days ago

Silverado Mom    

It's not a deal with the devil. It's business. It makes money. The estate needs money. And besides, you could get even more ridiculous by saying it's his fault for wearing a hair product that's flammable. Let's quit overreacting to things. And why does TMZ have "like" and "hate". How about "like" and "dislike"? Hate is a pretty strong, harsh, excessive word. I think "agree" or "disagree" is more appropriate.

900 days ago


From ManiacalZebra: "Are you old enough to remember the whole "New Coke" fiasco when Coke changed its formula to taste like Pepsi?"
Yep, was in 8th or 9th grade when they offered New Coke, did taste lighter like Pepsi, they probably tried to take the market too, didn't work out but we got Cherry Coke out of it....

900 days ago

What I Think    

What is Pepsi thinking??? What is the point in trying to sell someone a cola when the image of MJ on the can is just going to make people barf?

900 days ago


I gotta say, it was funny as **** to watch him burn.. a nice little insight to his eternal resting place.. dude is burning as we speak for the **** he did to those little kids...

900 days ago


what's wrong with tmz, the accident with pepsi happened on 84, mj made another contract with pepsi again on 87 and 1991...this is just one more contract..mj himself made a contract with pepsi after this accident? why can't the estate make a deal too?
tmz are a bunch of ignorants

900 days ago

Jake Ryan    

Yeah, he had no responsibility at all in becoming a drug addict. He burned his head people! Of course he became a drug addict. I remember one time I fell down and scraped my knee. My mom gave me a bandaid and tylenol and now I do crack every 10 minutes. Because it's tylenol's fault. Oh wait, no, it's my mom's fault. Oh wait no, it's the sidewalks fault. Damn that concrete! Remember this is a "man" who thought it was perfectly normal (enabled? sure) to have someone stick a needle in his arm to go to sleep at night. And have someone pull it out to wake up. That was normal.

900 days ago


Well I think it was Bob Giraldi, the director, who told him to stand so close to the pyro so....

900 days ago


They are picking his bones clean. Why do they need to go into business w/Pepsi? This family is beyond greedy

900 days ago
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