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Michael Jackson Estate


Deal with the Devil?

5/3/2012 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Michael Jackson's Estate has just made a huge deal with Pepsi -- the company whose 1984 commercial arguably ruined his life, and some say it's a deal with the devil.

You'll recall, MJ's hair famously caught fire during a pyrotechnic mishap while filming the commercial -- causing severe burns on his scalp that led MJ to become a hardcore prescription drug addict ... and that addiction eventually led him to Dr. Conrad Murray.

The MJ Estate feels Pepsi is the right company to join forces with for a couple of reasons.  First, Michael himself worked with Pepsi twice after the incident, once in 1988 and again in 1991, so the singer obviously didn't hold a grudge. And a spokesperson for the estate tells us, "We're here to market the re-release of the 'Bad' album and Pepsi is the most effective place to do it."

But lots of people blame the Pepsi shoot for putting MJ on a drug-fueled path of self-destruction -- including one of the singer's former managers Frank Cascio, who said MJ was introduced to Demerol (a heroin-like opioid) following the accident ... to help deal with the pain.

The Jackson/Pepsi promotion will vary country-to-country -- but will include a TV commercial, special edition cans with Jackson's image, and chances to win downloadable remixes of Jackson's songs.


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No wonder MJ said some people are just ignorant

840 days ago

buzz kill    

Hey Pepsi got a light.

840 days ago

small asian penis    

People have no scruples anymore, the goal in America is to make money and consume as much crap as possible.

840 days ago


It is not Pepsi's fault Jacko was burned by the pyros, it was the company that did the pyros who is at fault. It is not like Jacko was crushed by cases of Pepsi that caused his pain. He was simply a junkie who liked pain meds. come on , he died 24 years after the accident. It is his doctors who were at fault for giving him scripts for stronger & stronger pain meds.

When one doc would not give him more pain meds he siimply switched docs and pharmacys.

Everyone know that coke and wine made the best "Jeasus juice"

840 days ago


"We want to thank fans for all their positive feedback on this morning’s announcement about the Pepsi deal. Michael did three successive deals with Pepsi, on the Victory Tour, the Bad Tour and the Dangerous Tour, so this extends a long and very successful relationship with the brand. Michael would have loved that we are making the record books with his image on a billion cans around the world. And the campaign will be a great kickoff to the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of BAD."

'The Estate Of Michael Jackson'

840 days ago


ok, so...............option 4 is I beLIEve and LOVE..........

maybe I can get a remix.............xx

840 days ago


So now we blame others for our drug addictions? For one he was not burned that bad and his down fall is his own doings...! GROW UP PEOPLE!!!

839 days ago




839 days ago


"STUPID "CLONE"!!!" is right HN.

Too stupid to know that there still is a "report button".

Only now it is labeled as "FLAG".

839 days ago


The only deal with the devil the estate would make is if they made a deal with TMZ. Seriously, taking a story so out of context it is really getting ridiculous on here. Anything for a good laugh these days. Harvey if you are the one that is approving these stories still, I would look for a new job.

If Michael had a problem with Pepsi after that burn incident he would not have used them again on the Bad and Dangerous Tours. The estate knows exactly what they are doing because this campaign is again going to get his music that is timeless out their to the next generations once again. And Pepsi knows exactly what they are doing also. Michael Jackson brand is still very hot even after 3 years that he has been gone. When you market Michael Jackson on a product, it is going to sell. No wonder all you have left commenting on here is a person or persons with a few nics that write **** or people like me that kick a laugh at the stupid crap they write.

Michael Jackson's music is timeless. He is often imitated but never duplicated.

839 days ago


The man behind the myth

839 days ago


And one more thing. Calling him a hard-core drug addict is just reaching. If he was, I guess the autopsy report and the Murray trial wasn't the same ones that everyone else read and watched. I didn't say he didn't use somewhat from time to time, but he wasn't a hard core drug addict either. Bad choice of words. As usual.

839 days ago


Went to see the Cirque du Soleil-Immortal World Tour last night! I will be impressed for many years! Over the top, and the contents were high quality!

839 days ago
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