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Homophobic Pastor

I DON'T Advocate Beating

Your Gay Child

5/3/2012 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Homophobic Pastor Sean Harris
The North Carolina pastor who ordered parents to BEAT the gay out of their children has retracted his violent, homophobic statements -- claiming his horrifying sermon was taken out of the "context of a ministry."

In case you haven't heard the sermon in question (above) -- which took place last Sunday at Berean Baptist Church in Fayetteville -- Pastor Sean Harris whipped himself into an anti-gay frenzy ... claiming parents should "crack" their sons' "limp" wrists if they act gay ... and then "punch" them.

But Harris called in to OutQ on Sirius XM yesterday to clarify his statements -- claiming, "Those were not the best choice of words. If I had to do it over again again I would not choose those words. I was using hyperbole in an effort to communicate the importance of the gender distinctions that God created."

Harris says his sermon was based on specific Bible passages which condemn homosexuality. But when asked about similar Bible passages that condone slavery -- Harris hedges ... insisting slavery is wrong.


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You think that's bad, imagine the hate that Obama's preacher for 20+ years spewed. Much worse than what this preacher said. Biblical teaching is right, no matter what is political correctness says. Satan is real folks, and he is having a blast in this fallen country.

840 days ago


Being homosexual is wrong! The same way that being a pedophile is wrong! Society is messed up. People want to decide whatever they think is right and make everyone else believe that's how it's supposed to be! Anatomically, morally and scientifically, men are made to be with women! Life is created in a woman's womb through a man! Not in laboratories, it's not ok. As for the pastor, he should have tone it down, he should have suggested that parents try talk to their child and seek counselling, because there might be an underlying issue in the child's life.

840 days ago


"Gender distinctions that god created" This guy is an idiot. Man created gender distinctions just like man created the whole little fairy tale of the bible.

840 days ago


People still believe in an invisible bearded man in the sky? Google "Mithra, Jesus, Attis, Horus" for the truth.

840 days ago

Jonas Rimmer    

GAYMZ attacks again...
This is a celebrity news blog, Harvey. Not a platform for gay activismo. Leave the pastor alone!

840 days ago


This guy is one of the million examples of why religion destroys societies.

840 days ago


Gays are bigots, intolerant, bullies and feel entitled. I've had way too many gay friends tell me there's nothing gay about being gay... if anything it's a drag, and it gets worse the older they get. At least women appreciate older guys, I understand in gaydom--you're toast over 40, they'll all salivating for those young guys--and why would a young guy want an old dude, unless there's an arrangement, No romance without the finance.

I know, the gays will blame all their dysfunctional state of affairs on the society. Not my fault people chose to have unprotected sex and get AIDS--it's called pregnant in the straight world, some take the responsibility others chose to murder their child...
OWN IT!!!!

840 days ago


He only retracted his statements because he got caught. Sick of those kind of people who do that.

840 days ago


Does matter what religion or bible you worship, be a good person. Christians and many other religions have gone overboard by saying "it says in the bible". Try proving exactly what the bible says, it's nearly impossible.

How do you listen to this pastor and not get and leave?

840 days ago


Gay is fine but I think we should beat the preacher out of them.

840 days ago


Actually, in the original language, the passages about "man not lying with another man" were actually speaking about doing business together, real estate, of some sort. Total miss-translation. A REAL GOD would not hate his children, or burn his children for eternity. It's all man-made folks.

840 days ago


Some of the comments here make me sick. Saying that someone should be killed because they're gay is like saying that someone should be killed because they're black, or a male or have blue eyes. I have several gay friends and a gay uncle. They're some of the best people I know. I don't believe that people choose to be gay. Why would someone choose to be one of the most hated and discriminated against minorities in the world? All the sh_t that gay people have to deal with just for being who they are. Why would anyone purposely choose that? You can't help how you were born, and you damn sure can't beat the gay out of someone. Some of these so-called "Christians" are nothing but a bunch of ignorant bigots.

840 days ago

Nikkii Baker    

Hyperbole? Honey, there's a room in hell with your name on the door!

840 days ago

Sebastian P    

Wow, this is what they teach at church now days ?? Its pure ignorance , how about teaching people we are all unique in our own ways and teaching children how to accept others regardless of there differences... and I the only one here missing the point .. in shock and in disbelieve with what this IGNORANT man is saying .

840 days ago


I don't condone this, however, I see you at TMZ have no issue whatsoever with Jeremy Wright - Obama's pastor - who said, "Not God Bless America, God Damn America, God Damn America, God Damn America..." - yeah, good time TMZ. Way to push how the church is against gay people (which is technically a part of the Bible though I personally support gay rights - because I think everyone should be free to make that decision and trying to come to grips with my own faith's views on that) but it's totally UNMENTIONED by you that the POTUS' own self confessed "20 year minister" has nothing but contempt, hate and vile for this country.... HOLY CRAP! Get some objectivity!

840 days ago
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