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Homophobic Pastor

I DON'T Advocate Beating

Your Gay Child

5/3/2012 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Homophobic Pastor Sean Harris
The North Carolina pastor who ordered parents to BEAT the gay out of their children has retracted his violent, homophobic statements -- claiming his horrifying sermon was taken out of the "context of a ministry."

In case you haven't heard the sermon in question (above) -- which took place last Sunday at Berean Baptist Church in Fayetteville -- Pastor Sean Harris whipped himself into an anti-gay frenzy ... claiming parents should "crack" their sons' "limp" wrists if they act gay ... and then "punch" them.

But Harris called in to OutQ on Sirius XM yesterday to clarify his statements -- claiming, "Those were not the best choice of words. If I had to do it over again again I would not choose those words. I was using hyperbole in an effort to communicate the importance of the gender distinctions that God created."

Harris says his sermon was based on specific Bible passages which condemn homosexuality. But when asked about similar Bible passages that condone slavery -- Harris hedges ... insisting slavery is wrong.


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i say we start w/ beating the priests & pastors who touch children. clean up the church first.

881 days ago


lol religion. the bible is a god awful book that condones beating women and selling people - but god loves you...?

881 days ago


lol religion. the bible is a god awful book that condones beating women and selling people - but god loves you...?

881 days ago


what an effing great example to set for our state Mr Harris. The message is supposed to be love-- how lost you have become

881 days ago


This ignorant ass should not be a pastor!!

881 days ago


You got to admit that being Gay makes no sense? Like if its only for sexual purposes then your messed up.,Why would the same sex understand you more then the oppositte,and if its sexual then women can please a man the same way another man can,women have an ******* too if u want anal,Makes no sense,..More or less being a GAY women kinda makes sense since you might have been Molested as a kid or had all bad men in your life,being a gay guy? UMM NO!!

881 days ago


the religous fools who believe in a mythical being thats going to come take care of all their problems need to have the stupid beaten out of them.but i dont advocate beating any one in church just the ones who are advocating violence,oh and gay thats up to you but i dont want it in my face or but

881 days ago

Cheryl A.    

It's hard to say you didn't say what you said in this day and age. I say the church should kick your sorry ass to the curb for promoting violence against children.

881 days ago


I don't condone religion, but we really should start beating the living f*ck out of gay people. These f*gs act like it is trendy and cool to be a q*eer. Gays are a cancer, and we need some heavy radiation.

881 days ago

BB in CA    

I'm sure all Baptist don't think like this but this is just stupid - talking about hurting children for being themselves. The only choice gays have is to live their life with the person they love or live a lie to avoid this type of hate.

881 days ago


Instead of beating them - just kill the little gay bastards.

881 days ago


Gays should NOT be punched. They should be exterminated.

881 days ago


it's only a matter of time before this guy is caught in a sex scandal. I hope it's with another guy (just not a minor).

881 days ago


God will never condone sin... Homosexuality is sin, was sin and shall always be sin... But sin does not define the entire human heart in his eyes... The defining factor to God is whether those who struggle with sin justify their sin as being right and go against his word OR submitting their resignation as master of the universe, that given sin may not Gods best for them and depend on the cross... I can also assure you, hating homosexuals is also wrong and God will also judge those who make the situation worse... God wants men to love each other and women to love each other... All he asks is that, that very love not become eroticized and acted upon... What is so hard about this? Jesus came to earth and taught 12 men how to love and care about each other so obviously he was trying to make a point... When people start loving him, they will start loving each other, the right way... If you've accepted the cross, then in his eyes you are saved and do not deserve what the Old Testament prescribed... But there will never be a license to sin... But you all remember this, above all else... Jesus didn't come to make bad men good... He came to give dead men life!

881 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Oooo, oooo! Can we start beating the stupid out of people too?

881 days ago
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