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'Tanning Mom' Lashes Out

I'm the Victim of a Witch Hunt!!!

5/3/2012 10:20 AM PDT UPDATED: 5/3/2012 4:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Tanning Mom" is red hot over accusations that she's a lousy mother for allegedly letting her 5-year-old daughter burn to a fare-thee-well on a tanning bed -- calling her critics "jealous, fat, and ugly."

44-year-old Patricia Krentcil was in Nutley (perfect) New Jersey yesterday on her way to a hair salon when she unloaded and then proclaimed she was a fabulous mother.

Krentcil was arrested last week after a school nurse asked her daughter Anna how she got a sunburn and she replied, "I go tanning with mommy." Krentcil was charged with second-degree child endangerment. She pled "not guilty."

Tanning Mom Patricia Krentcil mug shot
By the way, you gotta see the part in the video where Krentcil narrowly averts looming plumber's crack.


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(yawn)...not interested.

849 days ago

Krispy Krentcil    

"hic!..i am just not dark's not enough that i am burnt like toast so when the cameras are coming i lather up in shoe i think i look gooood. so guess what i think when i look at my sickly pale daughter? do you think i encourage her to be white? what do you think my daughter wants to look like? check back with us in a few years...cancer on the horizon...
and a lotta booze hic!..."

849 days ago


Hey mom can I go tan with u again I promise not to tell anyone this time!!!!!!!!!!!! Please can I, please!!!!!

849 days ago


I can't help, but to laugh, but its a very sad situation...This woman is delusional, like an anorexic thinking they are fat...tanorexic.

849 days ago


I can't help, but to laugh, but its a very sad situation...This woman is delusional, like an anorexic thinking they are fat...tanorexic.

849 days ago


she is a friggin joke!!!! Can you imagine waking up each morning and looking at her. She must scare her kids at night in the dark!

849 days ago


Oomp loompa doopity doo
I have another riddle for you.
What do you get when your mom is a nut?
Thrown in a tanning bed,
that is what!

849 days ago


She sounds totally drunk ... probably a vodka drinker too, they're sneaky about it. Whatever.

849 days ago


The ol' girl isn't all there, she's been rode hard, and put away wet!!! She should be evaluated to see if she's missin' a cog or two. By looking at the video, yes she looks and sounds like she's about chitfaced, and looney!!! Good Luck to the little girl.

849 days ago

Hobbit Kin    

with the way she talks she doesn't sound very educated, besides why doesn't she use that money instead of tanning putting it into an education for that darling daughter.

849 days ago

Selebraties Suck    

This lady needs help, not mocking. She is obviously on something.

849 days ago


Is it just me, or is her brain as fried as her face?

849 days ago


lol wait in what planet are we in again? The things I've seen and people I've bumped into makes me feel like we are not in Kansas anymore..

849 days ago


Only 44 and she looks like 74! Stupid girl!

849 days ago


There is NO WAY she is 44!!! She is definitely over 70 (I'm thinking 72) and this is her granddaughter, NOT her daughter. So Sad and Soooooo Ugly!

849 days ago
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