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When Tanning Mom ATTACKS

5/3/2012 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Tanning Mom (love that nickname) went off on her critics today ... claiming her arrest for allegedly putting her kid in a sunbed is just a "witch hunt." Sure, she sounds a little nuts -- but does is it possible she's got a point?

Plus, ready-to-pop Rachel Uchitel calls in to talk about her nearly-nude photos ... just EIGHT days before giving birth. Also, Vanessa Williams gets an apology from "Toddlers & Tiaras" mom Wendy Dickey -- and a hungry lion comes thaat close to snacking on a toddler! 


(0:00) The shockingly tan mom accused of putting her kid in a tanning bed thinks she's the victim of a witch hunt -- we have video of her going OFF.
(6:30) Wendy Dickey from "Toddlers and Tiaras" -- who ripped Vanessa Williams for taking a shot at pageant moms -- calls in ... and totally backtracks on her statements.
(9:45) Rachel Uchitel dials us up to talk about her sexy, topless ... pregnancy photos.
(15:37) Did Michael Jackson's estate make a deal with the devil by teaming up with Pepsi? Remember, MJ was shooting a commercial for Pepsi in 1984 when his hair caught on fire ... after which he became addicted to painkillers ... and never got over it.
(18:45) Stacy Kiebler has officially been Cloonified -- after being given A-list treatment at a Coldplay concert ... and giving up on her outgoing ways..
(21:00) Miley Cyrus adopts an adorable dog she found outside of a Wal-Mart ... and speaking of pet adoption ... Harvey's about to get a new pup as well!
(25:52) Gossip magazines all chose to have Kardashians on their covers ... and they all got their stories wrong!
(28:12) Lindsay Lohan may be out of the woods in connection with that whole hit-and-run incident.
(31:05) Ryan Seacrest is unloading a gorgeous home ... and Harvey's seen it first-hand.
(35:25) Breaking news -- Kevin Federline sued to allegedly trashing his old house. (36:45) Ashton Kutcher accused of being in a racist commercial ... but no one in the newsroom agrees that it's offensive.
(40:01) Hilarious video -- parents dress their kid up like a little zebra ... and then put it next to the glass outside of a lion's cage.
(41:47) We take your calls!

No Avatar


Tanning Mom... just LOL

You Americans are hopeless, its adorable!

902 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Tell Harvey to sit his ass down. It is annoying watching him standing through the whole thing.
I swear.. Harvey gets some of the dumbest ideas in his head in his old age. SIT DOWN.

902 days ago


Yes she is real. A real IDIOT! Anyway when are you guys going to update us on Kim K? It's been two days already.

902 days ago


Tanning mom seems to have other addictions than tanning. I hope they give her a drug test and some moisturizer ...

902 days ago


I think she is under the influence of alcohol or narcotics. She just seems off.

902 days ago


I HATE the new look of the website. Change it back!

902 days ago


Tanning beds are classified as carcinogen by the World Health Organization. They increase your risk of melanoma and other skin cancers by 70%

902 days ago


Why is he standing for? Just joined watching this lol :)

902 days ago


why are we still talking about RU? She's talentless exmistress looking for attention and an now she is posing like a pregnant victoria secrest model. Honey pack up all your baggage and vanisih. TMZ stop promotiong these useless people. She famous because she was a mistress. BIg deal.

902 days ago


Dear Harvey,

Your website is becoming too busy and gawdy...Less is more . Please dumb it back down.

902 days ago


I expect Harvey to be cruel but not Charles. Making fun of Jessica because of how much weight she gain is very sexist and cruel. All pregnant woman are beautiful know matter how much weight they have gain. I think you both were being sexist and should be ashamed. I would like you to see how it feels being pregnant and see how much weight you would gain!!

902 days ago


Can somebody please tell Ryan that YELLING doesn't make him right? He's always way louder than anybody else and gets louder still when trying to make a point: of which he's rarely correct.
Thank you!

902 days ago


Ahhhhh, probably standing up so he doesn't fall asleep... They both look a bit tiered today. All this Kim talking is going a bit to much I think..

902 days ago


Harvey needs to eat some protein, every day he does these massive Mr. Ed yawns relentlessly. Charles, bagging on Jessica Simpson the way you did shows you are not a classy guy. Seriously, making fun of a pregnant woman?

902 days ago


Ryan is making sense! you cannot blame the accident at the Pepsi commercial for his addiction, as for the medication he was on, that was up to the Doctor to diagnose and prescribed them. It was Michael who started abusing them.

902 days ago
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