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Junior Seau

The Frantic 911 Call

'My BF Just Shot Himself'

5/4/2012 1:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the horrific 911 call placed by Junior Seau's girlfriend moments after the NFL legend shot himself in the chest Wednesday morning at his Oceanside, CA home.

Junior's GF Megan Noderer (below) is so hysterical during the call she can hardly speak -- claiming she had just returned from the gym (around 10AM) when she discovered Junior's bloody body.

Megan Noderer, former girlfriend of Junior Seau
Megan tells the dispatcher, Junior wasn't breathing when she arrived and had appeared to have shot himself "in the heart."

Authorities responded and attempted to revive Seau, but life-saving efforts were unsuccessful. Seau was pronounced dead on the scene soon after. He was 43.

Seau's family claims he exhibited no signs of depression before his death -- but has since donated his brain to be studied for concussion research.

As we previously reported, the manner in which Seau killed himself -- gunshot to the chest -- is leading many to believe he wanted to leave his brain intact so researchers could study the long-term effects of concussions sustained in the NFL.

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I cannot believe its legal to post something like this. I wish I would have never heard it. What a horrible thing this poor girl had to go through. She and the family are in my prayers..

848 days ago


Clips of this call, especially the end where she is bawling her eyes out, combined with his mother saying "Take me instead"- would make a good PSA on what suicide does to your loved ones. So unbelievably sad.

848 days ago


Oh my God TMZ really? I can't even bring myself to listen to it...no way. I realize we have freedom of speech in this country but for FK Sake!

848 days ago


Take it down this is just wrong!!!!! Shame on you TMZ!

848 days ago

Fat Mike    

You people at TMZ are f**king pigs! I don't expect any better from you though. There's no reason that s*** like you who have no self-respect would respct anyone else's feelings.

848 days ago


should have hired a gang member, you know for insurance reasons!! shooting myself?? "NOT GOING TO HAPPEN" I have just become generous,
WITH MY OPINION, and it feels great to be so giving. Not about to ruin all that!!

848 days ago


Did he do it for the same reason as the last guy? I know this has almost been a trend. Concussions and NFL players killing themselves for some reasons but all leaving their brains to be studied.?

848 days ago


It is very sad, and very private but 911 calls are public and although there are a lot of people here are against it and saying TMZ is cruel for posting it. Majority of people here have listened to it and probably more than once. This is not new that TMZ posts up the very personal intimate details of celebrity lives, that's why they have such a huge fan base.

848 days ago


Even if other media outlets have this audio, it just goes to show how low our accredited news stations have gone just to get ratings. There is a fine line in regard to what is "real news" and what is true "garbage" and I think some media outlets (not putting names out there) cannot differentiate between the two anymore.

Clips like these are considered GARBAGE in a lot of people's eyes. It is Tasteless.

And another note, WTH are these snippets of audio released to public anyway? What good comes out of letting the public hear it? NOTHING...NOTHING AT ALL.

RIP#55....Gone too Soon

848 days ago


I hate these, too. But, if someone hears it that is contemplating suicide, maybe they'll think twice about doing this to their loved ones.

p.s. Why are the like / hate buttons not working?

848 days ago

USAF Chick    

Yes it is tacky but on the other side...I hope that people who have contemplated suicide listen to this and see how selfish of an act this is. This poor girl that loved him finds him, is forced to move his lifeless body in hopes that she might just save him only to find he has expired. This girl is not only going to mourn the loss of someone she loved and cared about, but the tragic cir***stances she had to encounter first hand...for the rest of her life. The kids are left to suffer and the rest of the family. I hope he rests in peace...but I hope that the family finds peace at some point. I really feel for this girl. May God be with her.

848 days ago


I have absolutely no problem with posting this call. I live in San Diego and consider Junior Seau the worste of cowards after this act of suicide. What he did to this woman, and his mother and his family and friends and even his dog (barking frantically) is unforgiveable. His god-like reputation is forever ruined. You out there thinking of taking your own lives, listen to this tape. Proceed with caution. This is what happens when you do.

848 days ago


What the hell is wrong with you TMZ?? I don't think it was right for anyone to hear this poor lady go through this. Where are your morals?

848 days ago

P1 Anita    


848 days ago


As long as they broadcast the 911 tapes if anything ever happens to Harvey Levin, then that would make this fair. But, this is tacky here for anybody, or site, to post this. Should all be strung up and flogged for posting it on here.

848 days ago
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