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Kim Kardashian

Kris' Media Whoring

Is Keeping Divorce Alive

5/4/2012 9:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries is the opposite of upset over his divorce from Kim Kardashian -- he's loving the attention ... so says Kim's lawyer.

Disso-Queen Laura Wasser appeared in court today, saying there has been no progress in settling the spoils over the 72-day marriage.  Kind of ridiculous, since there was an iron-clad prenup in which Kris and Kim have all of their assets separated.  Kris is challenging the prenup, claiming Kim defrauded him by allegedly tying the knot ONLY for TV ratings -- good luck with that.

Wasser told the judge ... media attention and Kris' personal feelings seem to be keeping the case alive.  Translation -- he wants the publicity of a drawn-out divorce.

The judge said depositions are now fair game, which means Kim can now be deposed about her motivations for marrying the b-baller.

Wasser also said Kim will be requesting that Kris pay her attorney's fees if they have to go to trial on Kris' fraud allegations and she wins.

BTW, the judge mentioned there's a dispute over jewelry.

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Kris,hang in there,the judge will see thru the bullcrap..slow and steady,yep..team kris..

872 days ago


I have to say, I am getting tired of seeing Kim in the news. The only one I hold out an hope for is Khloe, at least she keeps it real.

872 days ago


Also, Harvey and gang - plz stop posting that same old photo of Kris. I hate that damn thing.

872 days ago


I she joking? REALLY?? And making him pay for her legal fees? She make more money than he does.

872 days ago


kims lawyer just discribed her client, she and her family will do anything and post anything to keep themselves in the spotlight (since they know that is what made them famous, sex tape,playboy ect.) the marriage was a fraud . they picked kris because he was young and inexperianced with dealing with seedy people. they didnt count on him being so strong. had their friends and themselves trash him almost every day. khloe, went on tv interviews smearing him (should have been quiet and taking care of husband ,since poor lamar was ruining his nba job) then that pitiful, repusive, west made that song insulting kris . but everything they did couldnt get kris to sink to their level, and he had the best year ever. he wants the marriage annulled, because of the prenup, because otherwise he cant speak freely and expose them for what they are. its not the money, he wants to defend himself (from all the lies the kardashians and friends put out about him). she shows that it was a sham marriage on her show and with her actions getting divorce, trying to get reggie bush before filing for divorce, not informing kris about divorce, never allowed him to move into her place, staging scene with mother (editing and altering scenes) , poor dead father called up by medium to help save her (and mothers) image, still married and openly having affair with someone she has been around for years. she and her family are laughing now and think they are so smart, but karma is a bitch. i just hope the judge lets kris have an open court hearing on the annullment and grants it (the kardashians should love the court proceedings being on tv after all they love to be on camera.

872 days ago


we all know who the real whore is! I belive kris has a job and worked hard in life.....well if he is not the whore.....who is? LOL

872 days ago

loser KK and Familk! Hate them all!     

Such spin...KK is not just a media whore but a real one too! I say go to trial! Take the whole damn family out!

872 days ago


When is comes to Kim and Kris' divorce TMZ seems to predominantly post negative stories about Kris and pander to the Kardashians in general. You can't get more ridiculous and out of touch than Kim K.

872 days ago


That's the "Media Whore" calling the kettle black. But I guess if anyone knows what he is doing, it's the queen.

872 days ago


kim ****das4ian and kaka west w4ere toget4er during k/k's marriage..

872 days ago


This idiot needs to let it go, he needs to take what he came with and run. Him fighting for more money is making him look like a gold digger. Kris is going to lose his entire years earnings paying for Kim's lawyers if he is not careful, he is acting like an immature kid, they are both at fault, neither one of them was ready for marriage, they did not even discuss the essentials like kids and where they were going to live, he is as much at fault as she is, not to mention he is a big brute. Let it go Kris move on with your life and let Kim move on with hers. You are going to lose this one.

872 days ago


TMZ, plz get off the Kardashian's payroll! These posts need to stop. So annoying and BORING.

872 days ago


seems to me more like dollar signs than fame...he's become pretty infamous, at best. i don't see him getting a decent date in the near future...that's not to say that i can't wait to see what kind of creature does take him in, though. should be a goody.

872 days ago


Ok so if he thinks that Kim used the marriage for her TV show as he uses for an excuse. He sured also enjoyed the attention while he was on it! I had never heard of Kris Humphries before he got with her. He is just mad cause now he doesn't have VIP treatment like he had. He is just a money hungry whore!!! Men can be like that too...Kim is a very successful person and she makes her own MONEY!!!! and if she wants to sleep with the whole world than she can.. AIN'T NO MAN PAYING HER BILLS BUT HER....Is her life she can live it that way she wants to

872 days ago

Kev the Realist    

Let's see media Whore? kim Krapdashian or Kris Humpries...... Duh Kim the Whore by a landslide. My god she actually thinks that this approach is going to shield her. The only way her and her fat, ugly ass and disgusting family could stop being media whores is if the move to some remote island with no electicity , no cell service and no media outlets at all... Come to think of it I'd pay to send them there, as long as we could keep them there... ANYTHING FOR PUBLICITY- S***bag Krapdasians.....

872 days ago
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