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CBS Threatens ABC

Shut Down 'Big Bro'

Rip-Off ... Or Else!

5/5/2012 7:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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is clashing with ABC over a new reality show -- claiming ABC's newest reality project "Glass House" is a "Big Brother" rip-off ... and if ABC doesn't pull the plug on it stat, CBS will sue.

Lawyers for CBS fired off a cease and desist letter to ABC on Friday, claiming "Glass House" -- about contestants living in a house, filmed round-the-clock, and voted out by viewers -- is strikingly similar to "Big Brother."

CBS says it's no coincidence either -- claiming 18 former "Big Brother" staffers are now working on the new ABC project.

CBS writes, "In the strongest possible terms, we must admonish ABC and anyone involved in the development or production of `Glass House' that they will be acting at their own peril if they continue to proceed in this manner."

ABC had no comment.


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A TV show with people living in a house being filmed 24 hours a day was originally called The Real World.

879 days ago


Wait a sec CBS can CLEARLY rip-off The View with their POS show The Talk, which SUCKS & will never b as popular but ABC can't have a show similar to the sucky Big Brother? Hmm could it be the the head of CBS is married to Julie Chen who hosts Big Brother AND bosses everyone around on The Talk, she SUCKS at both jobs but look who she's married to that's why she has the "jobs", and she's upset that someone WILL do a better job at hosting!

879 days ago

Miss K    

Really?? Well isn't Big Brother just a rip off of MTV"s Real World with a twist. All of these reality shows are all the same. They need to stop!

879 days ago


CBS didn't invent the show format; CBS's version is based on various versions running throughout Europe.

879 days ago


Is Big Brother even on the air still? And if so does anyone even watch it? I think ABC is stupid for even wanting to copy that show.

879 days ago


Networks all steal from each other.
Big Brother is what? People who read scripts that are written by the networks.
Same formula as all not-reality shows: Lies, backstabbing, allies, rivalries, emotional outbursts, and sex.

879 days ago


The world knows that Julie Chen has a career because of her husband Leslie Moonvees. The only reason that Big Brother wasn't canceled long ago is that Chen has her husband by the balls, literally.

879 days ago


I agree with the few ppl
who say Julie Chen and "The Talk"
a rip off `` from "The View"
It's not like BB is huge in America
Have at it ``````````` boyz! :)

879 days ago


Yea.... and about The Voice ,the new Fashion Show , and Ice loves Coco, Little People ,all family reality shows....D.W.T.S. = So you can Dance? and so on and on..... this is really the silliest thing, all reality shows that were a "hit" now have other versions of themselves out. there.

879 days ago


Cry me a river. They've all been stealing from each other since TV shows began. "The Voice" ripped off "American Idol". blah blah on and on. Whenever one network has a successful show the other ones copy it until they all sink.

879 days ago


Why are all these people saying Big Brother is like the real world? The only thing they have in common is being filmed.. Does the real world have a cash prize at the end? No. Does the real world do competitions? No. Are people in the big brother house allowed to speak to family and have them come visit them? No. Are the people on the Real World locked up inside a house 24/7? no. So the only think in common with those too are being filmed..

879 days ago


Don't worry CBS. You will got Brenchel. They are just a JOY to watch! Why don't you bring them back again?

PS - That was sarcasm. Your show sucks. k thx.

879 days ago


CBS has some nerve threatening to sue ABC over ripping off Big Brother when CBS ripped off The View with their show The Talk

879 days ago


Translation: Don't steal our poison Orwellian pop culture shows. Come up with your own concepts to keep doomed millennial kids dumb and/or nuts.

878 days ago


Isn't CBS' The Talk a complete ripoff of ABC's The View? Ironic that Julie Chen is the host of both The Talk and Big Brother. If they can sue over Glass House, then The View needs to sue CBS' over The Talk. Why not just let it air and let the viewers decide if they like one over the other. I actually am looking forward to them both, just like I watch both The View and The Talk.

878 days ago
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