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'BB Wives' Star Tami Roman

Don't Pull the Show ...

MILLIONS Will Suffer

5/7/2012 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0506_tami-roman_getty"Basketball Wives" star Tami Roman is begging a Texas court NOT to let a hairy legal battle stop her reality show from airing ... because, according to her, millions would suffer. 

TMZ broke the story ... Roman was sued in March by Crème de la Crème hair company for allegedly bailing on her endorsement duties and then promoting her OWN hair line instead. The company asked the court to stop VH1 from showing any segments where Tami promoted her line instead of theirs.

Now Roman is firing back ... claiming in court docs that she is the VICTIM because Crème didn't pay her on time, thus breaking any obligation she had to them or their hair extensions. 

Roman goes on to claim that prohibiting the show from airing would affect "millions of people" and the harm suffered by Crème de la Crème "pales in comparison."

Roman is asking the court to let the show air as is, along with ordering Crème to remove her name and likeness from any products and pay her court costs.

A judge has yet to rule on the case.


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tami is a BULLY!!!!

891 days ago


tammi is a bully

891 days ago

Claudia brown    

I have been watching basketball wives for about 1 month; and cannot believe how ignorant and uneducated these black women are. The only reason BRAVO would give them a show is because they fit the stereotype of what the entire world thinks of black women; loud and wrong. Tami is mentally ill and is jealous of Keyshia because Keyshia is drop dead beautiful and tami looks like she has been "rode hard and put away wet". I am surprised Shaunie O'Neal would let people act like that., She is the executive produceer. Where is her pride. All black people do is talk about "pride about being black and how white america still has bias. WHO WOULDN'T be biased against women of any color acting like that. It is not an accident that black men don't even find them attractive. How can they have a forum like national television and act the way they do is disgraceful. What an embarassment. Slave women had more respect for themselves than these "so-african american women." Believe me sweethearts, "true" african women do not relate to your ignorant asses. You are designer clothes in dirt. I wish Keyshia had Tami arrested for taking iher purse in the Tahiti episode. All these chics seem mentally desturbed. All of those girls should never stand too close to Keyshia, because when they do, you realize how ugly they are. POOR, LONELY, BLACK OR AFRICAN AMERICAN OR WHATEVER you are this week.

891 days ago


I think the show is dumb ass hell it seems like all the other ladies are scared of tami,because she has a big ass mouth because all she's doing is blowing a lot of hot air.Cancel this ****!!!!

891 days ago

Yasmeen Armani    

Tami is a bully when you take something that don't belong to you that makes you a thief you took that lady purse all you bitches act like y'all scared of Shaunie she through stones and hide her hands Tami you should be jail for stealing bitch you and Evelyn bring that bull**** to Texas we will woop that ass Tami you all talk bitch you went on Evelyn job bitch she called your bluff I would have turn that store inside out bitch

891 days ago


tami and evelyn are both INSANE, NEUROTIC, IMMATURE, AND PSYCHO. anyone that knows either/both of them and are not ashamed is as crazy as they are.

891 days ago


Tammi is a monster a BULLY and needs medication

891 days ago

kay lynn mcfall    

tami roman is a bully im sorry she had a heart attack but if anything good can come out of it i hope its that she realizes she has to stop being such a huge bully especially when she drinks

890 days ago


Probably the last one to see the episode where Kesha is attacked. Tami is the most unclassy,loud mouthed B...... i've ever seen. she just confirmed Keshas feeling that she she only embarrasses herself. I will NEVER watch that show again. Not gonna reward that kind of behavior with my support. Evelyn is not far behind her. Tami u need serious therapy. U may have people afraid of your tough act but u r paranoid they are talking about u,

883 days ago

Miss SweetT    

She is the devil talking...don't fall short people.

878 days ago


Tami and Evelyn are adult bullies

877 days ago


What a azz-clown she is.

877 days ago

Lorraine Gadsden    

Did these women go to college? Don't they know that their behavior is rediculous.Tammie's getto behavior in fighting all the time ,not to mention her big mouth shut up.Jen don't lower yourself to be friends with those crazy women. You need to watch that dog that carries the bone and that is Suzie.

877 days ago


Am I the only one who is watching this show. Evelyn has fought with EVERY single person on the except for Shaunie. SERIOUSLY come on people, why is all the blame on Jennifer, lets get real. Evelyn needs anger management.

861 days ago


Well I did watch the show, used to love the show but now I am glad it this season and reunion has come to an end. This season made me realize, I need an upgrade with my choice of TV and now Im a kinda ashamed to say that I watched it! Im embarrassed now about how hood the ladies acted when they have been like this since day one. Jennifer was just going along with the circle but jenn has never been a bully nor a fighter. Jenn used words never her fist! You have a right to defend yourself verbally and now it seems as if Jenn is getting more abuse even after the show is over and she is not coming back on. Im happy for her that she wont be connected with this drama and abuse anymore b'cus I think if she would have been back for season 5 the abuse for her would just continue. These ladies will never trully be her friends. They jumped in a beef between two sisters and joined in the bullying! Remember the scene where they got together and put dead fish all over Kenyas room? She could have had a reaction and died, which did not happen but still, that WAS BULLYING!!! They left that out of the reunion. I refuse to watch Chad and Evelyns show nor will I watch bbw 5 b'cus of the bullys being rewarded. DO TO THE UPROAR ABOUT VIOLENCE, THERE RATINGS WILL PROBABLY GO DOWN ANYWAY. SADLY THAT IS WHY PEOPLE WATCHED! --- Drama Sells, maybe that is what got me but I was also into the fashion too and the get -a -ways that they went on just was embarrassed when they were scrapping in all the ellegence! Tacky for days. NOT HAPPY VH-1

837 days ago
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