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Lindsay Lohan and Woody Allen

The Manhattan Dinner Mystery

5/6/2012 9:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0506_lindsay_woody_videoLook out Scarlett Johansson ... Woody Allen has a new buxom, young muse in his sights ... and that muse is Lindsay Lohan.

The unlikely duo was spotted out in NYC last night at fancy-schmancy Philippe restaurant -- and we're told this isn't their first spin on the friendship bicycle.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ ... Allen and Lilo have been friends for years now and he's one of her biggest supporters -- never jumping on the judgment bandwagon.

We're told there are no projects officially on the books right now, BUT sources tell us they've been throwing around the idea of Lindsay being in one of Allen's future films -- which would be huge for Lilo, since his last flick, "Midnight in Paris," was nominated for a bunch of Academy Awards.

We're also told Lindsay has nothing but respect for the quadruple Oscar-winning director and would LOVE to work with him.

Um .. duh.


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My guess this is not going to happen anytime soon, what with the $Million Dollar Debt, specious mother in law (DUIna), AWOL Dad, not enough friends to fill the bridal party, possibility of jail time, questionable STD history, failing looks, unemployable status, criminal record, likely mental illness and addiction issues and variable sexual orientation, but a girl can hope, eh?

"Marriage is a big deal, but who's to say I'm not going to pull a 'Vegas' and get married just to get married and see what it's like for a minute?"

If they seem to have trouble casting Dick, I can only imagine the short list of possible grooms…

How about Rimfire (Vik)? Or VooDoo? It will take more than a shotgun to get Linds married!

Woody is the marrying type isn't he?

879 days ago

She's baaaack    

She's way too old for him. He likes them about 10 years younger than her. With her history I'm kind of surprised any company would underwrite her on a film or any project, for that matter.

879 days ago


She's going to portray a bleach- blonde, chain smoking prostitute.

879 days ago


It will serve that manky old plonker right if he hires her. In fact, I hope he does.

879 days ago



While daughter Lindsay Lohan was off filming in Hollywoodland, mom Dina Lohan took over the firecrotch torch in New York City Wednesday night.

Dina was spotted at NYC’s Kobe Club wearing a “really short dress and boots” which fellow diners didn’t mind too much, but what the diners did mind was Dina spreading them wide underneath her table & letting her date go to town. Come on, who isn’t for a bit of public, I mean public, affection?

According to a Page Six source, a gentleman (we use that term loosely) sitting next to Lohan was “all over her”.Â

“Dina had a napkin in her lap and hiked up her dress,” the source reveals.

“The guy put his hand under her napkin . . . It went on for like five minutes.”

Gag & vomit. Apparently after the gentleman realized that he was being watched, he stopped the action altogether.

879 days ago


You people are so ignorant...the WOMAN that Woody Allen fell in love with was NOT his adopted daughter. Get your facts straight. It's true that she is Mia Farrow's adopted daughter, but NOT his.Not to mention she was of age when they began their relationship. And he and Ms. Farrow were never married. I am so sick of seeing morons say this nonsense whenever Woody's name comes up.

879 days ago


Lohan is still doing everything that screams DON'T HIRE ME.

When is she going to realize that no one is even considering her for a part let alone cast her.

Hey her own fault she destroyed her career espically the last 6-7 years of primtime career. She looks like crap for 26.

Yeah, Lohan keep forcing yourself where nobody want's you. Still tacky and classless.

879 days ago


If you watch the video, Woody is positively trying to escape and he's response to being asked if Lindsay payed for dinner is pretty angry.

Don't think it went well.

879 days ago


She acts like a common street whore.
She has a reputation going table to table harassing, and disrespecting the privacy of anyone with money or connections.
Pretty soon she’ll clear a restaurant when she walks in the door.

879 days ago


I cant stand to look at that perv Woody. I was afraid he had other than professional interest in her but she's a bit too old for him. He likes them in their early teens. Dirt bag, s*** bag, pervert, pedophile who marries his own adopted daughter. OMG - how F-ing sick is that?

879 days ago

Jay W.     

Not sure this is a good thing. Soon Yi Previn is pregnant with Woody Allen's next wife.

879 days ago


She doesn't know him, she was stalking him -- he clearly looked back at her like WTF is she doing?

879 days ago


No Woody, please don't taint your movies with Lindsay Lohan. Come on.

879 days ago


Wasn't it Messenger on here yesterday saying ROL were liars. So that means there was NO dinner with Woody. Thanks rol, for backing me and several others on here by confirming it was a 'Lohan' set up for pap money.

879 days ago


Wood doesn't look too thrilled that the paps are there. I wonder who called them. Does Lindsay still have them on speed dial?

879 days ago
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