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I'm Buying a DUNGEON

With Masturbation Money

5/6/2012 12:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

has deep, dark plans for the money she's earning with her new solo masturbation video -- telling TMZ, she wants to buy a "dungeon" with the cash ... to keep her and her 14 kids safe from the prying eyes of the public.

Of course, "dungeon" is a metaphor -- what Nadya Suleman means is she wants to buy a house that's far away from everything ... preferably in a low-key gated community ... where she can "hide."

Octo was on her way into Makeup Mandy in West Hollywood this week -- to get a spray tan for her big shoot -- and she told us, "The only dream I have is to buy a safe home for my family."

Octo wouldn't comment on how much she's getting paid for the gig -- but she did say she's extremely nervous. That makes 6 billion of us.


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You all ask who would pay to watch the video... but whenever there is a story about her, we all watch, read, and pay attention. So, no doubt people will watch her video and she will make money off of it. For the sake of her kids, I hope she does make some money because it breaks my heart to think of 14 kids living in poverty...

I don't agree with her choice to have so many kids when she was poor and single with little support.

I don't agree with her decision to make porn because her kids will one day learn about that and be embarrassed.
I also don't agree with people calling her a slut or whore.. she is a woman who has made some very poor choices and as much as she loves the attention, I am SURE that she is paying for those decisions... Imagine raising 14 kids alone with no job or money... I wouldn't wish that on my enemies.

I do hope things get better for her because those kids shouldn't suffer because of the decision of their mother.

877 days ago


Please children, all 14 of you, gang up on that ugly, bat**** crazy, skank you live with, stick her horrendous face in the toilet. When her face turns Smurf blue and the bubbles stop coming up you can get off her and in unison sing "Ding-dong the witch is dead, the ugly witch is dead".

TMZ, please, I'll be your best friend, do not ever spend one more second writing, talking, video taping about her. She couldn't find anyone to poke her, her sex life consists of solo sex, her hand she used to masterbate is doing its best to rot off. Give us a break or better yet give her a one-way ticket to Afghanistan. The Taliban would either surrender immediately or have a wonderful time with her. If ever a woman(?) should wear a berka it is NS!

876 days ago


no one takes her seriously she's a welfare cheat and an unfit mother everytime she paints her self into a corner financially she cries bankruptcy I think has milked that one too many times
her children are beautiful and deserve better

876 days ago


That's the greatest headline in the history of TMZ.

876 days ago


I'm poor. I'm having trouble paying my mortgage. Therefore, I am going to do a masturbation video. You will see me in my bedroom first. I'll be waddling around in my white skivvies. They are a little baggy in the ass and they are kind of gray but anyhoo. You'll watch me shuffle through my pile of porn. I'll just use one of my favorite mags, it always gets me off fast. Then, one last thing, get an athletic sock out of the dresser drawer and ready to start. Oh no, the camera guy says I can't use the athletic sock this time because they want to see the fountain of delight. Oops need some lotion. Go into the wife's bathroom stash of lotion and grab something. Her eyes are so saggy the lotion won't help anyway. Now back to the bed for a zesty session with my hand. Flip to my favorite pics. The camera is rolling and my hand is a moving. Yes, indeedy. TMZ did you get this all down for an article? Did you get good pics? When I get paid I'm going to buy a new set of wrenches. Oh yeah.

876 days ago


i thought the reason for having all those kids was to put her in the public eye in the first place, but if she's willing to hide i'll buy the locks for the dungeon door

876 days ago



876 days ago


And guess what? People will watch it!!

876 days ago


Local news was camped outside her door yesterday - she was possibly getting evicted and they wanted to capture it on film. Pathetic.

876 days ago


I don't think she realizes it..... First the topless photos then the masturbation video. If she likes it or not, the porn industry is doing what they can to lead her into Hardcore porn. Even if its a slow lead into it... A year from now she'll be doing double penetration stuff and think back "Damnit how'd they get me to do it?"

876 days ago


You people that down talk Nadia are the ridiculous ones! I watch this video and I see a woman who at least only thinks about her kids, so what she is filing for bankruptcy (so someone says) do you all not hear what she says? "I just want a place for my kids, that's all that matters"! Yup, that sounds just like someone who doesn't give a crap about her kids! smh So what she got invitro and now has 14 kids, I bet half of you are stupid ass prolifers! Dumb asses!

869 days ago

kitten w.    

gross. she makes me never want to masturbate again.

868 days ago


if she did a little more masturbating and a little less baby making she wouldn't be in such a

867 days ago

Uh Huh    

Imagine if she was your mother. Those poor kids, being related to her. She wants privacy, to get away from prying eyes, but first she will masturbate for the world to watch. No prying eyes needed as she is doing it for our viewing pleasure. She is many things and a hypocrite is just one of them. No matter what she does, she continues to hold her head up. Has she been mentally evaluated?

866 days ago

Joan Fritts    

How is this woman able to keep her 14 children? She appears to be an unfit mother

866 days ago
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