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John Travolta

The 'Massage' Lawsuit

Is Total B.S.

5/7/2012 2:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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John Travolta says the lawsuit claiming he sexually assaulted a masseur is a total lie ... and that he was 2,475 miles from the place it supposedly happened.

Travolta's rep tells TMZ ... John was on the East Coast the day the masseur claims John got on the massage table and, among other things, allegedly grabbed the guy's penis and then masturbated.

The statement says, "This lawsuit is a complete fiction and fabrication.  None of the events claimed in the suit ever occurred."

The statement notes, the masseur didn't disclose his name in the lawsuit -- he sued as "John Doe."

John is confident he will get the case thrown out and will sue the attorney and the masseur for malicious prosecution.


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Heard this story come up many times from 2 different sources in 2different massage places here in l.a. I think this story might be true.

898 days ago


There have been rumors about Travolta being gay for YEARS! Though I doubt the validaty of this, I really have no reason to believe he's straight, either. Whatever, boogy down, John.

898 days ago

Billy Bob    

I really don't know if this suit is bogus or not but Travolta is pretty well known for doing this kind of activity.

898 days ago


Videos will be in youtube & courtroom. Those'll be the lawsuits.

898 days ago


For Fivks sake John we ALL know your GAY!!!! come out of the closet!!!

898 days ago


Interesting in that I'm a massage therapist and a few years ago two DIFFERENT therapists told me the same reason to lie and they didn't know each other yet the stories were the same. ONe was a man and the other a woman.

898 days ago


He needs to just come out, no one cares. (easy for me to say lol)

898 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

Yea like I'm sure John Travolta flies all over the world so he can whack and jack any mo who he happens across, like he's Barney Frank? Gimme a freaking break, I can spot a mo a mile away and he's NOT ONE of them. Obama is, go look up ManCountry in Chicago and see what Barry and his buddies do over at THAT place.... there's a ''mo pack'' for ya, and they don't even hide it but no one seems to give a shiiiiite anymore. You kids are the ones he's sending the bills to, so what hell, party on baby!!!! Send me some crack and jack and send the bill to johnny and susie and little muhammad and Leroy... see if I care from here on out. I say everyone over 40, what the hell, party like it's 1999 man, everyone on the left is, so lets send em some real bills and see how they like working for the CHICOM and MUZZZ down on your knees praying to ALLAH and GOD to come send US to save you all from yourselves. We may not answer next time that 3 am call comes when Barry's smoking

898 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

I wouldn't be surprised if the accuser somehow gets his face massaged. Really good. Travolta is probably one of the nicest person one will ever meet.

898 days ago


Vinny Barbarino knows how to smoke a cigar if you catch my drift.

898 days ago


Sure sounds like a set up? If JT called looking for a massage it's almost a given that things could turn out kinky? Travolta walked right into this extortion trap. Maybe he wants out of Scientology and they're behind it?

898 days ago


I saw John Travolta 2 weeks ago at my gym in Santa Monica. Yup, based on this photo, it was definitely him. I decided not to pay attention to him, as he was with a trainer and it was almost 1AM. I was actually afraid to go by the men's locker room as I know he has a reputation and all as a CLOSET GAY. He creeps me out ... and I'm gay!

And yeah, it does not surprise me he's been doing it in secret. Check this out:

"John Travolta’s secret life makes Tiger Woods look like a Boy Scout!

"Robert Randolph details, in his new book, YOU’LL NEVER SPA IN THIS TOWN AGAIN, juicy tales of Hollywood’s gay spa subculture, taken advantage of by those in the closet and out! In amazing detail, backed up by a polygraph test that begins the book, he tells all about what goes on in the local spa, most shockingly John Travolta, who has been known to go around the local spas, propositioning everyone in sight, and even on the most shocking day of all, January 30, 2007, the author witnessed Travolta with his son, Jett, and his nanny, Jeff Kathrine, with him at the Century Spa in Los Angeles while he was up to his usual tricks. We have the photos to prove it! And that was only one of hundreds of shocking incidents witnessed by the Author.

John Travolta’s secret life makes Tiger Woods look like a Boy Scout!

Read about how Robert Randolph went from being a starry-eyed fan of John Travolta to a disgusted seer of many perverted acts and extremely bad behavior, coupled with Travolta’s ignorance and mistreatment of his autistic, now deceased son Jett. Vladimir, John Travolta’s masseur of 25 years, shares with the author what he thinks really happened the night Jett Travolta died.”

898 days ago

billy cema    

If it happened like he said, why didn't he tell John to stop?
And if John touched his junk; well, the junk had to be exposed wouldn't it?
Tom Cruise used to sue any rag or individual who hinted at his gay lifestyle. The cult does protect its clients, because it gets a lot of money from them.

898 days ago


Did this dude have sex with Justin Bieber and win a big lottery prize too?

898 days ago


I haven't read the comments yet so I'm sure someone has already mentioned this.

The guy stood there while Travolta masturbated and then waited for him to call him a loser, pay him and send him on his way?

If some guy started jerking off in front of me I'd be grabbing my stuff and walking out. I can understand the guy waiting if Travolta was still on the massage table though. I'm sure those things are expensive and he wanted to take it with him.

There are so many stories now about Travolta that there is no longer any doubt in my mind that he is gay and likes anonymous sex wherever he can get it.

898 days ago
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