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Kris Jenner STABS Back

at Facelift Lawsuit

5/7/2012 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Jenner is ADAMANT -- her facelift did not impede her credibility to market beauty products ... and has filed a countersuit against the cosmetic company who is trying to renege on their contract.

As TMZ previously reported ... mama Kardashian was sued by B&P cosmetics in 2011, after they claimed her facelift tarnished the reputation of their product "Beautiful Eyes in a Bag" -- for which Jenner was the celebrity spokeswoman.

KJ has fired back -- solidifying her previous claim that the facelift didn't affect her eyes, or her ability to endorse the product -- by filing a countersuit last month in Ohio.

In legal docs, Kris says she held up her end of the deal and alleges B&P is exploiting her well-publicized trip under the knife in order to squirm out of their contract.

According to docs, Jenner wants to keep the $305k advance B&P gave her and seeks compensatory damages and legal fees for the entire ordeal.

A judge has yet to rule.



No Avatar


Nasty, Dirty, Smelly, Fat, Ugly, Dirty Greedy Pimp SLUT!!!!!! I hate her!!!!!!!!!!

868 days ago


i think the company should get their money back. she looks better because of plastic surgery, not the product. if the product was so good, why would you need the surgery? its like jane fonda and suzann summers, they made millions off ther products and both had lipo and other surgery to look the way they do. they mislead the public to think they look that way because of a product they are making money off of and the public is stupid to think the are telling the truth. make her give back money, its only fair.

868 days ago



868 days ago


This woman has to be the most disgusting fame whore on the planet...her 2 younger ones will probably have sex tapes out next, like old fat ass did, and they can blame their pimp mother...what kind of a person is she?? all she ever cared about what the MONEY< MONEY> MONEY> she should be ashamed of herself......and she says her family comes first.....b.s....GO AWAY>>>>PEOPLE CAN'T STAND YOU OR YOUR FAMILY>>>>>UGH..

868 days ago

Vernon P. Alarcon    

if that's the best it looks in public, I'd hate to see it first thing in the morning......ugly, stinky and empty

868 days ago


if the face get's pulled but the neck sags, what's the point?

868 days ago


I agree w/ the company, who wants a piece of plastic stating their product will help you, when she can't show that the product helped or the plastic helped. Sue the momager!

868 days ago

Not a K Fan    

Ha! Kris Jenner is going to be so pissed off when she kicks the bucket and finds she can't take all her money with her. What was the point Kris?

868 days ago


maybe the sales are down because of her and her husbands faces...i never see these karpieceof****ians helping in anything or donating there time unless there is money involved, yet people still see there faces on magazines and have to read about them, dont they know how mant trees are torn down just so people can spend there money on something they can get for free on the internet(save a tree).. all these people do is sue,sue,sue..

868 days ago


Nice facelift, now she has the eyes of a 20 year old, but a neck of a 104 year old cow. Look at her neck. What a waste, that family needs to move to the Moon and leave us alone. I just hope I live long enough to see all of them get old. All that skin dropping and noses falling off, and that big ass hitting the ground when Kim walks down the stairs. Man, That's going to be the best show on TV.

868 days ago


Here's what baffles me. Bruce "no balls" Jenner acts like an airhead without a brain when asked about what his wife and stepdaughters are doing at any given time. Either Bruce is a total outsider in his own house not knowing what is going on and willing to act like a doormat for the Trashcanian girls, OR he is smart as a fox. Act dumb and uninterested while you write everything down, video every disgusting thing the Trash do and record also. Don't worry they don't do anything to you in Cali if you record. This could be payback for Jenner writing her book and spilling things about her past that make a husband go Hhhmmmmm. If she did it to her first husband why not him too? If she is willing to take pictures for Playboy while married what else is not taboo for this aging mom. So maybe Bruce is just waiting to grab his balls and run. He might divorce her azz after he finds out how much that wicked witch is keeping hidden from him and where.

868 days ago


No wonder our country is so jacked up, who throws $350k to Pimp Jenner without her doing anything at all for it?

I'll be glad when their 15 minutes are up. Can't come soon enough for me.

868 days ago


KMZ------------------- Do you have to have a ho story about this family every day, is that how the contract is written and you get a pay check every week from this family? Harvey this website is getting more suckier every day.

868 days ago


She is starting to look like "Big Ang" from Mob Wives. Like two trannies in a hurricane . . . .

868 days ago


Is that whole family just a buch of freaks or what?

868 days ago
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