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Parents Org. to 'AGT' Sponsors

Don't Waste Ad $$$

on 'Vulgar' Howard Stern

5/7/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0506_howard_stern_ptp_logo_gettyThe Parents Television Council is seething with anger over Howard Stern's new gig on "America's Got Talent" ... so they fired off a scathing letter to ALL the show's sponsors, threatening them to cut ties or face their wrath.

TMZ obtained a letter -- written by the PTC -- that was sent to a whopping 91 advertisers and commands them NOT to invest their millions with NBC's tent-pole talent show ... because they feel Howard Stern will corrupt America's children with his provocative ways. 

In the letter, PTC cites Stern's violent and crude language as reasons to boycott the show, quoting his comments on former "American Idol" winner Fantasia Barrino: "Hey Fantasia, you’re not getting little boys hard. Nobody’s beating off to you. Little boys want boners. They want a Britney Spears or a Rihanna."

The PTC blasts Stern's talent-judging qualifications -- saying he's only an expert at "looking at insecure, naked young women and telling them whether or not they were hot enough to pose for Playboy."

PTC's threats can't be taken too lightly ... the advocacy group targeted MTV's "Skins" and NBC's "The Playboy Club" ... and BOTH were later cancelled -- though neither of them drew the ratings of 'AGT.'

If advertisers choose to cut ties with AGT ...  it could mean MILLIONS of dollars lost for NBC.

So we gotta ask:


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Is this the same Howard Stern who made (or still makes) women ride on a sybian? Or was that the Howard Stern who had a relationship with Anna Nicole Smith?

898 days ago


I agree he is a controversial choice. If he behaves (reigns in his bad behavior) his choice to be a genius move, because it will bring a whole new audience to AGT - people who like Howard Stern. I say give him a chance - if he's off color, then complain.....

898 days ago


How is Howard violent or crude? Crude language? Until he went to Satellite radio Howard never used crude language. When he was fined it was for things like having a guy play the piano with his P@nis. This was > ON THE RADIO<.

898 days ago


LOL what talent does Howard offer ? How to be a pig

898 days ago

Joan K    

He is a pig, always will be a pig and nobody is going to change this A holes way. Oh yeah he is fugly too, now this is how he would talk so nobody can say anything, right?

898 days ago


Your kids will hear worse language at school than they'll hear on the show. If they're so worried about it why don't they start asking parents to ban their children from video games and television since it's what is actually raising their children anyway.

898 days ago


Never really been much of a Howard fan, but the PTC is a bunch of s***bags. They are always trying to censor and control what everybody else watches.

898 days ago


No way would AGT/NBC set themselves up for a lawsuit due to Howard Stern's trash talk. Howard knows this is a PG rated program on t.v. during the "family hour". All that would be written into his contract. Howard is a very intelligent man and uses his "trash" vocabulary only at the appropriate time and place. He doesn't talk like that 24/7. The PTC over reacted with prejudice and will be very surprised when Howard proves them wrong.

898 days ago


Obviously the PTC have no idea that Howard Stern is intelligent and knows exactly when and where he can talk dirt. He's proved it many times. Does PTC really think AGT/NBC didn't write it into his contract that he has to control his language, etc. for a PG rated show? The PTC needs to watch AGT and see how Howard will prove them wrong. PTC reacted with prejudicial reasoning.

898 days ago

Philo Beddoe    

I'm pretty confident Howard could give a ton of these folks at the PTC a lesson in parenting. You really have to have a brain functioning at the level of a concrete sidewalk to believe Howard is going to go on AGT and talk about some of the things he talks about on the actual Howard Stern Show. He will be loud at times, he will makes some snide comments, he will be rude at times too, but the man isn't going to be asking a contestant to show him her vagina or anything, and as others have pointed out, the guy is way too smart to not understand what his role is there.

898 days ago
26. rules and SFN sucks

898 days ago


If people want to listen to Howard, fine. I actually like the guy but he is NOT appropriate for family television.

898 days ago


I'm only watching AGT cause of Howard. PTC'S kids are watching daddy's playboy magazines. So get a life and welcome to the 21st century.

898 days ago


Who gives a **** what this group has to say. They are a tiny percentage of the population with a self serving agenda. If you really hate Howard then just dont watch. I am sure that he will win over a lot of people that thinks he is trash. That is his way.

898 days ago


The Parents Television Council has 6 rapist's that are born again Christians, 7 Mormons and a goat with devil eyes!!!!!

The Parents Television Council are a bunch of old fart sniffers with nothing better to do with their self-centered lives.

898 days ago
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