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Rob Dyrdek's Cousin Apologizes to Hells Angels --Sorry I Ripped Off Your Logo!

Translation: Please don't kill me.

876 days ago


"if you need to stomp anyone out, stomp this guy out." nice guy, throwing your cousin under the big red bus. If they feel the need to "stomp" anyone they'll get you and anyone else they want. big red don't screw around.

876 days ago


Kinda late for the apology. I guess it took getting sued for you two bozos to act. Now, that takes care of the legal stuff.

The beatings are yet to come. And as for you, Dyrdek, the worst beating will be for you cuz no one likes a snitch.

876 days ago


He obviously still isn't taking this as seriously as he should. Throwing his family under the bus like that, what a punk move...if something happens to his cousin he is gonna feel awful.

I think some sniveling and groveling is in order here.

876 days ago


If you're gonna rip something off it probably not the smartest thing to do it from the Hells Angels! The guy must have some death wish or something!

876 days ago

Big D    

You have to be a complete idiot to steal the 81's logo. I don't think money will settle this issue.

876 days ago

Johnny Rokit    

What were these guys thinking? I am not speaking for 81 and will be clear about that as I know better. but two things come to mind here "Treat me good I'll treat you better, treat me bad I'll treat you worse!" Apologies are great but here's some advice Run Forrest Run.

876 days ago

Leader of the ignorant masses    

How do you accidentally jack a logo?

876 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Right now, the HA's are literally shining their Harley boots for this special occasion.

876 days ago


You'd have to be all kinds of stupid to steal the Hells Angels patch and sell it as your own.

876 days ago

Skippy La Rue    

2 words...DUMB!

876 days ago


Hell's Angels are really relevant? I'm assuming from the comments here that people actually give a damn. Cute.

876 days ago


I have never heard of this clothing company, but I want to tell these kids one thing; WHO CARES WHO CAME UP WITH THAT LOGO, GET OF IT if you want to live past tomorrow. There are some people you just do not mess with, Hells Angels and Mob and the Feds. Period. Get rid of the Logo before the HA make an example of you just cause they can...

876 days ago


You either have to be a tard, moron or someone who wants media attention to do this. This act is a given that you can't do. Why didn't you take the Nazi's logo?

876 days ago

Vernon P. Alarcon    

both @ssclowns should be stomped just for being douchebags and related. HA don't watch TMZ for apologies and Harvey should be stomped too for airing the dis

876 days ago
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