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Secret Service Hooker

We DID Have Sex ...

And He Ripped Me Off!!!

5/7/2012 8:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Colombian prostitute behind the massive Secret Service scandal is finally admitting she had sex with one of the agents -- claiming he seriously short-changed her for her services, paying only $50 ... when she explicitly asked for $800.

24-year-old Dania Londono Suarez appeared on "Today" this morning with a translator -- claiming the agent was very direct about asking for sex when they met at a Cartagena bar last month.

Dania says she told him up front ... a night with her would cost $800 -- but the next morning, after they had had sex, the agent grew "very angry" when she asked for her money.

According to Dania, he threw her $50 and kicked her out -- and that's when police got involved.

The agent in question has reportedly resigned.



No Avatar


$800 a nite, don't think so. She is just gettin her 15 minutes worth.

809 days ago


There is no way -- no way -- this 3rd world chick is an $800/night hooker.

809 days ago

kim is a publicity whore    

after watching the video, the guy was probably too drunk, and when he woke up he didnt remember that he said he'll give her $800. he's still a d0uche though.

and how racist of the show to put the person to translate with an accent!

809 days ago


this is the most full of sh** story I have ever heard, lies all of it, and if it were true, why the f*ck is this skank on our televisions.

809 days ago

L Boogie    

That was dumb on her part because she should've collected the money first! But yea, $800 is just too much for "normal" sex.

809 days ago


Com on got turned down so now your all mad about it...

809 days ago


as a professional whore, shouldn't she have more common sense? you *always* take the money first! lol

809 days ago


WTF?.."WE HAD SEX"...Of course he was paying you to open your beaver, mouth and ********. what-else?!...And you're a fool to keep talking.

809 days ago


I would have paid a mil-dollars (1,000 dollars) for a piece a strange like this with no scars, real hair, nice feet and other abnormalities that I like. All of these law enforcement d-bags had to do was expense it as "entertainment" and spend money from the governments secret "black budget".

809 days ago


WTF kind of hooker doesn't get her money UPFRONT???

809 days ago


3,2,1 the money will start pooring over this girl, we are hungry for fast celebrities, move on Kim, there is a cheapest version of you coming alone.

809 days ago

Vernon P. Alarcon    

Today....this $10 ho is a celebriteee??? Tell me it was 800 columbian pesos (.45 USD). there is nothing this skank could do for me for $800. USD ... nothing

809 days ago


She must have been one HOT TAMALE!

809 days ago

She's baaaack    

Honey, you're a whore. I see the good old American 15 minutes look good to you and you found the limelight. I loved when I heard you say the man "disrespected" you. Here's what I think. YOU'RE A WHORE what's to respect? On the other hand, if you were so good that he didn't remember if he got laid or blown or whatever you say you did with him he sure didn't remember. Go away whore.

809 days ago


I dont believe that story. Business is business, no matter who the client is. Cash up front or no ass.

809 days ago
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