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Tanning Mom

I'm Soo Down with Jay-Z!!

5/7/2012 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tanning Mom
looks like she's 102-year-old bacon, but thinks she's a hip-hop fan in her 20s -- 'cause she was bumping Jay-Z loud enough to shatter the windows ... on her MINI-VAN!!

Tanning Mom -- aka Patricia Krentcil, aka Crypt Keeper, aka Burnt Beef Jerky -- was sitting in her driveway this weekend in Nutley, NJ blasting the only Jigga song you'd expect her to play ... "Young Forever."

While TM was chillin' to Jay ... she clearly got a little pissed off waiting for her husband.

Eventually, she stormed out of the car and back into the house ... showing off her severely over-tanned legs in a severely revealing outfit.

Just call us "jealous, fat, and ugly."


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Was she wearing Depends under that "skirt"?

900 days ago



900 days ago


Why is that old lady wearing a tennis outfit? Everything about her is GROSS!!!

900 days ago

Joan K    

TMZ give it up already, this piece of toast is not that interesting, get over it, please. She just thinks she is hot now that you dummies won't leave her alone.

900 days ago


OMG what the heck is she wearing, she looks scary!!!

900 days ago


Please stop picking on the mentally ill! Is that all your "reporters" can come up with these days?? It's not right and it disgusts me that your site has stooped to this level! Were all of you the ignorant kids that pointed and laughed at the child that had a learning disability or some kind of impairment? Appalling! Stop it!

900 days ago


THANK GOD for granny panties!!

900 days ago

BB not bb    

Hey you can make jokes about anyone easy. Jokes can be made about the staff at TMZ, but people don't because maybe they aren't as unique as this lady. I think she ran in the house because the same British guy is always stalking her asking her stupid questions. He probably scared her calling out from the bushes about her taste in driving music.

Wow she listens to pop music, what a shocker. What does everyone else listen to then, how to bake cakes? I don't even think they have those shows on much.

He skirt was intersting I must say. That was daring having the panties out like that. But really, it has been hot like summer in NJ lately, so maybe she dressed like that to keep cool, not to act like she thinks she is 22 or whatever.

Not everything a person does is sending a message. Sometimes they are doing what makes them comfortable. If wearing that makes her feel cool and attractive, then let her be. That is called fashion, making your own style. I think it is kind of cool really. Not everything is about sex. She has a husband and five kids as it is.

Oh and you hear alot of loud car stereos in NJ, just saying. I don't know if that is a big surprise elsewhere, but it is almost a given there. People need distractions from all the crazy around.

900 days ago


You really shoudn't pick on Bacon like that. LOL

900 days ago


That dried up piece of bacon is hot! Except she'll need about a case of KY Jelly to lather up in for an hour before you can even try to touch it.

900 days ago


She looks like s**t

900 days ago

canadian bacon    

jesus everytime I see this beast I think of Fire Marshall Bill "let me show you something"

900 days ago


Ok we get it! All you people are capable of picking on mentally ill people. Do you feel better about yourselves now? Good job?
This is sad and sick!

900 days ago

BB not bb    

You know, she sure garners alot of attention for doing nothing. Who else is filmed for sitting in a car, wearing a skirt, walking to the hair salon, walking into their court hearing, etc.? She can't do anything without someone dying to talk to her and see what she does. Oh look at her pants falling off, oh look at her short skirt, oh look at her getting mad, and on and on.

Maybe she will make the most fascinating people of the year lists. Thanks to you TMZ.

I think it would be funny if she got some kind of career or compensation out of this. She seems like she is even bigger than Jersey Shore at this point.

900 days ago


So, let me get this straight. This lady is now "famous" because she supposedly got her kid sunburned in a tanning bed, and happens to be uglier than sin because of her overtanning? ***Thinking what stupid thing I can do to be famous...I could use some extra money for bills!*** Seriously, we need to quit rewarding people for stupidity!

900 days ago
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