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'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans

Check Out My New Twins!

5/7/2012 6:35 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Janelle Evans and her new breast implants"Teen Mom" star Jenelle Evans took time out from getting arrested to show off her new pride and joy ... her brand new boobs.

After going under the knife just last week, the 20-year-old flaunted her new buxom figure in a well endowed pink bikini on the beach in North Carolina this weekend.

While her mother is taking care of her son Jace, let's hope Jenelle can retain custody of her new girls.



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She obviously didn't pay much for them because they look incredibly fake. Nice to know, though, that she had the money for new boobs while her kid still lives with her mom. Not to mention that she's one shade away from looking like the Tanning Mom.

867 days ago


Has anyone noticed that little witch was driving a brand new VW?Where would she money to drive a car like that?Is she still hung up on Keiffer? I could punch that little witch out the way she'd scream @ her mom & her baby's guardian! No respect!!!

867 days ago

Passion Of The Taint    

Just another ugly fat mess with slut tattoos.

This white trash loves the attention!

867 days ago


She may be smoking too much weed again shes gotten a lil chubby it looks fine for her small size but its a deff difference then before

867 days ago


she looks disgustin fat and skanky

867 days ago


Dude she did get fat as hell, she probably had to get the boob job cuz those little boobs probably made her gut stick out more now they match!!! She probably had her chest stuffed with Keifers green hoodie!!

867 days ago

Alan Carver    

Sorry Kris Jenner but you are STILL not a very pretty woman on the outside nor on the inside! Some things you just cannot change ... and going under the knife does not change anything about WHO are REALLY ARE! We still see you for WHO ARE! Money faming WHORE!

867 days ago


Well, she has gained a lot of weight since her 2011 picture in a bikini. She doesn't look terrible. But, if she is clean its pretty common for people to start doing something else, like eating more. One addiction to another.

867 days ago

Shut up PolarBear    

Those boobs are ALL kinds of wrong, they make her shoulders look HUGE! She looks like they took two different parts from two different dolls and glued them together. She is H.A.M. and the sad thing is she thinks she looks good. The view from the back is gross my eyes oh lord my eyes!!!

867 days ago

Chun LI    

I feel sorry for her son. That money should have been for his college fun.

867 days ago

jenna's full of crap    

are you sure she just didn't get fat, because that is what looks like happened.

867 days ago


Ugh.....she made a HUGE mistake. She looked so much better before, normal. Now she looks like an overinflated caricature of herself. I'm sad for her.

867 days ago


Glad to see you are encouraging her, TMZ. Why don't you just stop posting stories and photos of her - she might actually take care of her kid for once.

867 days ago


sorry fake boobs look really really bad, she looked fine just like she was. Not sure why guys go gaga over boobs that are not even real. JMO

867 days ago

There's a problem here    

Aside from the fact that it is HER body I think she has a cute body. Too bad she paid for chest bags that are so high up on her body they're on her collarbone and so off kilter that you could drive a small car through her cleavage. The tattoos simply scream "TRASH'. Too bad that cute body is mutilated and inked into trampdom.

867 days ago
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