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Beastie Boys

Hello, Nasty Lawsuit ...

Filed Day Before MCA Died

5/8/2012 4:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

In what may be the worst-timed lawsuit EVER ... a record label has accused the Beastie Boys of stealing its artist's music on 2 of their biggest albums ... and it filed the suit just hours before MCA passed away.

The case is actually pretty interesting ... TufAmerica claims MCA, Mike D and Ad-Rock ripped off the '80s band Trouble Funk ... and illegally sampled their music on multiple songs featured on the albums "Licensed to Ill" and "Paul's Boutique."

In the lawsuit, filed in federal court in NY on May 3, TufAmerica claims the Beastie's sampled a famous drum beat from the Trouble Funk hit "Drop the Bomb" on the 1986 hit "The New Style."

TufAmerica also claims the Beatie's stole riffs from the song on "Car Thief" and "Hold It Now Hit It" ... and also ripped off the Trouble Funk track "Say What" on the song "Shadrack."

So why sue now? TufAmerica claims the Beasties have been re-releasing and distributing the tracks ... and are not paying for the rights to sample Trouble Funk.

In fact, TufAmerica claims it has "never received royalties or payment" for any of the songs ... ever.

So far, no comment from the Beastie Boys ... probably because they have more important matters to tend to at the moment.


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Looks to me like these samples are within the Boundaries of Fair Use.

898 days ago


Samples of 30 seconds or less is not illegal... I know this cause my husband is a DJ and they do this all the time.. my question is, why did they wait this long to file a suit in the first place? The original release of Licence to Ill was 1986! Why wait early 30 years to sue them for "stealing samples".... maybe they ran out of money and see this as an easy way to make a quick buck... like all the other nonsense lawsuits.

898 days ago


I love the Beastie Boys and think that MCA's passing is tragic. But...I agree with the lawsuit, it sounds like the BB sampled part of the song and did not give partial songwriting credit to Trouble Funk. YES, this is illegal and NO you can't just "sample" a band's song and not give them credit.
I think that all of the people that commented above are thinking with their hearts and also no nothing about songwriting credit/songwriting royalties.

898 days ago


Like naming your appetite-suppressant candy AYDs.

898 days ago


Sounds more like "Walk This Way" by Aerosmith with an extra kick/hi-hat beat added than anything.

898 days ago


In case it's not directly obvious, the sample that was ripped is the tom-tom's that start high and roll to a low note. There's even the whistle right before it and it ends on a bass riff of sorts.

:09 to about :13

Directly ripped, but as many have pointed out, that's what went on back then when emerging hiphop. A bit late to be bringing this out but they have every right to attempt it.

898 days ago


how the heck do you copyright boom. chick boom boom da.. boom.. BOOM.. chick boom da boom.. ??

898 days ago


like all hip hop and rap,the beastie boys sucked.
that is not music and never will be.
night will never be day and noise will never be music.

898 days ago


Oh brought the TROUBLE!!!

898 days ago


I bet they feel like real jerks now

898 days ago


Makes you wonder if the plaintiff had some inside info about MCA's condition.

898 days ago


I mean this happened in '86 and they filed HOURS before he expired? No coincidence.

898 days ago


MCA's estate is technically liable, eh Harv?

898 days ago

Metta Worldhate    

Well, the drumbeat is the same.

But, all it is, is a drumfill. They may have never even heard that other song and came up with that. I'm not a big drummer, other than "Rock Band", but it seems like lots of people would come up with that.

My judgement goes to the Beasties.

898 days ago


Drop the bomb? What kind of crap is this? Sounds nothing like the Beastie Boys, This fool whoever his broke arse is at just wants to capitalize on the recent death of MCA ....What a shucka Shammer to the bone! They aint got nothing on KING KONG!

898 days ago
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