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Bobby Brown and Fiancée

Say Aloha to Our Wedding

5/8/2012 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bobby Brown and Alicia EtheridgeBobby Brown is managing to kill two giant birds with one stone ... a concert with his band and his long-awaited wedding -- all in one weekend trip to Hawaii.

Sources tell TMZ ... Brown and his fiancée -- Alicia Etheridge -- have finally set a wedding date after 2 years of engagement bliss ... and it's the same weekend Brown's band New Edition will be performing in Honolulu. 

We're told the nuptials will take place on the weekend of June 15th ... Brown will be flying out some of his family and friends to the island, to witness the ceremony he has dubbed his "big day."

The duo has been engaged since May 2010 and have one child together.

Bobby was previously married to Whitney Houston who passed away in February.

FYI -- It's also Father's Day weekend ... so 3 birds and one volcanic sized stone.


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must be nice having a massive ****, it makes women overlook all your flaws

877 days ago


those two have the B I G G E S T mouths in hollywood. good lordy.

877 days ago


Why is it that every picture I see of Bobby Brown , he must have a fresh batch of cocaine in his nostrils ?.

877 days ago


I don't know if i should smile at him or kick a field goal..

877 days ago


s*** bag is always a s*** bag.

877 days ago


Don't let anyone get a picture of you with a glass of champagne or the judge will throw the book at you.....

877 days ago


Hi everyone, lets re-cap the s***bag named bobby brown:
1. marries the "gravytrain" whitney houston. Houston may have done some drugs before meeting brown, but it is only afters she meets brown that she becomes a hardcore drug addict and her career fizzles out. This is directly because of the influence of brown. He killed her career, thus killing her.
2. Brown walks into the funeral of Whitney Houston and leaves after 15 min. because he and his entourage dont get the seats he wanted. AT A FUNERAL?! You suck it up and show some respect!! What brown did was unforgiveable. YOU DONT LEAVE THE FUNERAL OF YOUR EX-WIFE OVER AN ARGUMENT ABOUT WHERE YOU"RE GOING TO SIT!! Absolutely pathetic.

3. Brown is seen later that night performing at a concert. Later still, he is seen with several women (none of which are his girlfriend) gambling in a casino. Stay classy brown.

4. Next, we are subjected to interviews with brown telling the media, "houston was doing drugs before she met me...i was just drinking beer and smoking some pot..." RIGHT, sure thing brown. Whatever you say you creep. Forgive the general public for not believing a guy that has spent his life in and out of jail.
5. Brown continues to say in interviews how much he still loves houston, yet today we hear he is getting married. How special. Will you be inviting your 7 other kids from 4 different women to your "Big Day" Brown? Hopefully they will all get up and leave after 15 min. at your wedding, because they didn't get the seats they wanted.


877 days ago


Allow me to vent...

First, there is nothing no one can do to bring Whitney back. Accusations and blame are everywhere - from enablers, hanger on's (like her so-called closest confidante/sister-in-law - Pat Houston) to her ex-husband, Bobby...after the fact! One thing for sure is that we will NEVER know the mental condition of Whitney. There is always a psycho-socio reason people turn to drugs - from hiding pain to overwhelming stress. Whitney was under alot of stress - and you didn't have to know her personally to know that. The media always take a back seat when a star of Whitney's caliber passes away - when it was them that kept her under the MOST stress - it is hard to struggle and recover from drugs in the limelight of the media! This day and age nothing is private anymore - cell phone cameras, youtube, twitter - captures everything a celebrity does. We should be more compassionate as human's just a sad saga to a very illustrious legacy.

Secondly, if I could say something to Bobby, I would say this: I know that you have to move on with your one would expect you not to; however, to say how much you loved Whitney (and still do) in your interview with Matt L. yet choose to get married four months after her death is a bit inconsiderate - nevermind public opinion - but it would seem to be a little more than your daughter, Bobbi Kris, might can handle. How can you expect her to be a part of this 'happy' day when she just lost her mother! There are alot of people who feel you didn't love Whitney or play the 'protector' in her life as a man/husband should but at the same how could you. You were a star in your own right - and you were also an addict - struggling with the same issues so one couldn't expect you to be the nurturing, protective father and husband you should or could have been. And, you were young...very young going into this marriage. So on one hand, I honestly feel sorry for you in this situation because Whitney was her on person - and I do believe the pressure of living up to an orchestrated 'Pop-princess' persona was too much on her. She wanted to be an ordinary girl - and she said many allowed her to be that. On the other hand, I think you took advantage of Whitney...her fame, her money. With the amount of money ya'll had...things could have played out very differently. So with this marriage, I hope you have wised up...dealt with your own demons. True sobriety, is being narcotics free and alcohol free. Many recovering addicts and addict specialist feel you should be staying clear of drinking ANYTHING and to say you have an occasional beer or '****tail' on national TV is cause for some concern. There are alot of people that want you to fail, Bobby...but I sincerely wish you the best on starting your life over. I'm sure Whitney would want you to move on and be happy but more than anything be healthy to take care of Bobbi Kris - whom she conceived with you in love!

877 days ago


Why do all the *******s have to come to Hawaii and contaminate OUR space?

877 days ago


Matters not, seriously! Whitney was too good for him, and I suspect this woman to be the same. Great for the child to have parent's married but this will end badly as well. What he needs to do is take some time off and rebuild himself, he's just a hot mess. What he needs is a life coach. My opinion.

877 days ago

I Was About To Say    

it's his prerogative.

877 days ago


Thisclose to ****ing up someone else's life.

876 days ago


Congratulations Bobby, and don't worry about the things people say about you, just like you will have to answer for all the wrong you've said and done, they too will have to answer for speaking ill of someone they really don't know. Some of us realize that Whitney was a grown a** woman and chose to embark on that dark path of drugs and self destruction and quited frankly didn't need your help doing so. While it's easier for her "die hard" fans to blame you, some of her life long followers know she was not as goody goody as the media and PR agents made her out to be, and we still loved and prayed for her not matter what she chose to do with her life. For all we know she was the bad influence on you. In any case I pray for you and your new wife the best that life has to offer.

876 days ago
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