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Trayvon Martin Death

George Zimmerman

Pleads 'Not Guilty'

5/8/2012 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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George Zimmerman
has officially pled "not guilty" to a charge of 2nd Degree murder after shooting and killing 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in a Florida suburb back in February.

George's attorney entered the plea during his arraignment today in Seminole County. The 28-year-old was not present in court.

A pretrial date has been set for August 8th.

Zimmerman -- a community watchman -- shot and killed Trayvon on Feb. 26th in Sanford, Florida, but no arrests were made at the time. Zimmerman has consistently maintained he shot Trayvon in self-defense.

A firestorm of media attention has surrounded the case -- with many celebs like Spike Lee, Roseanne Barr and LeBron James claiming the shooting was racially motivated.

If convicted, George faces up to life in prison.


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BB not bb    

The first victim thrown to the lions under the Obama Welcome to Pagan America program. The crazy mob gets their victim, lies and all not withstanding. Honoring innocence is thrown out the window in favor of seething hatred and arbitrary accusations. What a pathectic nation this is turning into. All the people pretending that George was out to kill a little black boy are bringing judgement on themselves and ultimately this nation. Their disregard for human rights is sickening. It won't take long for a murderous pagan cult like Islam to move in and give the blood thirsty more of what they want.

All they care about is killing the white man, who is really a Peruvian Jew, who is really a friend of the colored people, who really only wanted to protect his family, self and neighbors. As long as the animals' need for fresh meat is satisfied, all is well in ignoramusville.

Justice for George. Spare the Innocent. The guilty, Trayvon, got what he asked for. Give George his life back. You can't turn a criminal into a saint by kiling his accuser.

I think Trayvon did commit other burglaries in that community. His dad lives there and it is gated and he was caught with women's jewlery and burglary tools in his backpack. George is a hero. Trayvon is a fool who is getting a hero's treatment for nothing. Cut the BS racists. George is innocent. 100%.

876 days ago


I'm tired of hearing about this stupid f*cking case. Trayvon shouldn't have been acting like thugalicious and Zimmerman shouldn't have been playing Captain f*cking Mexican. The only thing that makes this a racial case is the media, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton, all of whom need to jump from a Cessna with no parachute at 10,000 ft.

876 days ago


He is innocent, he did absolutely nothing wrong besides try to protect his community.

876 days ago


the pix of trayvon as a youngster in a hoodie are 5 years old; truth be told, he was quite older and larger at the time of incident.

876 days ago


So I can get out of my car, chase someone down with a gun, and then shoot them when they fight back and that's considered self-defense? Sorry, I don't think so. Whether race was a factor or not, the kid wouldn't be dead if Zimmerman had not chased after him. That's not self-defense.

876 days ago

Leader of the ignorant masses    

I have no idea if he is guilty or not. But i can pretty much guarantee that if he is not convicted there will be riots. You just know there are people out there who could care less about this that are just waiting for a excuse to break stuff and steal.

876 days ago

BB not bb    

Ther REVERENDS Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton stirred this pot of racial hatred. What are they reverends of then, Satan? They are spreading lies and Satan is the father of lies. Maybe they had better take their titles more seriously if they expect God to also.

I really hate hypocrites. Rights are not a one way street. If you don't respect everyone's rights, you might as well have no rights at all. That is how America works. If you want to live in a communist Islamic African state, go to Afric where there is plenty of human rights problems to keep you busy. You spit in the face of the good life you have here with your race baiting.

Can some Jewish groups or Peruvian groups or gun rights groups come out and support justice for George. It seems a mob is what has the power any more in the USA. Vive la revolucion?

876 days ago


Reading these comments have made me realize how much blacks and whites truly hate each other. The name calling, the stereotypes, etc indicate underneath you people's daily public fake faces and smiles at your jobs and schools, you honestly hate people of another race. It is sad in the midst of all our "intelligence", we still cannot simply respect each other. This forum allows you to be who you really are. The only thing I can say is that I hope your children are better, smarter, and more tolerant than you.

876 days ago


None of us know, except God , what actually happened on that awful night when a young man lost his life. However, we all know that two devoted parents are devastated and can never again hold their child in their arms to tell him how much they love him, never attend his graduation from high school or college, never attend his wedding or hold his children to spoil as grandparents do, never knowing how far he may have traveled to attain success in his chosen field. These are just a few of the "rights" we parents have and expect from our children. Whatever the outcome, life will never be the same for two families who could never have foreseen such a tragedy would invade their lives. So very, very sorry for all the heartaches this case has brought to everyone involved or, not.

876 days ago

BB not bb    

This reminds me of that old Marilyn Manson song where he sings, "you're protective judgements and good guy badges don't mean that much to me . . . GET YOUR GUN, GET YOUR GUN."

I think that guy is a prophet. The self righteous will never allow justice for the innocent. You want to call people racists and think that protects you from not taking sides? You are just another fool.

876 days ago

Jay W.     

It's going to be an interesting trial !

876 days ago

American Patriot    

It is OJ all over thugs vs upstanding whites. He obviously is innocent....he is a mortgage broker, clean cut....educated. The dead thug did pot, stole **** and got kicked out of school....on top of that, he wore a "HOODIE"...if u saw this guy wearing a would conclude he is a bad guy, america

876 days ago

BB not bb    

Hoodie my azz. Every high school jock wears a hoodie. It was not the hoodie look, it was the HOODLUM look. As in peeping in people's windows in the dark and in the rain, staggering around like someone stoned on pot. That look, not the sweatshirt look. What spin doctors these story tellers are?!!!!

No hoodie, HOODLUM!!!

876 days ago


I don't care about what the media says , what AL or Jackson has to say, or obama or a little birdie sitting on fence. facts of this case isn't based on opinion, or based on who says what. just because you don't like liberals ,the media AL or Jackson and obama that is a stupid reason to decide innocent or guilty. simple logic says GZ followed and intimidated a innocent teen. ( that right innocent based on the events of this night) what ever this teen past was wasn't the cause of GZ playing cop. when TM had enough of this man( Unknown to him)stalking him TM confronted him.words were exchanged a fight broke out and when GZ realize this kid was beating his butt , he shot him.

876 days ago


" with many celebs like Spike Lee, Roseanne Barr and LeBron James claiming the shooting was racially motivated." Interesting, I didn't know they were there. Are they mind readers or just out for a little media time.

876 days ago
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