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Mila Kunis

Rushes to Save

A Man's Life

5/8/2012 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mila Kunis just pulled a Patrick Dempsey
Mila Kunis
just pulled a Patrick Dempsey and may have saved a man's life ... TMZ has learned.

Sources tell TMZ ... a 50-year-old man -- who works in Mila's house -- collapsed Saturday in her L.A. home.  He suffered a violent seizure ... choking, coughing up blood and vomiting. He had bitten through his tongue.

A person on scene tells us ... Mila came running, had her friend call 911, then rushed to the man's side.

We're told the 28-year-old actress grabbed the man's head ... turned it to the side so he wouldn't choke ... while another person stuffed a wallet in his mouth so he wouldn't swallow his tongue. 

Law enforcement sources tell us ... paramedics arrived on scene, rushed the man to the hospital, and he's since made a full recovery. We're told Mila volunteered to ride in the ambulance, but it wasn't necessary.

Mila had quite the week. The day before, her alleged stalker was taken away in cuffs after he showed up at her gym.


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well done, brava!

895 days ago


Smart, responsible and seemingly caring individual. What's she doing in Hollywood???

895 days ago


She rocks!

895 days ago


She rocks!

895 days ago


She did what anyone would do, and no you aren't supposed to put something in their mouth. However, the man was vomiting and coughing up blood. He may have bitten his tongue, so she may have done that thinking it would prevent him from biting it again..Nice to see she cares for the people that are around here.

895 days ago


Whatever, of course she helped.

895 days ago


I am an epileptic and you NEVER put anything in a persons mouth during a seizure. Just roll them on there side and keep an eye on there breathing... What her and her frined did was impede his breathing. Yes. he bit his tongue but turning him on his side will not allow him to swollow it...I hate that those old myths are still around...

895 days ago


Talk about putting your money where your mouth is.

895 days ago


That's exactly the wrong antiquated way to treat a seizure. You don't turn their head. You don't stick anything in their mouth. You just prevent them from banging against hard objects.

895 days ago


Wait, "Mila Kunis saves life" by having a friend call 911 and just standing by the guy? Is it a really, really slow "news" day, TMZ?

895 days ago


when someone has a siezure never, never put anything in their blocks the airway. it's an old wives tale that they swallow their tongue, they don't. lay them on their side and clear away anything they could hurt themselves etc.

895 days ago


Easy, folks. The point is that she took action and assisted another human being in a medical crisis. The whole swallowing the tongue issue is one of the most commonly perpetuated myths and she's not the only one to believe what she did was the right thing. I'm sure someone explained and she now knows for future reference never to stick anything in a seizure patient's mouth. The point is she took life saving action by first mobilizing professional help and then monitoring his condition with common sense. Seizure patients can aspirate on their own vomit so she was astutue enough to figure that out. If more people stepped up to help others the world would be a better place!

895 days ago


She's a babe i wish shed hire me to work in Herr LA home

895 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

That's just incredible. She actually had her friend call 911 - what an incredibly savvy thing to do, I'm sure her friend would NEVER had thought to do that on her own. And she held the man's head without any help - that's just amazing.
Look TMZ, it sounds like she did what any caring human would do. I'm sure that if you asked her, she would tell you it was just the human thing to do.

895 days ago


even if i was dying and she was only trying to save me she would eventually want to kill me for i would be constantly trying to put my tongue up her butt

895 days ago
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