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Mila Kunis

Rushes to Save

A Man's Life

5/8/2012 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mila Kunis just pulled a Patrick Dempsey
Mila Kunis
just pulled a Patrick Dempsey and may have saved a man's life ... TMZ has learned.

Sources tell TMZ ... a 50-year-old man -- who works in Mila's house -- collapsed Saturday in her L.A. home.  He suffered a violent seizure ... choking, coughing up blood and vomiting. He had bitten through his tongue.

A person on scene tells us ... Mila came running, had her friend call 911, then rushed to the man's side.

We're told the 28-year-old actress grabbed the man's head ... turned it to the side so he wouldn't choke ... while another person stuffed a wallet in his mouth so he wouldn't swallow his tongue. 

Law enforcement sources tell us ... paramedics arrived on scene, rushed the man to the hospital, and he's since made a full recovery. We're told Mila volunteered to ride in the ambulance, but it wasn't necessary.

Mila had quite the week. The day before, her alleged stalker was taken away in cuffs after he showed up at her gym.


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omg take that out of there, you should never NEVER put anything in anyone's mouth who's having a seizure. that becomes a much bigger choking hazard. turn him on his side!

900 days ago


You can't swallow your tongue. It's an old myth.

900 days ago


goodness how i love this girl!!! she is super awesome...tho please keep in mind---to all reading---dont put anything to keep a person from swallowing their tongue...its an old wives tale...after seizing is done, then on their side is enough...never touch a person who is having a seizure, it is more harm than good.

900 days ago


Yeah what a heroic act, my 50 year old housekeeper is having a seizure I'm just gonna leave now to go shopping. You take care of yourself

900 days ago


Your NOT supposed to put anything in someones mouth when they are having a seizure that can make them choke.

900 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

Impressive Mila! I wouldn't have known to put him on his side, and I'm much older than her! Way to think under pressure!

900 days ago


Why is this bitch all over the news lately? She's stalked, saving lives, talking about fleeing the country, her family's holocaust woes... what's the deal with all this pr?

900 days ago


Morons. You DO NOT stick ANYTHING in someone's mouth who is have a seizure. People can't swallow their tongues,... they're attached to the lower part of one's mouth. Jeeze.

900 days ago


human being does decent thing for another human being, news at 11

900 days ago


She lied about her age to get into hollywood. best thing she ever did other than save this man's life. nota bitch.

900 days ago


Geez people, don't stuff ANYTHING into the mouth of a person having a seizure! Not only can you lose fingers but whatever you put in there can either break their teeth or block their airway. And TMZ, grow a brain, you can't swallow your own tongue!!! (unless some dingbat shoves it down your throat with their wallet.....)

900 days ago

EMT Patrick    

Never stick a wallet, or any object, in a person's mouth. It can do more harm than good. Simply tilt their head back using the head tilt, chin lift maneuver and this will clear the tongue.

900 days ago


You should NEVER, EVER, EVER put ANYTHING into the mouth of person suffering a seizure! NO EXCEPTIONS!! Please remember this vital fact! Call 911, move furniture or other objects out of the way so the person cannot bang into them, roll them onto their side to avoid choking on vomit. As they come around...speak very softly and tell them they just had a seizure, they're okay, help is on the way - they will most likely be disoriented, frightened, or ashamed.

900 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

You cannot swallow your tongue while it's still attached. You can suffocate from it blocking your airway but there is no way you can swallow your tongue other than biting it off then swallowing it.

900 days ago


...and said "other person" involved can go straight to hell cuz he aint famous...and that's really what counts. not the fact that his actions saved the life of another man.

900 days ago
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