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Ex-Mickey Mouse Clubber

Christina Was in LOVE

with Tony Lucca

5/9/2012 9:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Christina Aguilera has it out for Tony Lucca on "The Voice" because he spurned her while they worked on The Mickey Mouse Club -- this according to a former Mouseketeer.

Ex-Mouse Clubber Dale Godboldo -- who starred on the 90s MMC revival alongside Aguilera and Lucca -- tells TMZ, Tony was pretty popular in his Disney days ... "Britney was in love with him. Christina was in love with him. Mylin was in love with him."

0509_tony_christina_dale_mickey_mouse_93But Christina and Tony never hit it off -- and Dale believes she's carried a grudge ever since, claiming, "All of this [Voice] madness was not brought on by Tony."

You'll recall ... Aguilera harshly criticized Tony's "Voice" performance Monday night -- calling the rendition of "99 Problems" "derogatory to women." The two have been butting heads all season.

Hell hath no fury like a Mouseketeer scorned.



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Scott Guiher    

Interesting how these very talented artists are connected. Disney knows how to make future stars shine.

833 days ago


The song was derogatory to women. And it was directly aimed at Christina. Tony came in 4th place & I think that song is why. I was going to vote for him but after that song & his smart ass "it's a metaphor" comment, I voted for the guy who actually won instead.

833 days ago


Really Harvey??? We have to watch 30 second commercials now before we watch the 1 minute clips? TMZ FAIL!

Also, does this story really surprise anyone?

833 days ago


Tony Lucca is using Christina Aguilera to get a little attention. And I feel sorry for him, but he can try X-Factor, Britney Spears will be there. Hahahaha! Who's laughing now? XoXtina :)

833 days ago


Boy is he lucky. Can you imagine being married to or living with Krispy Kreme Aguilera. Between her drinking and mood changes she could drive a ststue crazy

833 days ago


It was my first thought after seeing her so scorned at him from the beginning of the show. She loves to have power and control she disgusts me.

833 days ago


I wondered what had happened. It is so obvious there is a grudge.

833 days ago


Chris Mann should not have came in last on the Voice but anyone that Christina mentors is not going to win because of HER actions.She acted like a complete fool and people did not want her to get the win on the Voice.And what was up with that outfit last night? She looked kind of Janelle Monea at first and that was good but when she stood up...OMG where were her pants. Being a biotch and dressing ridiculously is the only way she can get attention these days.She should be greatful that Adam Levine let her sing on his Moves Like Jagger song.They need to replace her on the next season of the Voice.She is ruining the show.I pity anyone on her team because they do not have a chance to win because of her.

833 days ago


Oh yeah, Christina is suuuuch a feminist. I don't remember her objecting to the song when Jay-Z performed it and it was all over the radio, but I guess it's easier to pick on the little guy than the hip hop mogul. Either that, or she just didn't have a problem with the lyrics until she felt that they were being aimed specifically at her. Nobody who's made a career out of acting like $k@nk deserves the right to complain about womens rights.

833 days ago


This is stupid and was all done for ratings. Can't believe people are buying into this crap. It shows how easy it is to wind up the viewers. Ready to strangle someone over some comments on THE VOICE. Take it down a notch people, there are bigger problems than Christina Aguilera and Tony Lucca. I feel like I'm in High School reading people's comments.
Who is the adult here? Adam? Tony? Christina? The Viewers? The Commenters? Clearly nobody. People are sitting here bashing the Judges and bash the show from top to bottom every week but then sit on their high horses as if they are any better? Ha.
You guys comment on TMZ with your nasty, vile comments every day. Get off your high horses. Just be thankful cameras aren't on YOU every week.

833 days ago


I hardly think her comments were 'harsh' now, where they? This is such misogynism. It's okay that Adam and Tony set out to hurt her? But not for her to speak her opinion and maintain the integrity of the show?

833 days ago


Christina calls him out on a misogynistic song and this crap is the best you can come up with? SHE gets attacked (and apparently not just from Adam, but from commenters as well)? Women have the right to have opinions and express them. The sad thing is that men can't handle them because they get called out on their bs and have to personally attack women for pointing out that they're being a$$holes. Christina wasn't even being all that aggressive about it and Adam had to be a dick.

833 days ago


Christina is one nasty dirtybitch that looks like she cud use a bath.....knew she had a thing for this guy..he realized what a whore she is and doesnt want the bitch...she was scorned and now thinks she has a lil power.....shes a nasty runt (take the r out and put a c there)

833 days ago


and all this ruckus coming from a whore who sang about how dirty she is....shes a waste of a human life!

833 days ago


Correction. I meant Tony came in a very close third place not second,. Typo.

833 days ago
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